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A cation exchange stimulan, adjuvant AND fruit & vegetable wash. Greenman Farm & Garden is an all-in-one, environmentally friendly plant stimulant and frost resistor trusted by commercial growers and domestic gardeners. This revolutionary formula can be used on everything from lawns to fruit trees and even flowers. Farm & Garden is formulated to improve the root size of your plants, which means they can absorb more water and nutrients. It also increases plant sugar levels, which keeps away harmful insects and diseases. This is a must-have growth solution for any proud member of the green thumb tribe.


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Greenman Farm & Garden is a proudly South African natural plant stimulant you can safely use on your crops, lawn or veggie patch. Made from a blend of plant-based ingredients, it is a powerful earth-friendly spray with a wealth of benefits for many different types of plants. It also makes a great fruit and vegetable wash.

  • Adjuvant: Can be combined with & improve the efficacy of most liquid nutrients, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides, reducing the amount you need to use. Test small areas before using on large acreages. Easily blends with liquid nutrients & insecticides.
  • Surfactant: Reduces surface tension, promoting improved absorption of moisture & nutrients via root & foliar applications. Reduces the amount (and cost) of water & nutrients needed for optimum health, growth & yield.
  • Cation Exchange Stimulant: Visibly increases root growth, by boosting the absorption of moisture & nutrients.
  • Fruit & Veg Wash: Removes pesticides & other organic residue from the fruit or veggies, while also enhancing shelf life.
  • Increased BRIX: BRIX (sugar content) tests after application usually indicate additional 20-50% increase in BRIX in leaves & fruit over a period of 3-4 weeks following foliar application. Higher BRIX harnesses the unlimited energy of the sun, increasing plant growth & yields.
  • Natural Insect & Disease Resistance: University studies indicate that higher BRIX improves plant resistance to diseases & insects.
  • Lower Freeze Temperature: Growers report less crop damage down to -2.8 degrees C.
  • Enhances Freshness: Slows ripening & extends freshness by neutralising ethylene gas after harvest.

For use on: field and row crops, fruit or nut trees, berries, vegetables, grass/turf management, hay, flowers and ornamentals. Keeps brown winter grass healthy and green.


Dilutions: Adjust as required. General Guideline of 1:150/35ml per 5 Litres. This product can be mixed with tap water.

  • For field, forage & row crops: Add 35ml concentrate to 5L water. Apply post-seedling & mid-season. Can be sprayed directly or added to irrigation water, liquid nutrients, fungicides, herbicides or insecticides.
  • For flowers/ ornamentals/ indoor plants: Greenman pH averages 9.5. It benefits neutral or higher pH flowers & plants. Test application rates: From 35ml per 5L water for hardier plants, to 10ml per 5L water for delicate flowers & indoor plant wash.
  • For tropical fruits, berries & vegetables:  Add 35ml per 5L water. Drench once or twice a month. Avoid blooms during pollination season. To rejuvenate old trees, drench the trunks weekly
  • Lawn, grass & turf management:  Add 35ml of concentrate per 5L chlorine-free water. Soak the roots every 4 weeks, all year round. Avoid spraying flowers of pasture grass.
  • As adjuvant: As a fertiliser booster, add 35ml per 5L water. For fungicides & insecticides, add 40ml per 5L water. For herbicides add 15ml per 5L water.
  • For improved BRIX: Apply dilutions to top & bottom of leaves at 2-4 week intervals.
  • For freeze/ frost resistance: Add 70ml per 5L water. Soak entire plant and ground several days prior to predicted freeze. Regular application improves resistance & yields.
  • Fruit & veg wash: Ideal to remove pesticides and extend shelf life of fruit & veg. Add 35ml per 5L water and rinse or spray your produce.


Alkyl-C-methyl esters, chrysanthemum oil, alkyl oligoglucopryanosides, alkanolamines, cedar oil, cinnamon oil, citronella oil, corn oil, D-glucopyranoside, alkyl ologomeric, edta, extracts of garlic, geranium oil, jojoba oil, karanja oil, lemongrass oil, lily extract, mint oil, peppermint oil, processed neem oil, soybean oil, sodium coco poly glucoside citrate, ethyl lactate, dextronic acid, diazonium salts, sapodilla, processed extracts of sugar cane, tall oil fatty acids & water

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08/12/2018, By Ruth
This stuff is the bomb. Keeps my garden lush and flourishing. Everyone says I've got green fingers but this my secret ingredient for success.
Works well as a fruit wash too but has a bit of a flavour so be sure to rinse your fruit properly before eating
30/07/2018, By Hettie
This product is amazing. I use it on my indoor plants and rose bushes. It even helps to eliminate fungus on my rose bushes. Ordered my second bottle.
16/04/2018, By Emma
This is the second bottle i am buying. It did wonders for my garden! Within a week I could see the effect - I use it on all my plants.

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