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Kefir Foods Milk Kefir Starter Kit

Kefir Foods Milk Kefir Starter Kit
Kefir Foods Milk Kefir Starter Kit
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If you’ve been thinking about making your own kefir, but you’ve no idea where to start, this is the kit for you. Containing all the ingredients and equipment you’ll need to get started, along with a detailed instruction manual, this kit from Alric is the perfect way to get going. Kefir is great for improving gut health, and has been used for centuries to keep people feeling good.

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  • Kefir is similar to yoghurt in taste and texture, but contains millions more beneficial bacteria and is live in a completely different way
  • Kefir can be adjusted from batch to batch, by changing the ratio of milk to grains to produce a kefir that you really love
  • Even kefir you don’t love on its own can be used in smoothies and swirled through curries
  • Kefir can be used in salad dressings, or as a tenderiser
  • You can use it to soak Oats in overnight, instead of milk or yoghurt
  • Can be used as a replacement for milk or yoghurt almost anywhere, and will add a bit of extra tang and a lot of great bacteria
  • Great for lactose intolerant, as the kefir grains ‘eat’ lactose and render it useless and harmless
  • Kefir is traditionally made with cow's milk, but can also be made with a variety of alternative milks, such as soy, coconut, rice, goat or sheep's milk

Included in this starter kit

  • Glass jar fermentation vessel
  • Plastic sieve and spoon
  • 20 grams dehydrated kefir grains
  • Instruction manual

Did you know? Kefir actually means ‘feel good’ in Turkish, which is how drinking kefir regularly makes you feel (and pronunciation is actually kuh-FEAR, with the emphasis on the second syllable and isn’t anything like Kiefer Sutherland).


  • Tip the full package of dehydrated kefir grains into your glass jar
  • Cover with 250ml of warm (about skin temperature, not hot) milk
  • Stir using a plastic or wooden spoon - not metal
  • Put the lid on loosely - just enough to keep bugs out but not enough to completely seal
  • Put the jar in a warmish, dark area and allow to ferment for 24 hours
  • After 24 hours, sieve the liquid off the grains and discard the liquid. Use a plastic sieve and a plastic spoon to sieve.
  • Place grains back into the cleaned container, and cover with 250ml milk
  • Repeat fermentation, and harvesting process - you’ll know that fermentation is finished when milk has thickened and has a sourish tang to it
  • Should you wish to slow or stop fermentation, the grains can be stored covered with milk in the fridge for short term storage, or in the freezer for longer term storage
  • To restart, allow the grains to come to room temperature, and sieve off the storage liquid, and start again
  • Grains will get larger and multiply naturally, allowing you to separate them and make more batches, or give the kefir grains away to friend
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Overall Rating
4.4 out of 5 stars from 54 reviews

49 out of 54 people would recommend this product

04/02/2022, By Jason
Easy to understand instructions had drinkable Kefir after 3 days and then every 24 hours thereafter. Very happy with the product so far, just waiting for my grains to multiply which should start in the next week. Funnily enough my normal sinus issues have disappeared after a few days use. Thanks FTN fast efficient service and an excellent product. Getting in a ton of extra probiotics.
09/03/2021, By Cecilia
Unfortunately the Kefir did not take. I have extensive experience in growing Kefir, but could not get this product grow.
22/01/2021, By Sigal
Wasted lots of milk on that. Finding the grains after each session became harder and harder. Gave up trying. Waste of time and money.
02/01/2021, By Doron
A waste of money
14/12/2020, By Russell
Fantastic product. Have made Kefir milk before so was quite easy to use .
27/10/2020, By Rhoanne
Very good brand ulcer
12/09/2020, By Liezel
Very thin consistency. Final product supposed to resemble drinking joghurt but looks and tastes like fermented milk - not recommend
09/09/2020, By Deborah
Bought this product in June 2018 and it still going strong. I used the review posted by Gill on 21/10/2017 as well as what i researched. Great for my family as well as fur babies!
02/09/2020, By geoffrey
Found the product to be a fraud and a scam. Obtained a slightly thickened result after 24hrs but this would not pass through the ridiculously fine mesh of the sieve. Tried to work it through using the back of the spoon and eventually left with a milky sludge - NO GRAINS.
Emptied it all down the drain.
Waste of money!!
26/07/2020, By Monika
Awesome kefir kit and the resulting kefir tastes amazing
23/06/2020, By Annelie
This was my first fermentation product purchased and it works great for beginners. Took about a week before they started making thick kefir. Worth it!
08/05/2020, By Camille
Convenient and durable
02/03/2020, By Devanagie
I reviewed this last year just after I bought it. It's been so great I had to do an update. Since going dairy free and using the kefir only I've seen great results in my overall health and my skin has been really clear of tiny bumps that dairy had been causing.
The kefir itself has been very resilient. It survived us moving house were I was not able to change the milk for a few days as opposed to a daily change because i had been drinking so much of it. And I also froze it for 4 weeks when we went away on holiday. Just thawed it out, changed the milk and by the next day I was drinking kefir again.
This is a very good investment for me. No regrets buying this at all!
16/02/2020, By Tammy
Wonderful product. Grains are bigger and it comes with a sieve which is very useful.
12/02/2020, By Negar
Unfortunately, the grains did not grow. We have extensive experience with making kefir and although we followed the instructions meticulously, the grains did not multiply. Very disappointed.
09/02/2020, By Nikki
A wonderfully easy to use kit. I received great feedback from the producer too which helped me successfully make kefir for the first time.
20/01/2020, By Cherilyn
Very easy to make. My husband an I both love it especially with fruit. I'm really pleased I took the leap.
16/01/2020, By Crizane
Great product
02/12/2019, By Lindie
Love kefir! Easy to make, although my grains look like its not growing much, it still works. Would highly recommend to anyone that wants to supplement their probiotic gut health.
03/08/2019, By Lesley
At last, living in the 'Bundu', we were able to order something not available anywhere near us, that actually works! Everything about Faithful to Nature, from ordering to delivery, which was super quick (!),was an amazing first time experience!
25/07/2019, By Gerhard
This is a great product and works like a charm. Only took 24 hours and we where in business. I use it to make fantastic beetroot (pink) smoothies for my daughter and she LOVES it. Fantastic! Just need to mention this kit did not come with a bottle but that`s fine, we always have plenty of those at home.
06/07/2019, By Chelle
Great Product !
12/06/2019, By Amelia
My Kefir has grown so well and fast. It makes a lovely type of yogurt. I’m using it to restore my 4 year old’s gut inter flora.
11/06/2019, By Basi
Great product. I had kefir grains and our helper took them with the kefir without noticing :-). It was a good thing that that happened, as it led me to discover F2N and your wide range of products.

I was pleased with how quickly the grains get to work and give me the kefir in no time. Keep it up guys.
08/06/2019, By Elizabeth
I have been making kefir for four months now. My first kefir attempt resulted in batch after batch of sour milk. Starting with new grains I have been using organic milk and it works perfectly. The weather plays a role in how long it takes to ferment - average about 24 hours. The grains are slowly multiplying and have doubled in volume. Great as it is or as a base for any smoothy.
29/03/2019, By Mart
Great Product. Was very easy to hidrate the grain. Start using it on the first bach already. The grain also grows beautiful. Very creamy. I also use normal full cream mild as raw milk is difficult to get.
22/03/2019, By Devanagie
I have really congested skin and read that kefir is great for helping with that and after only a few days I have noticed awesome results. It was not difficult to get started at all. My first batch of drinkable kefir was quite thin however as the grains are growing the results are a thicker and creamier batch. I love doing a second fermentation with berries or dates. The best part is that I didn't have to go out and buy any special milk I just used the full cream milk that we already had at home!
18/02/2019, By Bridgette
I received my product yesterday, so I have not had time to make my kefir. I however, am a bit upset by the PLASTIC spoon and sieve received in the bottle with kefir grains. I am sure many of us have strainers in our houses and spoons. Maybe you can make it an "optional" choice to receive the plastic spoon and sieve? As I am sure we are all trying to cut down on the plastic waste.
05/02/2019, By Ben
Works very well - Awsome !!
22/10/2018, By CHris
This worked awesome. I am having some smoothies everyday. love it
08/09/2018, By Ingrid
I really love this product and am giving the probiotic to the Australian Shepherd SA Rescue Org dogs and we are all loving it.
08/09/2018, By Ingrid
I am successfully growing kefir grains and getting fantastic probiotics for the Australian Shepherd SA Rescue Org Dogs and us
06/09/2018, By Astrid
It is so much fun to go to the jar and see nice kefir waiting for you to enjoy it! I had no issues getting the culture started. I was even away for three weeks and the culture was happy to work again after being stored in the fridge in no special additional conditions. Now I'm moving to water kefir
23/08/2018, By Lebo
I love this. Unlike other brands with almost powder-like grains, these are quite big. Thank you very much FtN.
13/07/2018, By Astrid
Easy to use, I had no issues with the rehydration and quickly started to produce my own delicious drink. The cycle takes a bit longer since it’s winter and colder than optimal temperature for fast kefir production
11/07/2018, By Pat
Very easy to use. Had useable results from second day. Instructions on jar very brief so worth doing extra research online if new to kefir.
21/06/2018, By esma
i was making kefir this grains. it was lovely and very delicious. however after 2 weeks my kefir did not fermented. i made new again and again but it is still not fermenting in 24 hours. when i sit for 48 hours it has too much sour taste and not like kefir. i think my grains are died. I do not know what to do. :(
27/04/2018, By Sam
Simple and easy to make
22/04/2018, By Sharyn
I have been drinking for 4 days and it has helped alleviate a cough I have for months. The cough was caused by reflux and hiatus hernia and post nasal drip and gluten and other allergies.

On day one there was a marked improvement.

Stopped medication on day 3.

My gut is so improved it is unbelievable.
17/04/2018, By Kukza
Just completed my first batch and I love it! The fact that it is so easy to make, its a bonus!
09/03/2018, By Nick
After 2 days of hydrating the grains I finally had some lovely kefir on day 3
08/03/2018, By Samantha
It is not that easy to make Kefir. I am struggling. The weather plays a massive part in the process. And it really does not taste nice. I, however, do think it has amazing benefits and very healthy. So I will pinch my nose closed if I have to! I am lactose intolerant, and I am happy to say that the Kefir does break down the lactose.
16/02/2018, By Clare
Easy to make and was so thrilled as to how quickly the order came. the starter pack has everything to start making this healthy beverage.
08/02/2018, By Cait
Easy to make, works well!
04/02/2018, By Monkiki
Hydrates reasonably quickly ... makes a very tasty kefir.
17/01/2018, By Healthmama
I love this kit! I have made several successful batches of kefir so far. The instructions are easy and with very little efford I enjoy a daily glass of milk kefir.
08/01/2018, By Katrien
This is supercharged kefir. Followed the instructions and used pasture fed raw full fat milk to feed. Within three days I harvested more than the 250ml for smoothies as per the instructions. Four days later I had enough for 2 morning smoothies and some left to second ferment and harvest whey. And there is still only about a teaspoon of grains. Very impressed !
29/12/2017, By Nelci
It worked wonderfully!
02/11/2017, By Sarita
It’s a great product with simple easy to use instructions.
30/10/2017, By Miranda
Everything you need and comprehensive instructions included.
The kefir has rehydrated beautifully, and I'm looking forward to my daily smoothie!
21/10/2017, By Gill
I am loving making my own milk kefir with this kit.

A couple of things that I have learnt along the way:

my grains took about a week to 10 days to become active, during this period I changed the milk every 24 hours. Once the milk has a "yeasty" smell you're on the right track. If at this point you find it's not thickening enough, then leave the kefir for a few extra hours to see if that helps - if not just keep going, it will eventually become active.

In my experience the quality of the milk DEFINITELY has an effect on the end product - I've had the best results with Woolworths full cream milk.

My kefir takes between 36 to 48 hours to get to the consistency that I like - I have found it's definitely not ready after 24 hours unless the weather is very warm.

Once you have strained your kefir, you should wash and dry the jar before replacing the grains and adding the milk for the next batch. I add milk that is about room temperature - I heat it in the microwave.

DON'T rinse the grains, it's not good for them - it's fine to toss the grains, covered in their milky coat directly into the clean and dried jar.

The weather has an effect on the speed at which the milk ferments, on cold days my kefir takes longer.

I give my jar of fermenting kefir a swirl a couple of times a day, to aid the fermentation process.

If for some reason your kefir isn't thickening as much as you like, try adding a couple of spoons of yesterdays kefir into the new batch and add a little less milk.
28/08/2017, By Paul
It is well packed. Speedly delivery. Great product.
11/08/2017, By Tiffany
Strained my first batch of kefir last night . Great stuff! Thick and creamy .
03/08/2017, By Riette
After a slow start to get the Kefir activated I was surprised at the result and great taste. I cannot wait in the morning to harvest my glass of Kefir and start the process for the next round.

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