Naturone Natural Progesterone

Naturone Natural Progesterone

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Naturone Natural Progesterone
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Naturone is a natural progesterone cream that will help you balance your body's hormonal levels, and prevent an oestrogen dominance. It is a vegetable-based aqueous cream, supplied in jars made of phthalate-free plastic. 


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Naturone has a pH of 5.5, which is in balance with that of the skin. The ingredients in this natural progesterone remedy combat the symptoms of oestrogen dominance.

  • Progesterone pH. Eur. USP JP: Derived principally from diosgenin, a steroidal sapogenin, found either in the soya-bean or the yam.
  • Extra-virgin cold-pressed macadamia oil: An excellent natural emollient, and very stable (like olive oil). High in natural vitamin E, a potent antioxidant. (Note: Many other creams use mineral oils, which are petrochemicals and have an oestrogenic effect, or refined oils, which can be carcinogenic.) 
  • Marula oil an excellent antioxidant
  • Ceto Stearyl alcohol: A vegetable emulsifier
  • Glycerine: Also of vegetable origin
  • Grapefruit seed extract: A natural preservative

Please Note: This product no longer comes with an applicator spoon, please be advised that any 1ml kitchen spoon will do.

Naturone Natural Progesterone is safe for pregnancy; recommended for the first 4-5 months of pregnancy, and safe for use again straight after delivery. Please always speak you your obstetrician/ gynaecologist about what's best for you and your baby.

Naturone is packaged in pthalate-free plastics; avoid progesterone creams packaged in soft plastic containers, as these contain petrochemicals that can leach into the cream and have an oestrogenic effect on the body. 

Symptons of Oestrogen Dominance

  • Increase in allergies
  • Auto-immune disease
  • Mastitis, breast tenderness and fibrocystic breasts
  • Breast cancer and an increase in other oestrogen dominant cancers such as cervical cancer, endometrial cancer and prostate cancer
  • Cervical dysplasia
  • Early onset of annovulatory cycles
  • Polycyctic ovaries
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Infertility due to luteal phase failure, leading to early miscarriage
  • Sperm counts are down over 50% in the last 50 years
  • Depression, anxiety & panic attacks
  • Mood swings, agitation, irritability
  • PMS
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Skin problems, teenage acne
  • Memory loss and foggy thinking, lacking power of concentration
  • Decreased libido
  • Early onset of menstruation, irregular periods
  • Prememopausal bone loss
  • Osteoporosis
  • Thyroid problems, sluggish metabolism
  • Weight gain & water retention
  • High blood pressure
  • Increase risk of blood clots and therefore strokes
  • Migraine headaches
  • Gall bladder disease
  • Zinc/ copper imbalance, magnesium deficiency
  • Hair loss

Naturone is completely natural and has no animal derivatives, nor is it tested on animals. It can therefore be used by all, irrespective of dietary, environmental or religious concerns. For more information on how to use Naturone, and for real testimonials, please click here.

Please Note: When you start on natural progesterone therapy please be aware that it can cause a very necessary detox process in your body. When first going onto progesterone therapy,you may go through this detox for the first month or two; this is normal and necessary as you need to get the xeno-oestrogens out of your body. If you experience any oestrogen dominant symptoms, such as bloating, weight gain, depression, tiredness etc, then it may help to double your daily dose for a week. This will release the oestrogens faster and you will experience hormonal balance much sooner. In all cases, balance does return within a 3-month period. When you achieve that, you will feel the health and vitality you had before puberty!


Please note that the way you use Naturone Natural Progesterone will depend on your own specific condition or needs. For detailed information on the use and correct dosage of Naturone, please see the enclosed pamphlet or click here to visit the Naturone website.

Please Note: This product no longer comes with an applicator spoon, please be advised that any 1ml kitchen spoon will do.


  • Progesterone 2000 mg, Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Macadamia Oil, Avocado oil, Marula Oil, Vitamin E (Antioxidant), Ceto Stearyl Alcohol (a Vegetable Emulsifier), Glycerine, Deionised Water, Sodium Benzoate
Overall Rating
5 out of 5 stars from 18 reviews

18 out of 18 people would recommend this product

15/02/2019, By Di
I have been using this product for a few years now, and have not experienced menopausal symptoms as a result. Very happy and will continue using!
10/01/2019, By Abby
I wasn't sure whether it was working or not until I tried to remember the last time I had a hot flush. The differences are subtle, but they're definitely there.
09/11/2018, By Alison
This is a great product. It restores hormonal balance, and I feel great. No more brain fog and moodiness. This is a product I cannot go without.
25/10/2018, By Roy
5 out of 5
19/10/2018, By Megan
Can’t sing this products praises enough!! It has helped me so much
17/09/2018, By Rosie
This is a great product, restores hormonal balance and I feel so much better.
17/09/2018, By Kerry
I've used other progesterone creams before, this one definitely is superior
06/09/2018, By Riana
best product for any menopause or pre menopause season in a womans life
25/08/2018, By Karin
Ek hou hiervan. Ek weet nie of ek my verbeel nie, maar ek voel beter.
20/08/2018, By Liezel
I have been using this product for a few months. Works great for relief of moodiness and spotting.
14/06/2018, By Sam
Really helps in balancing my hormones
29/05/2018, By Andrea
I have been using this product for over a year. It definitely helps. This is a product I cannot go without. My body likes it.
16/05/2018, By Pauline
I have been using this cream for months now to stop perimenopausal symptoms of bloating, water retention and engorged breasts. I find it works amazingly well. I can literally feel my body changing within hours of putting it on. When I ran out and stopped using for a month - all the symptoms returned. I am now buying the 3 pack and will continue to do so.
09/05/2018, By Linda
Helps just great with the hot flushes. Use 0.5 ml every 12 hours, this works better for me... Ordered 6 jars for great savings...
02/05/2018, By Cath
This is a great product. Have used it several times over the years and it definitely helps with fatigue and other hormone related issues.
25/03/2018, By Anne
Good progesterone cream, helps in relieving PMS
21/03/2018, By Philiswa
This is a very good product to restore hormone balance
09/12/2017, By Tania
I have been using this for years and it has made a huge difference to my life. It has balanced my hormones and alleviate cramps and the premenstrual breast pain I suffered for years.

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