Good Life - Organic Soap Nuts

Good Life - Organic Soap Nuts
Good Life - Organic Soap Nuts
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It may seem a little strange at first for those used to more 'traditional' detergents, but seeing is believing. This fruit really gets your washing clean. Soap nuts are not actually nuts, but rather the shell of a fruit related to the litchi. For hundreds of years Asians have used soap nuts to wash just about anything. Now this ancient wonder is taking the West by storm!


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The shell of the soap nut contains saponins (a natural substance that acts just like soap) which lifts dirt from fabrics and keeps it suspended in the water. The soap nut does naturally what conventional detergents rely on laboratory-manufactured chemicals to do - remove the grime from your laundry.

Why Soap Nuts Are An Excellent Alternative To Laundry Detergents:

It may seem a little strange at first for those used to more 'traditional' detergents, but seeing is believing. This fruit really gets your washing clean.

  • 100% natural - it's a fruit!
  • Certified organic - your guarantee that it's pesticide and chemical free.
  • Hypoallergenic - great for babies and people with skin sensitivities. Used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat eczema and psoriasis.
  • Effective - soap nuts really wash whiter and brighter; make clothes soft and fluffy without the need for a softener; gentle on woollens and silks; suitable for all fabrics, from delicates to jeans and linens or towels.
  • Economical - one small handful (the equivalent of four whole nuts) will do up to four loads of washing. A 200g pack is sufficient for over 30 loads!
  • Biodegradable - when the nuts have lost their soapiness, simply toss them onto the compost heap. Soap nuts cause no environmental harm whatsoever.
  • Versatile - a few soap nuts in hot water will make a slightly sudsy solution that can be used as a general household cleaner, to wash dishes or windows, even to bath pets.
  • Sustainable - soap nuts are wild harvested in India and help to support villages and communities.
  • Antimicrobial - beneficial for septic and greywater systems.
  • Conscience-soothing - it's nice to know that when washing your laundry you're not polluting the planet.
  • Free from chemicals, foaming agents, filler ingredients or synthetic fragrances.


  • Put 3-5 soap nuts (or the equivalent in broken shells) in an old sock or stocking. A small cotton drawstring bag is ideal. If your clothes are not very dirty, you can use fewer shells.
  • Tie a loose knot in the sock or stocking and toss it in the washing machine with your laundry.
  • Wash on the hot or warm setting, and rinse in cool or cold. You can leave the wash bag in during the rinse cycle, because the saponin is only released by the heat of the water.
  • You can re-use the same soap nuts in your laundry up to four times! Re-use them immediately, or set them aside to dry out for later.
  • Your clean laundry won’t have a scent when done, but you can add 10 drops of your favourite essential oil to the sock for fragrance.

Please Note: Soap nuts can be used in cold water but will require more soapnuts per wash (double). Hot water helps to release the saponins (the active washing ingredient) more quickly – another way to wash in cold water is to place the bag/sock of soapnuts in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes to activate and then pour the water & soapnut-containing bag/sock into the washing machine with the laundry.

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30/08/2017, By Winifred
Does come with a little bag for the nuts.
27/06/2017, By Brenda
I find that these work best if I presoak the clothes with them. Still not 100% sold but will continue to give them a go for my lightly soiled laundry.
27/05/2017, By Jacqueline
I was really skeptical about soap nuts but totally convinced having used them! I have very sensitive skin and struggle with detergents. I love the fact there is no scent. I hate all the heavy perfumes of washing powders and fabric conditioners.
28/11/2013, By Monique
Im happy about every healthier alternative product i find on the market. Ive recently started using soap nuts on babys clothes, and even some of ours - it leaves no scent on the clothes but they are somehow left smelling fresh and clean. They don remove tough dirt at all though, eg dirt on babys onesies (feet) or any long pants that hes been crawling in - Ill have to find something that will get those stains out.
19/11/2013, By Tara
They are awesome and that I love using them. I add 5 drops of my favorite essential oils to the rinse cycle with some water for a wonderful scent and that I encourage everyone to try the soap nuts out.
15/10/2011, By Marilize
The idea of soap nuts is so unconventional that I had to try it. And I love it. It was great to find that the muslim bag wag included and although the smell is different, it's fresh and clean.
This is what I am using from now on!
23/09/2011, By Nirvana
I’ve switched over completely to soap nuts and I find that it works well. It’s natural and safe but it won’t remove tough stains. I pre-treat tough stains with Puresimple Stain Treater - Citrus Fresh Liquid. I use cold water for washing so I make a laundry liquid from the soap nuts. The liquid goes much further than just using the soap nuts as is. In a large pot I soak 100 g of soap nuts (make sure there are no seeds) in 3 cups water overnight. Then I blend it well with a stick blender. Add 6 cups of water and boil for about 30 minutes (watch the pot because it can boil over). Blend again. *Strain and allow to cool. Add 2 teaspoons citric acid to the liquid to preserve it if you wish or omit. You should be left with 1.5 liters (50 loads) to 2 liters (66 loads) strained soap nut liquid at the end. Use 2 tablespoons per large load (I have a 9 kg machine) of laundry. With citric acid it will last a few weeks in the fridge. I also freeze it in bottles or ice cube trays. Although soap nuts do give a slightly downy feel to clothes I still add a bit of “earth friendly” fabric softener especially for towels. I can now do a more than a month’s laundry for R18 (half a pack of soap nuts). *You can freeze the strained pulp and add it to the pot the next time you make soap nut liquid.
12/09/2011, By Santie
Tried them, didn't like them. They don't give that clean, just washed feeling to my clothes at all. ;-(
01/07/2011, By Bridgitte
I love this product! It works really well (for lightly soiled clothing you dont need much else, and for baby clothes it is perfect). For stained or light/white colours I add the londa biobleach to the wash.
25/04/2011, By Karie
I recently started to used these and I must say, I'm impressed. They do a great job of cleaning. The soap nuts themselves don't smell like much so I like thow a little lemon tea tree essential oil into my washing along with the soap nuts just to give it a crisp fresh scent.

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