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Wazoogles Supernatural Oats Pot - Salted Caramel & Mulberries

Wazoogles Supernatural Oats Pot - Salted Caramel & Mulberries

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Wazoogles Supernatural Oats Pot - Salted Caramel & Mulberries
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  • 98g
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The alchemists at Wazoogles have transformed the humble oat breakfast into a superfood sensation with the Supernatural Oat Pots. The Salted Caramel & Mulberries oat pots are made with sweet, sticky date caramel, balanced with Kalahari Desert salt and 8 other superfoods. Just add hot water, a splash of nut milk and enjoy an instant oat breakfast packed with vegan protein.

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  • 12 g of vegan protein per pot
  • Supercharged with complex carbohydrates to keep your energy high
  • Amazing texture combinations
  • Packaged in fully recyclable cardboard, and foil lids
  • Labels printed with soy based vegetable ink
  • All ingredients are certified organic
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan

Superfood Spotlight:

  • Raw Mulberries are very high in vitamin C, soluble fibre, and antioxidants
  • Cacao Nibs are rich in theobromine which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and increases blood flow to the brain
  • Raw Maca Root boosts blood flow, and may even enhance your mood, and memory


  • Simply add hot water, cold water, or nut milk

Care Instructions:

  • Store in a cool, dry place


  • Oat Pots: 98 g


  • All Organic: Gluten Free Rolled Oats, Mesquite, Raw Mulberries, Yacon Cacao Nibs, Raw Dates, Coconut Blossom Sugar, Salt, Chia Seeds, Lucuma, Raw Maca Root, Raw Hemp Seed Powder, Yellow Pea Protein

Typical Nutritional Information:

  • Typical Values per 100g per 98g
  • Energy (kcal/kJ) 391/1635 381/1593
  • Protein (g) 12,3 12
  • Glycaemic Carbohydrates (g) 56,7 55,3
  • Of which Total Sugar (g) 24,5 23,9
  • Total Fat (g) 6 5,9
  • Of which Saturated Fat (g) 2,2 2,2
  • Dietary Fibre (g) 13 12,7
  • Total Sodium (mg) 366 357

 Country of Origin:

  • Made in South Africa
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Overall Rating
4.2 out of 5 stars from 51 reviews

44 out of 51 people would recommend this product

18/01/2021, By Vasti
I love the Wazoogles brand. I almost live off their smoothie mixes. I love the idea of these super food oat pots and I have been meaning to try them for a while. I take issue with the high energy content in comparison to the flavour. For that energy intake I find the product quite bland and would much rather build myself something similar at home with fresh fruit instead of the dried at half the price. Also, it didn't taste anything like salted caramel. It did have soft chunks of dates and I find vegan products often try to mimic caramel with dates to little success in my opinion since you really need the burnt sugar and butter combination for that or else, a good essence. I'm sure nobody expects a health or vegan product to do the impossible. I did find that the dates sweetened the oat pot but still pretty bland and not in my opinion worth the price or the energy load.
11/01/2021, By Candice
Great tasting product!
26/12/2020, By Priscilla
Tasty, like the salted caramel taste.
26/12/2020, By Candice
Fantastic tasting product. Love that it’s gluten free
26/10/2020, By Bianka
Great product
25/09/2020, By Naj
... and healthy! A filling breakfast and the mulberries is a good addition. I always pack a few of these Wazoogles oat pots when traveling.
19/06/2020, By B
Tasty and very filling, make a great breakfast.
07/06/2020, By Bronwen
I love this brand. It really is all delicious.
28/05/2020, By Tammy
Delicious breakfast, great for traveling.
13/05/2020, By Sandesh Elaine
06/05/2020, By Tanner
DIg this superb oat pot
03/05/2020, By Elder
26/04/2020, By A
Not crazy about this combo but still quite frankly yummy.
06/02/2020, By Lesley
I love Wazoogles oats but this was not my favourite flavour. It had a strange aftertaste.
16/12/2019, By desray
The mulberry was horrid! It wnded up the bin..
14/12/2019, By Barbs
Really delicious and convenient. It is so filling - breakfast and 10.00am snack. Just wish it was a bit less expensive but you get what you pay for. Will definitely buy again and again.
02/12/2019, By Tammy
My new favorite novelty. It was so fun eating breakfast out of an adorable little container, quick and easy to get ready and tastes delicious! I ordered more flavours to try and am super excited!
01/12/2019, By Cara
If you like sweet, creamy oats you'll love this!
I made mine as overnight oats with water and added some coconut yoghurt in the morning and what a treat! Definitely recommend for a sweet tooth!
11/11/2019, By Adene
This product seems healthy at first glance, but actually is not that - high in carbs and hidden sugars.
16/09/2019, By Sibs
Not what I expected
31/07/2019, By tuka
what a delicious meal
24/07/2019, By Kathleen
I have tried the chocolate chip cookie dough and salted caramel and mulberry flavours, and while I really like the taste I am concerned about how much sugar is in the product. Even if this is 'natural' or 'unrefined' sugar it still has the same effect on your body. So I would probably use these for travelling but I wouldn't eat them regularly.
11/05/2019, By Sharon
After reading the reviews I gave it a try. I was very disappointed. It last a floury after taste & was very bitter. Unfortunately all 3 ended up in the bin.
24/04/2019, By Miss PVK
This breakfast in a cup is the best oats and breakfast ever !! The flavour balance is out of this world !! I am in love with the convenience of breakfast ready in minutes that I can take on the go. As a Wellness Warehouse Warrior I can and highly recommend that you grab one of these delicious breakfast pots !!!
17/03/2019, By Roshila
The Wazoogles oats range is sooo yummy! Don't expect normal oats - this range is packed with so much goodness and flavour. If you're looking for a healthy alternative that's quick to cook, you've got it.
16/03/2019, By Zena
What a treat!!
24/02/2019, By Linda
Love it, the taste is great and I can have two meals from it.
14/01/2019, By A
Was very happy with this one, ( bought a few different ones) and also found it to be nice and filling
09/01/2019, By Sian
I was curious about this unusual-sounding flavour, so I bought a bundle and tried this one first. Quite yummy! It's a super filling breakfast and full of healthy and delicious ingredients.
07/01/2019, By Syl
31/12/2018, By Tshego
Quite filling and nutritious
21/12/2018, By Zee
The oat pots are the best travel / on the go breakfast! The packaging is adorable, convenient and it tastes good. This is one of my favorite flavours of the range!
10/12/2018, By Nikki
Quite nice
04/12/2018, By Jessy
I enjoyed the Salted Caramel flavor wasn't what i expected, i prefer the double chocolate maca, its not bad just more of a chocolate fan :)
01/12/2018, By Zaaheda
its nice
23/11/2018, By Kayla
This is delicious and healthy, and easy to make. Very handy when you’ve got a little baby taking up all your time!
22/11/2018, By Shaylin
Nice taste, very filling. I’m a busy single mom so this is very handy to have for the mornings when I just don’t have time!
22/11/2018, By Shaylin
Out of the Wazoogles supernatural oats range this was my least favourite, I found it rather tasteless compared to the others in the range.
19/11/2018, By LesleyD
Perfect for my marketing mornings- pack a flask of water and my hot breakfast is good to go anytime. This is my favorite treat breakfast!
02/11/2018, By Jeanne-marie
These are amazing! Especially the caramel flavour!
24/10/2018, By Odette
I have tried all the flavours (except fig); all of them are great and I'm a huge Wazoogles fan- I bought 20 of these when they were released thinking they were my answer to convenient healthy work breakfasts. However, I am a bit disappointed about how much sugar is in the product. Each one contains 20g or more (this is 5< teaspoons per container). Considering a healthy range per day for a woman is 6tsp and 9tsp for a man, this is really a lot. I know everyone will argue that it comes from the dates etc so it's 'naturally' derived but at the end of the day sugar is sugar. So while this is probably better than commercial stuff, it still leaves room for improvement. I wish they would perhaps reduce the sultanas/ some of the dates just to balance it out. The additional coconut sugar also seems unnecessary. Unfortunately, I am quite sensitive to sugar so they have become a bit too sweet for me. Now when I eat them I need to pick out all the sultanas and dates to make it easier to stomach. The other ingredients in the product are great though so it's really up to personal preferences.
20/10/2018, By Nora
I am gluten-intolerant so I am always on the look out for something new for breakfast. My go to is usually cereal and porridge, but lately finding any wholesome one's that do not have gluten in, are very scarce. I gave Wazoogles supernatural oats a try and I was pleasantly surprised! I loved the taste, and the added protein kept me full all morning. I ate mine warm which also gave it that comforting feeling of a warm bowl of porridge in the morning! To top it off it is so easy to prepare, so I could just pop it in my bag and take it to work and eat it there. I would definitely recommend giving this a try!
17/10/2018, By Penny
I enjoyed the goodness and it was very wholesome + sustaining. Not much of the salt + caramel flavour in mine though, but did enjoy something healthy and not too sweet.
17/10/2018, By Angela
This paticular flavour was not ideal. VERY salty. I had to add coconut sugar in order to eat it which is not ideal...
16/10/2018, By Hazel
I expected a bit more. The packaging is beautiful. There is a lot of protein powder which is not a great taste for me. It didn't really taste anything like salted caramel.
15/10/2018, By Birgit
All the flavours and nice
15/10/2018, By Bonny
Easy, delicious and filling. Perfect for work and school lunches on the go.
13/10/2018, By Jolene
So delicious! And so easy
12/10/2018, By Ruan
Quick, easy and super tasty
12/10/2018, By Alicia
interesting combo of flavour..great for travelling as its so convenient
09/10/2018, By Jane Doe
By far my favourite!

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