Cancer... You Can Heal Yourself - Dr Janey Little

Cancer... You Can Heal Yourself - Dr Janey Little
Cancer... You Can Heal Yourself - Dr Janey Little
  • 127 Pages
  • Softcover A5
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There is growing evidence that cancer can be treated and even cured without the need for standard medical approaches. Dr. Janey Little is a South African who is on a mission to empower people with knowledge on this frightening disease, and this simple, matter-of-fact book gives you a new understanding of what cancer really is. Instead of fighting a tumour with toxic chemicals and radiation, it respects and aligns with the wisdom of the body and promotes powerful healing by addressing and correcting the root causes of your bodies dis-ease.


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  • 127 Pages
  • Softcover –A5

In ‘Cancer... You Can Heal Yourself!’, Dr Janey Little shares another way of approaching cancer that is offering renewed hope  to those who wish to prevent it, as well as to cancer patients and their families around the world.

The trend in rising cancer statistics is alarming:

  • In the year 1900, 1 in 8000 people were diagnosed with cancer.                                                                     
  • In the year 2015, this figure is approaching 1 in 2

This insightful, and in many ways transformational approach, encourages addressing and correcting the root cause, while respecting and aligning with the wisdom of the body in order to promote vibrant health.

About the Author

Dr. Janey Little grew up on a farm in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. Her early roots led her to a career career in the conventional medical world of veterinary science (BVSc, MRCVS) – often treating animals with cancer using the conventional pillars of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

After losing her mother to the effects of cancer treatments, she realised she had to look at and understand cancer differently, without the proverbial blinkers of her conventional medical education and to begin questioning the fundamentals of an approach to cancer that has failed so many.

Through years of studying different approaches to cancer and hearing of other success in dealing with it without chemotherapy, she came to the conclusion that cancer is not the formidable disease that most in the modern world consider it to be. She shares her belief that when cancer is addressed in harmony with the wisdom of the body, rather than against it (as is the case when we employ harmful chemicals and radiation), we witness how your body can reveal its infinite capacity to prevent and heal from cancer, and other disease.


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