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Waste Free Living

Plastic-free is the place to be, and we at Faithful to Nature are wise to the waste-free way to earth consciousness products for you and your family!

We can help you refuse the rubbish, and live your life in a more waste-free fashion.

Waste-Free Living is the perfect place to shop your plastic-free home and kitchen utensils, and sustainable waste alternatives like compostible food bags, eco-friendly shopping bags and sustainable food collection contains. We've got it all!

Be the change you want to see in the world with Faithful to Nature, and our Waste-Free Living essentials that you can easily store in your eco-friendly garden or make use of our zero-waste products while experiencing the great outdoors

Waste-Free Living

Waste. It's a global pandemic in its own right, and one that has been around for a while. But something we've come to realise - some of it’s getting pretty confusing. We know plastic is bad... but is it? Single-use, certainly! But not all plastics should be painted with the same brush. Why? Because when used with longevity and conscious consumption they can be the lesser of a few evils. The point is - we live in the world we do, circumnavigating some of its realities is impossible - we, therefore, as consumers, need to educate ourselves on what we should be using when.

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