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Biodegradable Khanyiso Straw

Biodegradable Khanyiso Straw

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Biodegradable Khanyiso Straw
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Do your part to prevent plastic from entering our landfills and choking our oceans by turning away from plastic straws and toward the Khanyiso Straw. Made from the Khanyiso reed which grows naturally and abundantly in Mozambique, this is a raw, organic, and biodegradable product for the conscious consumer. Each straw varies slightly in shape and colour thanks to its unique design by nature.

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  • Eco-friendly, raw, and organic straws
  • Reusable, biodegradable & compostable 
  • Made from Mozambique’s naturally and abundantly growing Khanyiso reed
  • A must-have for waste-free living

Did you know? Single-use plastic straws are an especially nasty pollutant. They are typically used for just a few minutes, and then discarded in a landfill. They never biodegrade, and take hundreds of years to even start breaking down. Thousands of them end up in our oceans on a yearly basis.

Raw, organic Khanyiso reed

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Overall Rating
4.5 out of 5 stars from 92 reviews

83 out of 92 people would recommend this product

05/05/2021, By Annie
I would have really liked it if the straw was individually wrapped for hygiene purposes.There aren’t any instructions to maintain it which could reduce its life span.
30/04/2021, By Q
Love this reusable straw. Always have a problem with paper straws but this one is amazing
07/04/2021, By Felicity
I like using this straw. I wasn't entirely sure when I bought it but I have zero regrets
03/04/2021, By Shanon
Good for the earth, Good for my health.
29/01/2021, By Kgomotso
15/01/2021, By Kerri
I love this straw. Such good value for money. I’ve probably had about 4- nothing wrong with the quality, I just keep throwing them away by mistake.
15/11/2020, By Nicky
25/10/2020, By Sindile
24/10/2020, By T
Fantastic reusable straw
28/09/2020, By Tadi
its really good especially if you want to be more eco friendle
20/08/2020, By Ter
I love
11/08/2020, By THULLY K
Absolutely love our straws (bought for husband too). We travel a lot and these come in very handy.
I hate the plastic straws we get from restaurants, these truly saved the day for us.
08/08/2020, By Wendy
I like this idea because it saves on using plastic, keep it in your bag
29/06/2020, By Shaida
i love these straws, light weight, light on the environment an essential during this time of COVID
10/06/2020, By Leen
Got this as a gift and I'm pleasantly surprised; holds-up good
28/04/2020, By Qudsiyyah
Absolutely love this for smoothies. Definitely prefer over metal straws
27/04/2020, By Faye
I've had these for 2 years and have used them 5 times. They're really nice but I prefer stainless steel straws as they're easier to clean.
19/04/2020, By Ashley
14/04/2020, By Lou
Great quality and even better for the environment.
19/02/2020, By Achsa
I've bought a few, and some last longer than others, but since it's a natural product that's what I would expect!

Some of my straws we still using since I bought them over a year ago!
Love them, will continue to purchase!!!
19/02/2020, By B
It is light and biodegradable, so great stuff.
04/02/2020, By Lou
Great option for a plastic free straw and does not change the taste of the beverage consumed.
14/01/2020, By Support
09/01/2020, By Lyfie
Works well
08/01/2020, By Sivu
These straws look like the real deal and then after one use, they just break apart. Really disappointed in the quality. They also stain.
17/12/2019, By varni
my straw was shredded on arrival.
17/12/2019, By Raz
Nicely priced. Bought one for myself and mom who always uses plastic straws. She loves it and now only uses the khanyiso straw
11/11/2019, By K
Bought it for my 3 year old who is obsessed with straws, first time she put in her mouth I heard a crack so maybe not best for small kids! I am also not sure about cleaning instructions and lifespan - F2N please advise!
06/11/2019, By TJ
Got them at home, in my bag and in the car! Very easy and simple way to do our part in eradicating the use of plastic straws. Would make a great gift.
27/10/2019, By Louise
25/09/2019, By Meg
Really happy with it. Great start to a plastic-free living. Very easy to keep in a bag and great to know you're doing mother earth a small favour.
25/09/2019, By Meg
Very happy with it.
25/09/2019, By Meg
Very happy with it.
04/09/2019, By Ayesha
Great switch, lightweight,sips cold beverages easily, also drinking yogurt. Drank grape energade which strained the bottom ,but that is not a train smash. Do not leave in water /sink with water. Mine got a crack along the side, but still works.
22/08/2019, By Sharon
It's great
16/07/2019, By Save the environment go green
Great value for money
03/07/2019, By Nadia
Got these for my son who is very conscious of using plastic. They’re great for kids but not the most durable straws. One arrived with a crack.
11/05/2019, By Mari
10/05/2019, By Traci
Although I haven't tried mine yet, I've always wanted one and I'm super excited to have it. I bought a few for friends and they are all very happy with their biodegradable straws :)
09/05/2019, By Liza
Happy to know I can re-use my straw and be good to the environment. Lovely feel
28/04/2019, By Samantha
It's a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws and does the job!
31/01/2019, By Toni
Brilliant product! Much better priced than the bamboo straws. Will be buying lots more for friends.
13/01/2019, By Tania
Took me a while to get used to the feel, but does a great job nonetheless
07/01/2019, By zakholina
it lasts long, and its quite strong, fits in practically every bag
22/12/2018, By Ru
Great Christmas gifts. Just weird that one straw was packaged in a big package where at least 5 of them could fit in – seemed a bit wasteful. I would rather have them then without packaging.
21/12/2018, By evangelique
Great thickness for smoothies, does take a times to get use to it. It's also cheap enough to buy a few at a time. No more excuses to use plastic straws
18/12/2018, By chelseybunnz
Did a decent job the one time I was able to use it. It broke after I put it in my handbag after using it. Not very durable but still better than plastic
17/12/2018, By NicoleVDW
It's a great straw with a good 'feel' to it. It's also priced really well and I'm saving so much money now that I'm motivated to make my own smoothies using my glass jar, new bamboo straw and straw cleaning brush. On-the-go convenience and budget-friendly. Yay!
28/11/2018, By Twi
One of the better straw alternatives. Affordable, truly natural, durable and super easy to clean.
20/11/2018, By Ayesha
Great idea for those who drink lemon water/apple cider vinegar in water daily. Does not have any taste. It is quite wide, best for thick beverages/smoothies. Harder to suck up the last sip or 2 of water or thinner liquid, but it is not a deal breaker. easy to clean (i just stand it upright next to a glass or bottle to dry) easy to carry around in a handbag/lunchbag.
05/11/2018, By Nasreen
No more plastic straws! Bought a whole lot for family and friends so theres no excuses...
01/11/2018, By Anonymous
Received this as a sample.
08/10/2018, By Mihlali
Love it
06/10/2018, By Sonja
Recently bought a couple of these straws and happy with my purchase - keep one in my gym bag!
02/10/2018, By Susie
I love doing the right thing by having these at home in case I need a straw.
27/09/2018, By In
I'd love to try this out.
It's in my next ordet
12/08/2018, By Chelseybunnz
Worked wewelwewell but wasnt vegg durable. Broke within a week of use
26/07/2018, By Priscilla
The straw is a good alternate to the plastic as it reasonably priced one can keep one in your handbag and it takes up very little space.
23/07/2018, By Nadia
Thin, long, perfect.
12/07/2018, By Mich
Awesome straw ! No more plastic.. i had a glass straw before and broke it, perfect for kids and the ruff adventurers :)
04/07/2018, By Megan
I love the size and thickness of this straw. Great alternative to plastic straws. I am using them for my kids.
27/06/2018, By Isabella
Perfect for smoothies!
27/06/2018, By Abigail
Took a few min to get used to but then it becomes normal. No weird taste and is comfortable to drink from. I only use it for clear liquids. Couldn't go back to plastic now; not only are these the environmentally sensible choice but they feel so much better.
22/06/2018, By Yolande
It fits right in with my other straw in my little bag. It is the perfect length for my handbag, which is not big. I carry it with me everywhere now and am happy with the results.
19/06/2018, By Jodi
Very light, sturdy and convenient to use. Bought a couple to give to friends and I'm very excited to gift it to them.
12/06/2018, By Rene
Such a lovely straw and easy to clean.
11/06/2018, By Zaida
What a great product, bought 10 of them as gifts and everybody absolutely loved them! Good quality and very affordable.
29/05/2018, By Tarryn
Great product! It's nice knowing that I am helping to save the planet. Would never have thought of buying one, but received it as a gift and will be purchasing another. Love it.
07/05/2018, By Nikki
I have them at work, at home and in my handbag- just a MUST HAVE.
Great gift, affordable and good quality.
06/05/2018, By Cassandra
Sturdier than you'd expect! Great price. Fab product.
17/04/2018, By Kate
These are great for smoothies however not too hardy considering my daughter was able to crack it when she bit down on it when drinking a smoothie.
16/04/2018, By Ursula
Perfect for freezo's and you save the planet at the same time!
11/04/2018, By Luka Dawn
Zero taste, smell and has a nice smooth texture. It is quite thick but you get used to it when used frequently.
29/03/2018, By Ranita
Loving these straws! An easy way to start a conversation about saying no to plastic straws
27/03/2018, By PD
great product! no more plastic straws need
27/03/2018, By Marinda
I am so happy that I found these! Each one looks a little bit different which reminds me of Mother Nature's uniqueness each time I look at them. I now use them at home, at work and we have some in the car - just in case.... I am truly proud to use my straws!
03/03/2018, By Annie
I love these straws! They come in individual, unique shapes, last a few uses and I feel good about creatively contributing to the good of the environment. I keep buying more!
02/03/2018, By K
A little thicker than a regular straw, but that makes it great for nice thick smoothies! Easy to clean, too.
27/02/2018, By Virginia
My family loves these straws!
27/02/2018, By Melissa
Some are a little narrow so will need to watch cleaning. Do not use dishwasher to clean as it leaves a residue. But they make really good extra gift ideas. I will order a few more to keep in the car and my hand bag to have them with me all the time.
26/02/2018, By Varsha
Such a cool sustainably sourced gift! it keeps giving .. people get a chance to see the alternatives to plastic that do not choke the planet! and its affordable too :)
30/01/2018, By Nadia
It's really great, just a little narrow. Not great for smoothies.
26/01/2018, By Leeanne
I really like this straw! I will order a few more for the family
17/01/2018, By Tracy
I love the idea of these but didn't much like the reality. The nodes (dents) make it hard to clean, they're not very strong (one arrived cracked & I had to compost it before using it) and I don't really like the way it sucks. The higher price now compared to when they 1st came out also makes them expensive for their short life span. Going to try the bamboo ones next.
09/01/2018, By Zakiyah
I love these straws! Ordered three and got another for free. Will definitely be recommending them to friends and family. :)
05/01/2018, By Bela
I'm Enjoying My Straws, But Sadly Two Of Them Had Cracks Up The Length And Are Unusable ...
04/01/2018, By Bron
Straws appear strong enough to survive a few trips in my handbag
Perfect length for a short glass or can, but wouldn't fit for a hi-ball or milkshake sized drink
Confuses waiters endlessly as they keep trying to force plastic straws on me!
Wash easily and dries quickly.
17/12/2017, By Amy
I'm super happy with my straw, it goes everywhere with me!
08/12/2017, By Presha
affordable little gift- since i discovered these everyone has been getting one to begin their zero-waste journey
03/12/2017, By Ada (age 6)
I think that they are very nice.
14/11/2017, By Shannon
These are really lovely! I can definitely recommend them.
they would make a lovely gift for anyone wanting to reduce their waste
07/11/2017, By Lizanne
Great alternative to the super pricey straws out there. Works well for most liquids, and can be reused a few times, just make sure to dry them well. And don’t let the baby bite it :( will buy more

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