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Enchantrix Hair Gel

Enchantrix Hair Gel

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Enchantrix Hair Gel
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  • 200ml
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At last - a hair gel which will not harm you, because the carbomer (setting agent) used is an inert polymer. Contains the essential oils of rosemary, lemongrass and geranium to condition your hair naturally. Has a medium to firm hold.

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Can be used with a hair dryer for a softer look!

Sodium Benzoate is listed as a nasty in our pocket guide when used for food. But why then do we allow it in our cosmetics? The amount of sodium benzoate used in cosmetics is much smaller than in food as a preservative. Furthermore, the molecules are too large to be absorbed by the skin. This preservative has been allowed by Ecocert; the Soil Association and BDIH. It has been ranked by the EWG as having a low risk of 1. BUT there are reports circulating on the internet that warn against usage of the preservative even in cosmetics. We believe it is still one of the safer preservatives, but as always, we wanted you to be in the loop. The choice is yours to make.


Newlands Spring Water, Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium) Leaf Extract*, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Xanthan Gum, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Guar Gum, Vegetable Glycerine, Citrus sinensis (Orange) Fruit Oil*, Pelargonium graveolens
(Geranium) Leaf Oil*.
*Certified Organic Ingredient

**Ingredient Notice: Sodium Benzoate is listed as a nasty in our pocket guide when used for food, so why do we allow it in some of our cosmetics and cleaning products? Firstly, the amount of Sodium Benzoate used in cosmetics or cleaning products is much smaller than that used in food as a preservative. Furthermore, the Sodium Benzoate molecules are too large to be absorbed by your skin. This preservative has been allowed by ECOCERT, the Soil Association and BDIH; it has been ranked by the EWG as having a low risk of 1. However, there are reports circulating online that warn against usage of Sodium Benzoate even in cosmetics. We believe it is still one of the safer preservatives, but as always, we wanted you to fully informed and empowered. The choice is yours to make.

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Overall Rating
4.2 out of 5 stars from 41 reviews

38 out of 41 people would recommend this product

30/10/2021, By Ari
Gives an excellent cast. Best to use when wet styling because on dry hair it leaves a white residue. The cast is quite hard so use a bit of oil to break it.

Surprisingly the gel is quite moisturising as well.
09/09/2021, By Janet
This was the only gel I could find that is vegan and cruelty-free. The gel I used to use is no longer available (Woolworths brand) , so out of desperation I bought 2 bottles of Enchantrix, even though I'd never tried it before.
I didn't know what I would do about my hair if it turned out I hated this gel - but I've been pleasantly surprised. It does a good job of taming and defrizzing my hair, and makes it softer than any previous product I've used.
I find the fragrance mild and pleasant, and once dry, I can't smell it at all, which is a huge plus, because I can't tolerate perfumey or fruity or coconutty smells on my hair.
I'm really happy with this product, and relieved my search for a suitable gel is over at last.
10/05/2021, By Lee
Good for my hair
06/05/2021, By Lee
I love it on my coily hair
24/04/2021, By Debi
Not sure if it does the job like other hair gels. I have thin blond hair and it does not hold down the fine hairs where I have my parting, my hair also gets more oily sooner than with other products. I won't buy it again.
06/03/2021, By Nicole
Use this to scrunch my curls. Smells and feels good. Bought it many times.
24/11/2020, By Angela
I love this gel! I am following the curly girl method. This gel is perfect. It creates a nice cast. It cracks into beautiful soft big curls. I have a combination of 2C and 3A curls.
23/11/2020, By Ruth
I am pleasantly surprised by this gel. It doesn't leave hair crunchy or weighed down like other hair gels I've tried. I love that it is also nourishing and smells great!
11/11/2020, By Eils
I use this on my wavy/curly hair. A little goes a long way and it doesn't leave hair feeling crunchy.
21/10/2020, By shalla CM
love it sooooo much
13/09/2020, By Larisa
Smells amazing and works well for casting curls.
08/09/2020, By TJ
Great natural alternative to the nasty chemical laden products and works great too.
25/08/2020, By Larisa
Love the smell and it is awesome for my thin curls. Great hold with no weigh down.
07/08/2020, By Mountain
How good
30/07/2020, By Tania
I have quite fine hair and add a tiny amount to wet hair and it definitely adds body.
16/07/2020, By Nicky
Feels and smells great. Works perfectly as a leave in curl product. My curls are soft and last. Less frizzy but not crunchy. Little goes a long way.
15/07/2020, By Des
Soft styling 'gel' not really for keeping curls firm, more of a leave in conditioner type of feel. But it does what I need it to do.
15/07/2020, By Desire
Pleasantly surprised, at first it felt like it wasn't going to work, my hair was way to soft while still wet, but after drying it firmed up. Does exactly what I want it to do. Helps control my frizz. Feels good to know I'm using exo friendly non harmful products on my hair.
10/07/2020, By Kim
I bought this for my boyfriend so he could stop using commercial hair gel. He wasn't 100% stoked with it but I suppose after using the other stuff for over 10 years it will take some getting used to. Great alternative :)
08/05/2020, By Ulrich
Works so well
21/04/2020, By Azraa
I wash my hair at least every four days, but usually every other day, so for curlies who wash their hair only once a week, perhaps try a stronger gel. Otherwise, I highly recommend this product!
21/04/2020, By Azraa
I've been using this product for over a year now and it leaves my hair feeling wonderfully soft every time. I use it as part of my curly hair routine, and it leaves a satisfactory cast. I wash my hair at least every / ur
09/03/2020, By Organic
Hair gels well
01/04/2019, By Don
Dissapointed - leaves a white residue in your hair.
19/02/2019, By BERG
"Would you recommend this product to a friend?"
As a styling product for a dude- No, (unless you're from Holland)
For a ladies locks- yes
04/01/2019, By Gabrielle
Hmm. This one is four but pushing it, not really a gel more like a styling conditioner. Maybe good for doing heatless curls but not keeping down frizzy bits or baby hair.
17/12/2018, By Gareth
Really great product. Does the job and an excellent price.
18/09/2018, By Wilma
Glad for a non-toxic hair gel! My husband uses it and he is quite happy with this product, after having used a commercial brand for many years.
25/07/2018, By UmmHurayra
This product had the exact opposite effect I expected it to have. I am very disappointed with it. It did not moisturise my hair at all. It actually dried my hair our more and left it feeling brittle and hard. Applying very little initially made absolutely no difference to my hair, and increasing the amount had no benefit , just worse results. I have soft Indian / Malaysian hair and the product did not give me the sleek look or nourishment I needed. Quite disappointed.
19/06/2018, By Amanda
It is not sticky at all.
It is moisturising.
Fantastic for hair.
19/06/2018, By Clare
Awesome! Love this product! Keeps frizz at bay without the sticky stiffness from other gels. Really hydrates my hair, too.
26/04/2018, By jole
great styling gel
29/03/2018, By Abigail
Husband swears by this! The only natural product hair gel that works.
16/01/2018, By Maureen
I would say it helps instead of mousse as I have not yet found a vegan and CF mousse here in SA. Do not use too much if you want to use it before drying your hair which is how I am using it. I like the product range and the ingredients and always look for CF products when possible.
16/01/2018, By Samantha
I really wanted this to work because I have been looking for this type of product but I didn't find it very effective
17/12/2017, By Brad
works really well, it lasts, it's not sticky, smells good and natural.
10/12/2017, By Amber
I love this stuff. It helps control my seriously curly hair so well. Not too sticky or tacky either.
21/11/2017, By Abigail
My husband has sleek look for his hair style and this has been the best natural hair gel by far. Has an amazing hold and washes out easily. Really great!
26/06/2017, By Anne
It works to keep my curls together. You only need a small amount but one has to be very careful as it dries as a crusty white film in some parts of the hair where it had been applied slighly thicker. It has been a life saver on many occasions but also has a downside. I'd buy it again as there is no other affordable natural alternative that I've seen
07/06/2017, By Ashleigh
I bought this when I cut a fringe to help style it better,and it really worked! A very little bit goes a long way though! Too much will leave your hair feeling weighed down. A bit on my fingers and run through my hair before I style helps hold the style. and a bit on my fingers through damp hair helps control flyaways and keeps my curls defined!

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