Faithful to Nature Natural Beeswax Lip Conditioner SPF 15

Faithful to Nature Natural Beeswax Lip Conditioner SPF 15
Faithful to Nature Natural Beeswax Lip Conditioner SPF 15
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We are so excited to announce the launch of our very first Faithful to Nature branded product. This creamy natural lip conditioning balm is made with a blend of protective beeswax, nourishing propolis and hydrating honey – plus it’s been enriched with carrot seed oil, to protect your lips from the elements and sun damage with its natural SPF 15 content. At Faithful to Nature we love giving you reasons to smile – and with a dash of this oh-so-smooth balm on your lips, you’ll want to show that beautiful smile to the whole world.

  • Natural
  • Vegetarian
  • Proudly South African
  • Honey is a great moisturiser that’s also naturally antibacterial.
  • Beeswax creates a light, non-greasy protective layer over your skin, shielding it from environmental damage.
  • Carrot seed oil softens & nourishes the skin with its rich vitamin content, plus it provides a natural Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15.
  • Propolis is a luxurious healing ingredient, rich in skin-loving flavonoids.

Faithful to Nature is an online organic store committed to offering the shoppers a widely diverse choice of natural and organic products for the body and the home.


Pollen enriched honey, propolis, beeswax, carrot seed oil

Overall Rating
4.6 out of 5 stars from 38 reviews

36 out of 38 people would recommend this product

11/01/2017, By Shari
Like this product although wish it could be slightly more moisturizing on the lips.
28/10/2016, By Keen
After trying more expensive ones, Ive decided that this is the best. Keeps my lips hydrated, doesn cost the earth.
01/10/2016, By Jem
This is my favorite lip balm at the moment, it also works well to apply before lipstick. I bought 6 of them all at once so I can keep them in various places like the car etc. Unfortunately the lid on all of them doesn stay on and this is very annoying.
23/09/2016, By Elinore
Love the product but the lid is very loose - not great for inside the handbag!
28/08/2016, By Samantha
Great lip balm. I like the smell (although in the beginning I thought it was a little intense). Love that its a natural product. Container needs a little refining though as the top has some rough edges.
24/08/2016, By Elzane
In love with this. Will definitely buy again.
17/08/2016, By Lisa
Got it as a free sample will buy it when this one finished :)
15/07/2016, By Anne-Marie
I am almost addicted to lip balms and just love this one! You don have to apply as often as with other lip balms and the aftertaste is honey-delicious. As we live in a rather humid area, it also doesn melt as quickly as other lip balms do. Will definitely recommend this!
12/07/2016, By Kim
Its wonderful to find a natural product at such a good price! I was struggling with dry lips this winter but this lip balm has sorted me out - the beeswax provides just the right moisturizer. Not a fan of the smell.
24/06/2016, By Bianka
I have always spent a fortune on lip balms in the stores and this little guy gives them all a good run. This has been a very dry winter and i haven had any issues. My fiance now uses this balm too.
31/05/2016, By Marchelle
The lip balm is fantastic, but the container needs some working on. It is very rough around the edges.
20/05/2016, By Sheri
This lip balm is soft and glides smoothlyonto your lips. It moisturizes and keeps lips supple for long. It smells amazing. Will definitely be buying this again.
08/05/2016, By Sophie
this lip balm is really nice but the taste put me off really quickly I was quite happy to get one without mint but the carrot extract make it taste like super concentrated carrot, can be funny if you are eating a salad but if you still have some lip balm and drinking something hot you drink will taste terrible. So I like the product but the taste put me off, hubby likes it so might be a personal choice
05/05/2016, By Kouthar
The lip balm itself was really nice and moisturising but I find it isn as deeply nourishing as other beeswax lip balms and the effect wears off quickly. reapplying is a pain in the winter months. Also there was a problem with the packaging of my particular balm, the plastic was rough and it felt as though it was trying to stab my lips whenever I used it. Horrible. Maybe it was an anomaly as my husband and sister has no complaints regarding the packaging.
24/03/2016, By Nadine
Very effective and well priced - thank you Faithful! Now I am waiting for your Faithful brand body soap ;)
23/03/2016, By charlene
awesome stuff !!!!! and reasonably priced
17/02/2016, By Adrienne
Great value for money and its a really nice lip balm.
28/01/2016, By Janine
Im quite addicted to using lip balms, I just can go without it. Of all the lip balms I have ever used and tried, this is THE BEST. Just perfect.
28/01/2016, By Debbie
No matter what season it is I need lip balm, I have really dry lips. Most lip products make my lips chap within a day of using them.
This lip balm is amazing, I carry it around with me everywhere and it keeps my lips soft and crack-free.
06/01/2016, By Michelle
I absolutely love it! Ive got extremely dry skin so I have to apply lipbalm a couple of times an hour. Ive tried all sorts of lipbalms, and it gets expensive after a while having to use so much all the time but with this I don have to apply so often , it really comes through and is super cheap! Just goes to show sometimes u have to stick to basics
17/12/2015, By Nikki
will definitely be buying this again!
16/12/2015, By Elsabe
My Twincesses and I love this lip balm! Thinking about it, I used to apply Lip-Ice or Vaseline several times a day, but with this one I don feel the need to do it. Ill apply it in the morning, before bed and maybe once or twice during the day.
11/12/2015, By Cassandra
Im generally a fan of honey-based skincare products. This balm goes on smooth but not greasy and the natural SPF is a win. Inexpensive and works a charm. I love this lip-balm so much Ive already purchased a few months worth.
15/10/2015, By Lauren
I received this balm as a free gift and am very impressed with it. I will definitely buy this in the future!
02/10/2015, By Karien
Keeps my lips moisturised and smooth - and it doesn cost a fortune!
12/09/2015, By Liesl
Fabulous product and great value. I received a sample and am keep it in my handbag.
11/09/2015, By Tania
I was surprised how nice the lip conditioner is for the price
09/09/2015, By Pina
Lovely smooth texture, moisturises nicely and stays on for long.
28/08/2015, By Carien
I loved Lip-Ice because for some reason it was the only lip balm that seemed to work for me. But when I decided to go completely green and clean, I bought this lip balm from Faithful to Nature to try, and was truly surprised! No more lip-ice for me, Im now converted and am now a big fan of Faithful to Naturs Lip Balm!
04/08/2015, By Tanusha
Best free gift ever :) . Super moisturizing with a lovely texture at a great price!
23/07/2015, By Kate
Lovely lip balm at a lovely price...
15/07/2015, By Shea
I loved my Faithful to Nature lipbalm, it was thick and coated my lips well. It smells like beeswax and lasted well on my lips. The best part was the price, very reasonable!
10/06/2015, By Sam
This is a lovely product. Works very well. Will definitley keep purchasing it.
26/05/2015, By Maretha
I LOVE this lip balm! Keeps your lips moisturised for a very long time and it has a nice subtle flavour. I got a free sample with one of my orders. GREAT gift!
18/04/2015, By Nici
Love this stuff. It works great for protection against wind and sun. It doesn moisturize super well so I tend to use it as a top coat over another lipbalm.
02/04/2015, By Alex
I too got this as a sample in December and I love it! It is an effective product without all the synthetic chemicals and gnarly tastes you find with commercial brands - and at such an affordable price. Plus, one tube lasts for ages. It does have a slightly odd honey-ish aroma, but you quickly get used to it. I do not find it to be very moisturising, however it is excellent for protecting lips from the elements. Perhaps a bit of shea butter added into the mix would work. I give it a huge thumbs up.
06/03/2015, By Aneesa
Its affordable, has an SPF, is moisturising and smells lovely. Im a Labello girl and will gladly give it up for this eco-friendly alternative.
24/02/2015, By Debbie
When I got a free sample with a purchase I soon asked when it would be available to buy sadly it wasn yet! So excited to see it is what an amazing price. Goodbye commercial brand full of junk!

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