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Faithful to Nature Goddess Cup Large

Faithful to Nature Goddess Cup Large

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Faithful to Nature Goddess Cup Large
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The Faithful to Nature Goddess Cup is safe, comfortable, and eco-friendly. The soft medical-grade silicone is kind to your body, and is reusable for years to come. This menstrual cup is easy to pop in place and remove after up to 12 hours. Nurture a stronger connection between your body and Mother Nature with your Faithful to Nature Goddess Cup (Large).

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  • Hypo-allergenic and biocompatible menstrual cup
  • Your Goddess Cup can be used for up to 5 years
  • Empowers you with up to 12 hours of leak-free confidence
  • Holds 3-5 times more than regular pads, and tampons
  • Replaces at least 1200 regular pads, or tampons
  • Cotton carry pouch for discreet convenience
  • Can be used during any sporting activity, including swimming
  • Can be used at night when sleeping for more than 8 hours
  • Eco-friendly alternative to single-use sanitary products
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Latex-free
  • BPA-free

How to insert your Goddess Cup:

  • Wash your hands with hot, soapy water before inserting, removing or handling your Goddess Cup.
  • With your forefinger, press the rim of the cup down into the inside of the cup.
  • Grasp the rim of the cup with your other hand to help maintain the crease, while continuing to pinch firmly with original hand to ensure that the rim is still pointed.
  • Insert the Goddess Cup until the stem is 1-2 cm inside of the vagina.
  • Release the crease, and allow the Goddess Cup to spring securely and comfortably into place.
  • Make sure the cup is fully unfolded once in place to ensure no leakage and a secure fit.

How to remove your Goddess Cup:

  • Sit in a comfortable position and relax your vaginal muscles.
  • You should be able to feel the feel the stem of your Goddess Cup.
  • If not, reach up and grasp the stem.
  • Once reached, relax and pull gently.
  • If the cup feels “stuck”, you can press gently on one side to release one of the air holes.
  • Moving the cup from side to side will also help.
  • Once your Goddess Cup reaches the entrance to the vagina, keep it upright.
  • Tip the contents into the toilet.
  • Rinse, and reinsert if required.

Care Instructions:

  • Complete the full sterilization process before first use.
  • Thoroughly rinse your Goddess Cup using clean, warm water.
  • Ensure that the air holes are clear of any residue.
  • Submerge your Goddess Cup in a small pot of water, and bring to a boil for 5 minutes to sterilize between cycles.
  • Allow the water to cool before removing your Goddess Cup.
  • Air dry, and store in the Cotton pouch provided.
  • Should your Goddess Cup accidentally fall into the toilet or be dropped onto the floor, repeat the sterilization process.


  • The Goddess Cup is suitable for virgins. However, inserting anything, including a menstrual cup into the vagina may cause stretching or tearing of the hymen. Should you have any strong religious, cultural, or personal beliefs about keeping the hymen in tact, using a cup should be avoided.
  • It remains inconclusive whether or not silicone menstrual cups are associated with toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Should you have any concerns around this, consult with your gynaecologist before use.
  • The Goddess Cup can be used in conjunction with an intrauterine device (UID)
  • The Goddess Cup is not a contraceptive. It will not prevent pregnancy.
  • The Goddess Cup is not a prophylactic. It will not prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s).

Faithful to Nature’s waste-free packaging:

  • The Faithful to Nature Goddess Cups are boxed in bleach free kraft card made from recovered fibre, certified by the FSC. Printed with biodegradable ink, and sealed with a water-soluble adhesive.


  • Available In: Small (link to sku10249), Medium (link to sku9728), and Large.
  • Capacity: 25 ml Length: 7 cm Rim Diameter: 4,5 cm

Size Guide:
Lighter Flow

  • Capacity: 15 ml
  • Length: 5,5 cm
  • Rim Diameter: 4 cm

Medium Flow

  • Capacity: 20 ml
  • Length: 7 cm
  • Rim Diameter: 4,5 cm

Heavier Flow

  • Capacity: 25 ml
  • Length: 7 cm
  • Rim Diameter: 4,5 cm


  • Goddess Cup Materials: 100% Medical-Grade Silicone.
  • Cotton Carry Pouch Materials: Cotton, and Nylon.

Country of Origin:

  • Proudly South African.
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Overall Rating
4.3 out of 5 stars from 46 reviews

41 out of 46 people would recommend this product

02/07/2021, By Amy
Such a big fan of Faithful to Nature but really disappointed in this product. I have been using a cup for 5 years (specifically Betula's foldable cup) and needed to get a new one. Had such high hopes, but found so many issues. The stem is so short that it's irrelevant, plus it has sharp edges which hurt! The silicone is not malleable, it's rather hard, so when you remove the cup, it springs back in to shape really quickly which really can cause a mess if you're not well-versed. The silicone is also so thick around the rim, which can make removal a little painful. All of this is so different to the other brands out there that it makes me despair that not enough research went in to the making of this cup. Sadly will not be using this again, and really don't encourage others to use it either (especially not first-timers!)
04/02/2021, By Bella
My first time using a cup. Glad I read reviews that encourage you to keep on trying till you succeed. The first two days were discouraging and by the end of day two I wanted to give up. There were so much leakage. After some more research I figured out my cervix is too short for the large cup I ordered. I ordered large because I have a very heavy flow. Too late I learned that you should measure your cervix for the right size and not order on flow alone. The solution: I turned the cup inside out, and I can also squeeze a bit of the bottom in to regulate the length. It works like a dream and I am thankful I persisted. I would like to order a smaller size in the future, for now I’ll make do and rather order reusable pantyliners.
All in all I would recommend this cup, I would just have appreciated a bit more guidance as to what size to buy.
02/02/2021, By Bee1986
Very difficult to remove as the stem is very short. Previously used a moon cup which worked much better as it has a longer stem and better design. Would not recommend this product.
26/01/2021, By Bethany
Very comfortable and great product
07/01/2021, By Sasha-Lee
I love it!!!!!
20/12/2020, By Sharlene
Saves alot of money and is easy to use.
27/10/2020, By Aliyah
Great Product
25/10/2020, By Mien
Eco friendly
23/09/2020, By Emma-Lisa
Not entirely happy with this product. I previously had a Moon Cup that sealed much better and due to no stock in SA I had to replace it with a Goddess cup. It works to an extent but I will be replacing it with the Moon Cup as soon as there stock again
02/09/2020, By Megan
I love this product.
I tried it for the first time, I have learnt that I need to change the cup every 4 hours and I found that o leaked a little bit while using it but it was my first time, it might net better as I use it. I like how environmentally friendly it it and how easy it is to use and I don’t have to stress about whether I have a tampon in my bag or anything like that. I’d definitely recommend using one, it’s really not as scary as it seems. Nice and simple to remove and clean in public and private places.
23/08/2020, By Meg
This has changed my life! I literally have to change a tampon every 2 hours, my first time using this cup has been such an incredible experience, no leakage, no stress about having to change every so often. It was a bit stressful taking it out for the first time but I’m sure it will get better with practice? You can’t even feel that it’s in you and it’s such a pleasure cleaning it and reusing it. - I’m definitely recommending this to others and I definitely will not be going back to tampons.
22/07/2020, By Nikki
The cup is a life changer, this cup in particular seems to fit exceptionally well in comparison to others I have tried. Be sure to order the correct size. Shorter, less painful, more discrete complaints
15/07/2020, By Heidi
Does the job. The stem could be a bit longer , but I still manage.
09/05/2020, By shelby
Very effective
17/03/2020, By Liz
This is my first cup. I regret not buying one sooner. First use was uncomfortable as it jabbed in all the wrong places, but it wasn’t inserted correctly. Once I got the hang of it (which happened quickly) my life is changed forever. Won’t be using tampons anymore.
20/02/2020, By Martine
I've used my cup for over a year now and I've never had any issues with it. It took me a few hours to get used to it and I've never looked back since. Whenever I've had to use tamps or pads again, they were extremely uncomfortable compared to the cup. Stick to it - your body will thank you.
21/11/2019, By Zonelle
Another thing that revolutionised my life. Get one, you won't regret it!
18/10/2019, By Olga
Very hard silicone, it hurts when inserted or pulled out.I somewhat regret buying this :(
05/10/2019, By Kerry
This ticks the basics when it comes to a menstrual cup. However I was looking for a large size for heavy flow to replace my last cup. This is not it. Also the short "pull tab" makes it lots harder to remove the cup. I'm going to have to reorder my original cup- the pink cup. I do like that this is white- so it's easy to be reassured that the cup is clean and fresh. Also the container it comes in is plastic. I guess it allows for better storage? But plastic? Perhaps an alternative material would be more appropriate? If you have a lighter flow this could work for you. For not it'll have to be my back up.
12/09/2019, By Joy
It is good not to be filling the bin with pads. However I did have a bit of leakage and the insertion took a little getting used to. Once inserted properly it didn't hurt at all.
02/09/2019, By Naomi
This is my first cup. I did my research beforehand, practiced my folding techniques and I love the cup and the experience. Just note, if you have really heavy flow, you’ll have to empty it more often. I need to about once every hour. So my search is on for a higher volume cup
15/08/2019, By Cindy
Such a valuable product. This clever concept will reduce the cost of feminine hygiene and make managing your menstrual cycle more affordable for many impoverished communities
13/08/2019, By Veronica
This was my first cup and I am so happy with it. I found the tab at the bottom to be a bit difficult to grab, but once you get the hang of it it works well. The C-fold was a little difficult so I did a rose/origami kind of fold which did the trick.
I am curious to know how it will be with a softer silicone, though.
13/05/2019, By Pav
This make me feel so much better about my choices - less waste, less chemicals in my products. There is leakage but I've researched and it seems this happens across all brands.
09/04/2019, By Tenique
Not as bad as you might think. I didn't have any issues inserting the cup - just wish the tab were longer because it takes a while to get a firm grip on it.
14/03/2019, By Meyerine
It's new, so using it will take some getting used to, but so far, so good. I'm sure it'll be a little tougher in public places where you don't have a basin to rinse it off in right next to you, but a friend suggested a water bottle... So there's that... I am however ecstatic about the fact that I have had absolutely NO PERIOD PAINS while using the cup and that I've created no plastic or paper waste by using this!

I'll definitely suggest a cup to all of my friends...
01/03/2019, By Marietjie
Works well for me. Definitely will buy again.
27/01/2019, By Mel
This cup has been a lifesaver. Turned my ridiculously heavy peri-menopausal flow from a nightmare into something I can actually manage. I cannot be more grateful and more happy.
09/12/2018, By Gabi
I love the Goddess cups. This one is great for heavy flow and I've experienced no leaking, except for the first few times when still experimenting with positioning. It does take a few goes to get the position just right, but after that I had no other issues. I highly recommend getting a medium or small cup for lighter days though.
07/12/2018, By Bronwen
I love, love, love this cup. So comfortable I don't even know it's there, plus its design is excellent - fits perfectly and does not budge. Best cup I've owned.
07/12/2018, By Charlie
Knew I wanted to take the step to a healthier and more sustainable solution but to be honest was real nervous to make the change. I do admit the first time inserting and removing was a bit of a challenge but was incredibly surprised how quickly I got used to it and how comfortable it was. Since haven't experienced any problems or leakage. So glad I made the decision and don't regret it at all. Recommend you to try it for yourself :)
08/11/2018, By Tamsin
Takes a while to get used to but this is my second one (got the smaller option) feel better using this instead of conventional options
12/10/2018, By Carina
I am estatic about this cup. I took the leap and got it, my first menstrual cup. I used it throughout my whole cycle. I only had one night of leaking due to human​ error. At times I forgot I was on my period, I only had to empty it every morning and night.
I really do recommend this to every woman.
11/09/2018, By Nadia
It is my first time using the cup and when I position it correctly it is amazing. You don't feel anything. I did havr to wear a pad on my second day along with the cup as I do have extreme heavy flow then. I had to change my cup more than 2 times, I see some only change it twice a day. It did leak, but I am not sure if it is because I might have put it in incorrectly or because of my heavy flow. It is sometimes difficult to remove because of the short grip, but I find that you you squeeze your vaginal muscles it comes out easy.

I would definitely recommend this to all women out there. Mayby while still getting use to it use panty liners or pads while using the cup and then once you get the hang of it say goodbye to pads tampons anf panty liners
30/08/2018, By Celeste
It took a little getting used to and a few Youtube review videos, but so glad I moved from tampons and pads to this.
The only thing is the tab could be better designed (long, easier to grip), but otherwise this is comfortable and does it's job.
18/08/2018, By Julia
I have only used it twice so far, I am really happy with it except for the fact that I really battle to get it out. If the tab was slightly longer and wider instead of tapered , I think it would make it easier to get out. I am glad to read other reviews that say it gets easier to remove as you get used to it.
13/08/2018, By Marietjie
Life saver. Not so difficult to get use to inserting. Less trouble. Godsend!
03/08/2018, By Jess
I had been introduced to the concept of a menstrual cup a few years ago, and did some half hearted online research a few years later. It was not until a colleague mentioned she had bought one and that it was amazing that I seriously considered getting one myself. The cost was a big factor for me. But once I realized how much money I would be saving each month on tampons and sanitary pads, I was sold. My first experience inserting and removing the cup went well, and my first menstrual cycle with the cup was such a breeze! What a change, to be able to go about my day and know that I only needed to check the cup every 8 hours or so. I literally emptied it twice a day - morning and early evening. Completely life changing. I have had some issues with it over the year or so I have been using this cup. Sometimes I am sure I have inserted it properly and that it has opened fully, only to have leakage. But I have gotten better at checking now. It can also be a little difficult to remove, if it moves a little to high inside your body. But you can grab the tab at the end to start pulling and then grab the base of it. I think my biggest complaint is the staining of the cup itself. I was not expecting that. Mine is now a horrible beige/brown colour. I saw another reviewer mention she bleaches hers with FTN bleach. I might give that a go.
31/07/2018, By Marietjie
Received but not yet used. Will give a review after that. Figure it will take a little getting use to, but with the positive reviews I am really hoping for success.
14/05/2018, By Jules
Takes a couple of cycles to get used to and removing it can be a challenge at first but once you get the hang of it it's fabulous. Not having to throw stuff in the bin is a great feeling.
Try it, you won't regret it.
31/03/2018, By Zonelle
Most amazing invention ever, completely in love. Every woman should have one!
04/12/2017, By siri
This is one of the best personal buys I've made this year. Switching from disposable tampons to the cup, I had a few frights struggling to remove it! But, once I'd figured out the technique, it's been an absolute pleasure. I don't have to think or worry about it, it's reusable and easy to clean, and gentle on the environment. I recommended it to my sister, who's using it, and who recommended it to her housemates! It's great!
13/10/2017, By Zelda
I absolutely love this. I use it as a night cream and in the place of petroleum jelly.
04/08/2017, By Vishanthi
This was my first cup so I'm grateful for the introduction. However, the silicon is too soft, and I have since found much better brands overseas. Wondering whether this SA brand can improve the quality of the cup? I would definitely support local in that case.
09/06/2017, By Ruzanne
I bought this as my first cup. What a fantastic choice!
Once I got the hang of it, no leaks no fuss! This will certainly be my go-to cup for the next couple of years once replacement is needed.
24/11/2016, By NHS
Like many other ladies, I was hesitant about these menstrual cups... It seemed gross to me. However, after long consideration, I decided to give it a try. It needed a bit of practise but I love it and will never look back! I use the cup in combination with Mama cloth and it is just the best thing ever! So glad I no longer produce all that waste!

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