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Good Soya Edamame Non GMO Mature Beans 1kg

Good Soya Edamame Non GMO Mature Beans 1kg
Good Soya Edamame Non GMO Mature Beans 1kg
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If you'd like to make your own tofu or tempeh, here's your chance. Mature edamame beans are perfect for making your own fully vegan complete protein replacements. From tofu and tempeh, to soy milk alternative and soy mince, edamame contains loads of vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed, especially for those following a plant based diet. Beans are grown in warm KZN, and left to ripen on the stalk, to be reaped as a dry bean. These beans are perfect for adding to soups and stews, and for making soy products

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  • Fully ripened mature edamame beans.
  • Great for using to make a variety of soy products.
  • Complete protein, fully of all the essential amino acids.
  • Source of dietary fibre and many essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Completely non-GMO edamame beans.
  • Contains Omega 3 and 6, vitamin K and folate, high in Mn, P, Mg, Cu, K, Zn, Se and Fe, and is cholesterol and fat free.

Did you know? The word "edamame" literally translates as "beans on a stalk" in Japanese, and has been eaten there for millions of years.


  • Store in a cool, dry place in sealed containers.
  • Use to make different soy-based food, or eat as is after cooking.


100% non-GMO soybeans

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Overall Rating
3.9 out of 5 stars from 15 reviews

11 out of 15 people would recommend this product

11/05/2021, By Kgosi
I received my order quicker than i thought and also in good condition.
11/05/2021, By Kgosi
I received my order quicker than i thought and also in good condition.
01/03/2021, By Ashleigh
Not sure why I believed 'edamame'and assumed after a good boil they would magically become the lovely green edamame you eat on salads. I do not suggest you buy it if that is what you expect. It takes hours to soften even after soaking for a day. However, it's an easy fibre and protein source if you've prepared a lot.
29/10/2020, By Yusus
great product
01/07/2020, By Letitia
I think it will be a good product
17/06/2020, By Letitia
It is very good for soy milk and the pulp can be used for tofu

Become vegan!!!!!!!!!!????
06/05/2020, By Ralph
Exceptional beans
24/02/2020, By Oba
This is not Edamame beans, its Soy beans. Correct the label it's very misleading! Its disappointing for those of us who know the difference between Edamame and Soy beans.
30/01/2020, By nathalie
Great type of bean. YOU MUST however, soak for a long period and cook them for hours and hours.
27/05/2018, By Skye
I love these beans. I soak them overnight to make fresh gmo free soya milk in the mornings. Works out way cheaper than shop bought milk and I don’t have boxes to throw away and my kids love hot milk on their cereal. Then I use the pulp to make muffins, hummus veg patties etc. Google okara recipes.
06/02/2018, By Ivan
The customer that complained below is 100% correct.

Edemame & Soy is the same thing, but the difference is when they are harvested. , Edamame is fresh (Early Harvest) & Soy is dried (late Harvest). Nothing to do with the Cultivar.

If you are selling Dried Edamame then its soy, not Edamame by its very definition 枝豆(えだまめ)

So the product may be from the same company supplying Woolworths. Doesn't change the fact that the dried form & the fresh form has a different name.

Thus a mislabeling of a product
07/01/2018, By hannesvegan
Non GMO packed with natures goodness as intended
31/12/2017, By Jaco
Great product.
27/06/2017, By Michelle from Good Soya
Firstly we are very sorry that the customer was disappointed in the Edamame that he/she purchased. We can give full assurance that it is indeed Edamame that is sold by GoodSoya. Should the consumer have any doubt that the product sold by GoodSoya is indeed Edamame they are welcome to contact the Edamame development program for further confirmation and details on the specific variety of Edamame sold by GoodSoya. The consumer needs to be aware that there are literally hundreds of Edamame cultivars sold around the world varying in size, shape colour, texture and taste. If the customer thus might have come across Edamame from a different source the chances are most likely that it differed from the ones sold by GoodSoya. Should they want a different cultivar they might be able to source it from the Edamame development program ( as they are testing and developing many cultivars suited for the South African growing conditions. Currently the cultivar sold by GoodSoy is the most commonly grown Edamame cultivar in South Africa and supply is thus the most assured thereof. It is also the same Edamame cultivar sold by the Edamame development program to Woolworths (as a frozen fresh product) and to many other companies as a roasted snack.
Edamame is a Japanese word for “beans on a stork” also known as “Vegetable type Soya” and is a specialised type of Soya bean cultivated by the eastern countries for Human consumption. The bean is different to the commercial Soya grown widely in western countries, in that it is a much larger seed. It generally has a higher Nutritional Value, is Non GMO and has a much sweeter taste. In the Eastern countries Edamame is mostly consumed fresh in the green pod long before they mature. However due to Edamame being much sweeter than grain soy, the mature Edamame is also very popular in stews or cooked dishes. The western world is fast becoming fond of Edamame consuming it from the green pod which is now available in South Africa at various restaurants and is also sold by Woolworths – however there is much more to Edamame then just the fresh bean. Edamame beans were introduced to South Africa by the Edamame development program in KZN in recent years. Crops are traditionally planted in Oct-Dec, It will make flowers and then start making its pods in January. When pods reach the full pod stag known as the R6 stage, they are picked, processed and sold. These beans are consumed like vegetables and is popular for it is easy to prepare. Beans that are not harvested or specifically produced for the mature market are left to grow to full maturity and is harvested as a dry such as those sold by GoodSoy. These beans are consumed as a legume, and needs to be soaked before cooking. They are very popular to be consumed as a high protein food in various forms. It is also popular in its well know roasted form, which is eaten as a nut.
03/03/2017, By lani
I was very disappointed. This is not edamame, mature edamame is soya... so these are expensive soya beans. If you purchase them, be prepared to do the whole soaking overnight, lengthy cooking preparation. Misleading advertising from the manufacturer.

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