Earth Ant Wild Rose Deodorant

Earth Ant Wild Rose Deodorant
Earth Ant Wild Rose Deodorant
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A completely natural, simple deodorant that harnesses the wonderful properties of natural ingredients to benefit your skin while keeping you fresh all day, unlike others that contain many harmful ingredients. Earth Ant uses organic coconut oil for its anti-bacterial properties, bicarb to neutralize odours, olive oil and beeswax to further nurture delicate skin. This refreshing Earth Ant Wild Rose fragranced deodorant uses rose and ylang-ylang essential oils for a light, lasting fragrance that will keep you smelling lovely and feeling confident all day.


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50ml Earth Ant natural deodorant in Wild Rose scent.

Coconut oil - powerful anti-bacterial, protects and heals the skin.

Bicarbonate of soda - odour neutralizing action, disinfectant

Non GMO Corn flour - Absorbs moisture away from the skin.

Organic Olive Oil - Sebum regulating, healing, and powerful antiseptic properties.

Beeswax - moisturiser and skin softener, anti-allergenic , anti-inflammatory

Free from nasties usually found in deodorants, like: aluminium, parabens, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrances


Apply a pea sized amount under each armpit and rub in until dissolved.


Coconut oil*, bicarbonate of soda, non gmo corn starch, olive oil*, beeswax and essential oils of rose and ylang ylang. (The * denotes organic ingredients)

Overall Rating
4.3 out of 5 stars from 30 reviews

27 out of 30 people would recommend this product

08/10/2017, By Tracey
Surprised me how effective it is
11/09/2017, By Kerry
Super impressed! Lasts the whole day with no perspiration smell and leaves no marks on clothing, including black sleeveless tops, I will definitely get this again. Use a minimal amount too.
17/08/2017, By Karin
Really happy with the product, the first deodorant that doesn't make me itch under my arms! It has a soft texture and delicate scent that is surprisingly effective at reducing odors.
16/08/2017, By Luane
Unfortunately I proved to be allergic to something in the ingredients. Came out in a rash. First time this has happened with all natural products.
01/08/2017, By Linda
So good for you, even ants love this. Left it open by accident and the ants went crazy for this so how can something so natural not be good, even they know it. Maybe that's where the name came from?
28/07/2017, By liz
Lovely natural fragrance! I've used many natural deodorants, but many of them you have to re-apply during the day, especially during summer when sweating a lot. No need to re-apply Earth Ant! However, I won't recommend you use this deodorant when exercising- made streaks on my clothes and down my arms.
25/07/2017, By Bradley
Wow this actually works.Painted a few days ago and remained fresh the whole day !
Side Note : Really need to have no hair under the arms for max effect :)
19/07/2017, By Ruth
I love this deodorant. The other natural deodorants that I've tried made me smell really horrible, even worse than if I just went without. But this one doesn't do that. It has the perfect fragrance, and it keeps me smelling good even after a hot and busy day. Because it is oil based, it doesn't wash off at the first sign of sweat like other water- or alcohol-based products. I haven't noticed that it causes any stains on my clothing yet. And to top it off I only have to use very little, so it lasts quite long and gives me good value for my money. I will buy this product again.
10/07/2017, By Carlyn
After trying countless deodorants, I have finally found something that actually works well. This product is gentle on the skin, it has a great fragrance and does the job.
19/06/2017, By Lisa
I hesitated buying this because it was not a roll on and then after another co-incidental recommendation I decided to make the plunge! It works so well I have since bought one each for my mom and my sister to ensure we are all using safe, effective deos!
14/06/2017, By Thato
I love love love love this product **starry eyes**.

Black girls listen up- this product will get rid of those dark underarms. You know what I'm talking about right?! Yeah, those. While doing its thing working like a BAUSS and blocking all odour it somehow also exfliates the skin so that those dark marks start to disappear gradually.

I'm never going back to that industrial, mass produced garbage I've been using since childhood.

If I had to nitpick and give a downside it would be that I sweat a lot more. Which is truly understandable because it's a natural product so doesn't clog your pores like the aluminium ladden stuff we're so accustomed to.

I did, at some point have to tweak it just a bit and add my own bicarb but it still smells as fresh. Honestly, truly... I love it
08/06/2017, By Monique
I struggle to find any deo's that make that i don't smell sweaty, this one does ok for me, it only works up to a point. But smells really nice and applies nicely. But i think i do sweat a bit more than the average person so it might work better for others.
16/04/2017, By Yvette
I love Tavis natural deodorant. I have tried a number and also made my own but never managed to get the consistency and texture as smooth as Earth Ant. And I love the Wild Rose scent. This product has never let me down!
08/02/2017, By Kim
This is my first time using natural deodorant and I am pleasantly surprised. The smell is subtle yet lovely, it applies easily, and seems to be working well in terms of preventing smelliness. It has not helped with reducing the amount of sweat though. My only concern is that, post shaving, it burnt slightly upon application and caused a bit of irritation. After one day post-shaving it was fine.
26/01/2017, By Sue
I tried his for the first time yesterday and was still fresh after a particularly warm and busy day! Its easily applied (no waiting for it to dry before you can get dressed) and has a subtle but lovely scent. Top of the natural deodorants I have tried (of which there have been plenty). I will repurchase this product and recommend giving it a try :)
21/12/2016, By Tania
Smells fantastic, but unfortunately does not help enough for sweaty smells. It makes my clothes yellow as well. Not for me.
15/12/2016, By Susanne
Lovely smelling, works fantastically throughout the entire day, but I must say that when you do sweat, it does leave stains in your underarm region which one sees especially on light clothes. They wash out and are less if the product is applied in just a very very thin layer (in which case it still also works great).
14/12/2016, By Anneke
Bought my second tub within days of buying the first one. Would really recommend it.
08/11/2016, By Janet
I LOVE IT!!! I expected it to be a little messy or oily, but its not at all! Its gentle, nurturing and works wonderfully!
15/10/2016, By Jessica
I was using the Earthsap deo for a while, but it stopped being as effective for some reason.
I saw the good reviews on this one, so decided to give it a go.

This stuff is brilliant! I only need to apply it once a day and it keeps working even on the hottest days. It also has a really nice subtle scent - a lovely blend of rose and ylang ylang.
Highly recommended
25/08/2016, By Louise
I have tried using a number of natural products in the past and without exception - after a couple of months - the charm wears off and Im back to being uncomfortably sweaty and unpleasantly stinky! I received a free sample of Earth Ant together with one of my Faithful to Nature orders and then purchased a tub - wanting to give it an extended try. I am delighted to report that it works ... and KEEPS WORKING! Not only is it long-lasting as you use a very small amount at a time, but I don have to apply and keep re-applying. Its gentle on the skin smells divine - without having an intrusive odour. What a great product! Im proclaiming the good news to everyone I know! Thank you.
13/07/2016, By Leigh
Over the last couple of years I have tried a number of the natural deodorants and then always given up after a while due to their poor performance. This product is amazing! I am so pleased that I have finally found the one that I can stick with. This product is worth supporting to keep them in business! Also, the base product is coconut oil, so it is affected by the ambient temperature. As per a previous review, if it does go hard or crumbly, a few seconds on your warm skin and it is fine! You can't go wrong with this product!
08/07/2016, By Erica
I have tried many different natural deodorants in my quest for an aluminium free deodorant that actually works. Most just last an hour or two, and by the end of my busy day I am disappointed. Earth Ant Deo is the ONLY one so far that last the whole day, and works just as well as an anti-perspirant. There is nothing that works better!
07/07/2016, By Suzanne
The deodorant has deteriorated and become crumbly and grainy and does not stick to the underarm skin properly
20/06/2016, By Tania
I have been trying to find a good natural deodorant for years and this is it. Thanks so much fr the free sample, you have a new customer because of it.
21/03/2016, By Hantie
I agree fully with the other reviews, this product is absolutely worth it.
02/03/2016, By Judith
ive been searching for a deo that worked and which didn bother my picky sense of smell. this is the one. tested it with a hike/walk and it passed with flying colours. it may take a moment for those used to using a roll on as application is by hand and the bicarb does feel a bit gritty but the product works and the extremely subtle scent is wonderful
22/01/2016, By Jane Notten
I have tried dozens of natural deodorants and this is the first one that really works. It is amazing. AND it smells good too and comes in a funky little glass jar with cute design.
02/01/2016, By Tammie
I have tried many of the other deodorant products on FTN but this is the best so far.
14/12/2015, By Yvette
The product is very natural and obviously its effectiveness is in the bicarb and corn starch. It works quite well and has very little smell (perfume)

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