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By Nature Raw Almonds

By Nature Raw Almonds

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By Nature Raw Almonds
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Price From: R39.99
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Price From: R39.99

These locally grown almonds from By Nature are super fresh and unpasteurised, meaning that they have not been gassed or irradiated so their dense nutritional value is intact and they are truly raw. Almonds are one of the most nutritious of all nuts and they are also the one nut that is alkalising for your body. If you think almonds are just for satisfying your mid-afternoon munchies, you're in for a surprise! These tasty tidbits combine tons of essential nutrients and health promoting phytochemicals in one very delicious package.

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  • Truly raw: non-pasteurised means all the beneficial oils and nutrients have been left intact
  • Unblanched
  • Locally grown: really fresh!
  • Almonds need minimal pest control intervention

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You can grind these up to make almond flour for your banting goodies, add to your smoothies, mix them up with other nuts and dried berries for a delicious snack, or sprinkle on your salads or in your savoury bakes.

Benefits of Almonds

  • Cancer Prevention - Almonds are low in saturated fat and contain many other protective nutrients - calcium and magnesium - for strong bones, vitamin E and compounds called phytochemicals, which may help protect against cardiovascular disease and even cancer.
  • Phytochemical Powerhouse
  • Reduce Heart Attack Risk
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • One teeny ounce of almonds contains 12 percent of your daily allowance of protein. And absolutely no cholesterol, of course. You'll also get 35 percent of your daily allowance of vitamin E, that valuable antioxidant with so many cancer-fighting qualities. And most of the fat in almonds is monounsaturated, also known as the "good" fat.
  • This little nut is also loaded with minerals like magnesium, phosphorus and zinc, as well as lots of healthy fiber. And don't forget calcium and folic acid - they're in there too!
  • 20-25 almonds (approximately one ounce) contain as much calcium as 1/4 cup of milk, a valuable tool in preventing osteoporosis.
  • Almonds are the best whole food source of vitamin E, in the form of alpha-tocopherol, which may help prevent cancer.
  • If you're pregnant, or thinking about it, almonds are a great source of the folic acid you need!
  • Almonds contain more magnesium than oatmeal or even spinach. Are you listening, Popeye?
  • Build strong bones and teeth with the phosphorus in almonds.

What are unpasteurised almonds? It is law that if almonds are imported that they have to be pasteurised. This is done by either steam, irradiation, ionization, roasting, blanching, or treating them with propylene oxide (PPO), which is a known carcinogen. Almonds that have been treated this way can still be labelled “raw”. However these treatments can damage the amazing nutrients and oils in almonds, which is the reason to eat them in the first place! These Almonds from By Nature are unpasteurised as they are grown locally and because they are grown here, you also get them much fresher, making them really delicious.


Raw unpasteurised Almonds

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Overall Rating
4.9 out of 5 stars from 59 reviews

59 out of 59 people would recommend this product

28/04/2021, By Christo
Excellent product
12/04/2021, By Gloria
Love this product
12/04/2021, By Gloria
Love this product
27/03/2021, By Joy
Fresh and tasty .
Almonds are a truly health snack anytime of the day and least fattening....
27/02/2021, By Bijoux
I was very pleased with these almonds! Definitely a good buy.
27/01/2021, By Nikita
Very fresh and tasty. One of the best almonds I have tasted!
22/01/2021, By Cindy
Good quality almonds
25/11/2020, By Rox
Love this product!
27/10/2020, By Aliyah
27/10/2020, By Aliyah
26/10/2020, By Amy
Delicious! A great buy.
26/10/2020, By Lorna
20/10/2020, By Tana
Fantastic snack, great to add to oats and salad
19/09/2020, By Crystal
Great snack
19/08/2020, By Lulu
Almond milk-making pantry staple!
16/08/2020, By Kate
good quality
26/06/2020, By Julie
Delicious, fresh & good quality
19/06/2020, By Mishqa
multiple uses from puddings to shakes and eating them as is
18/06/2020, By Leah
Great & fresh - tasted as good as roasted almonds - nice and crunchy & sweet. Daughter loved this snack
01/06/2020, By Celesté
Raw almonds are my go-to evening snack! It's a good source of melatonin (a.k.a. sleep hormone) and packed with magnesium (known to improve sleep quality). A handful before bed has proven to do the trick for me.
18/05/2020, By Odette
The perfect healthy snack! I "activate" them for a specific diet, and they are delicious! Thank you FTN for making it so easy to get my hands on them!
17/05/2020, By Yerusha
Very tasty, no guilt
15/05/2020, By Robin
Love these almonds! Makes a great snack :-)
07/05/2020, By Glad
Very nice
04/04/2020, By Lauren
Almonds at their best! Hubby loves these as a snack.
11/02/2020, By Chaya
Very good quality
19/07/2019, By VredehoekFoodie
Raw, unpasteurised and local! At last an almond that tastes like almonds should! THE best almonds on the market.
08/07/2019, By Deborah
wonderful to find these natural raw almonds - will never get store-bought almonds again, you cannot beat the taste
20/05/2019, By LeslieC
I am a firm believer in the health benefits of raw almonds and these are the only ones I eat. Unpasteurised makes a difference to both the nutritional content and taste. Thank you FtN for sourcing them.
08/05/2019, By Al
These almonds are just so fresh and crunchy ~ I love them!
15/04/2019, By Jen
Great product
05/03/2019, By Rowena
We really enjoy these almonds for making almond milk
21/02/2019, By Eunice
30/01/2019, By Kaelan
These are the perfect snack or add on to any meal
24/12/2018, By Nick
06/11/2018, By Buyi
These are honestly so amazing!!! You can literally add them you anything
03/10/2018, By Rebecca
I'm nuts about almond nuts
27/09/2018, By Kaeyla
Always fresh and delicious
15/08/2018, By Sandra
I love knowing I am getting all the goodness these little nuts have to offer. I soak and dehdrate them, eat them raw, make almond milk, add them to my cereal.
19/06/2018, By Michael
A little bit pricey compared to other sources of almonds, BUT the SA source is tastier.
07/05/2018, By Jah
As with every product I have tried in the By Nature range, it hasn't disappointed me so far. Very fresh tasting almonds!
06/05/2018, By Kay
I love nuts and these almonds are one of my favorite snacks. The price is the only thing that trips me but I try to wait for the specials to stock up and try to make a packet last for as long as possible.
17/04/2018, By RUTH
My special treat - love love raw almonds, just don't love the price !
01/04/2018, By Nadine
Love these nuts. You can actually taste the difference in quality. Love that it's more nutritious and locally grown.
27/03/2018, By RUTH
I love love almonds - and the raw ones just seem better !
A favourite addition to my morning smoothies, and treated like gold as they are very pricey everywhere
26/03/2018, By Michelle
Lovely quality raw almonds. Just wish they weren't so pricey :)
04/03/2018, By Jeannie
Delicious and always fresh.
18/01/2018, By Chelle
Tasty and crunchy snack throughout the day.
08/12/2017, By Cindy
Bought as a gift, but have to admit that the packet looks larger online.
27/11/2017, By Travis
Amazing nuts! so good for you and so much better than peanuts!
27/11/2017, By Claire
Very fresh and crunchy
28/10/2017, By Sascha
Tastes great and isn't over-packaged
28/10/2017, By Lauren
These almonds are great quality and really delicious. They are quite expensive but I suppose that is not uncommon for almonds.
16/10/2017, By Hannetjie
08/10/2017, By Jacqui
Delicious and fresh.
31/08/2017, By Yvonne
Definitely the best tasting almonds you will find anywhere. The only negative is the price.
18/08/2017, By Anel
I love that it is local, but just slightly too expensive to buy all the time :(
02/08/2017, By RUTH
I always try to support local and these definitely have a great taste
21/09/2016, By Pier
I just love how natural and nutty these almonds taste. You can really taste that they are almonds - they don have that bland taste that supermarket almonds have. Love these!

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