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SKOON. The One Super Moisturiser

SKOON. The One Super Moisturiser
SKOON. The One Super Moisturiser
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Price From:

Regular Price: R299.99

Special Price R254.99

This is The One, SKOON.’s Super Moisturiser that will help to restore and protect your skins natural protective barrier. Packed with a proprietary blend of natural Phytosterols, ceramide 3 and free fatty acids, SKOON.’s The One moisturiser is infused with Damask Rose and Lavender that soothe and impart a divine scent.  Use this light but richly hydrating moisturiser that is suitable for everyday use on all skin types to achieve the beautiful, radiant and healthy skin you have always wanted. Part of the SKOON. ‘Make it Yours’ range, add some SKOON. concentrates to this formula for truly personalised skin care.

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Fast absorbing, super moisturiser with Organic Rooibos, Honeybush and Marula Oil. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide 3 and Pomegranate Sterols.

  • Contains lipids that are vital for skin health
  • Light but rich gel moisturiser
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Everyday use
  • Delivers vital moisture to your skin without leaving a heavy after feel.
  • Contains revolutionary probiotic extracts - Research by the Human Microbiome Project has shown that the microbial balance on your skin has a key effect in anti-aging and skin health.
  • Bespoke skincare in the palm of your hand
  • Part of the SKOON. ‘Make it Yours’ product range

Key to a moist, pliable skin is the presence of three key intercellular lipids: sterols, ceramides and free fatty acids.  A lack of these vital skin lipids will make your skin susceptible to dry conditions - the knock-on effect being a tired, dull skin, no matter how many excellent products you apply.

So first things first.  To have a healthy, pliant skin, you need to first restore the natural functioning of your skin’s barrier. 

Make It Yours:

  • To help you achieve glowing good skin, this product is part of the SKOON. ‘Make it Yours’ product repertoire that lets you mix your own natural bespoke formulations, because they understand that you know what works for your skin.
  • Your skin changes all the time, depending on environmental and emotional stress, and other influences.  Add a few drops of your chosen SKOON. concentrate to a dollop of your SKOON. moisturiser,  and mix it in your palm, for an optimal skin conditioning treatment that’s completely in sync with you and the environment.

Skin Types:

  • Normal


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Overall Rating
4.6 out of 5 stars from 56 reviews

53 out of 56 people would recommend this product

03/11/2021, By Jo
This product smells natural and wholesome. It is pricey for the amount of cream, but it feels good to support local products.
29/09/2021, By empressenskye
I have older, dry and sensitive skin. I can actually wear this during the day without feeling like my face is wrapped in plastic and a sauna! My face feels super moisturised and can still breathe. No weird reactions or pimply bits that normally happens with other brands. So happy!
17/08/2021, By Chantel
Smells great but left my skin very very oily and breaking out - which is unusual for me. I tried another one of their moisturizers, thinking it was for a different skin type, but the same thing happened.
20/07/2021, By Rina
I love this product! Very efficient.
15/07/2021, By Samantha
Slightly disappointed in this product - it does not have enough moisture for the bitterly dry Highveld winter. I need to reapply 3 times the amount advised, so it is not really economical for me. That said, it does not leave a greasy layer on the skin, so it's not a bad face cream, just not sufficient.
26/06/2021, By Nics90
The One leaves my sensitive, easily congested skin feeling calm and nourished year-round. My travel go-to!
03/06/2021, By Chantal
Doesn't work for my skin - great texture, but leaves my skin shiny.
29/05/2021, By Janet
I use this with the Wow Wow Wonder serum and the combo is perfect for my skin. No heavy or greasy residue. I’m so happy with the Skoon range and love that it's local and natural!
29/04/2021, By Nadine
Luxury at its finest that delivers results. This product is absolutely fabulous. Nourishes and moisturises without leaving a heavy, oily residue. It has transformed my red, sensitive, pre-menopausal skin and has eased all breakouts.
13/04/2021, By E.Cooke
Lightweight and smells amazing. I use a pea size amount and my skin feels great
13/04/2021, By Edwina
It's ok. Bit pricey. Nice packaging.
10/04/2021, By Faaria
Absolutely loving this! Don't know why I didn't purchase it sooner. Plus, a little goes a long way! I literally only use a small dollop on my entire face. And paired with a serum, it lasts even longer
24/03/2021, By Gillian
Great product, bottle is small but works lovely
24/03/2021, By Liese
Just love my new day cream. Bottle is small but goes a long way
01/03/2021, By Happy customer
I have combination skin, with the dry parts being excessively dry. This moisturiser, combined with a hyaluronic acid and squalene serums have done absolute wonders to the health of my skin. I can see and feel the difference, and my blemishes have basically disappeared. So thrilled!
14/02/2021, By Eileen
Really love this product. This was the first product in the Skoon skin range that I have purchased. I thought it would be too light for my skin but it moisturizers perfectly. Will start looking at the serum now to use as well.
08/01/2021, By Victoria
Light, perfect
20/12/2020, By Melissa
This moisturiser makes my skin feel so hydrated and smooth yet it doesn't get oily. Would highly recommend even for those with sensitive skin.
12/12/2020, By Duchess
I find this cream rich enough to use as a night cream. My skin reacts badly to many good products but Skoon is perfect.
24/11/2020, By Tamajade
I gave Skoon a try after reading all the reviews and it was well worth it. My Moisturiser has lasted me 7 months of using it every single day. It may be a prices once off cost but it is definitely well worth it. My skin has gone from splotchy red and breakthrough breakouts to smooth, clear skin. Love that I can get a proudly South African brand that is cruelty free and works for my skin.
16/11/2020, By Brian
Love it
12/10/2020, By Gina
Using for the first time! Not rich enough for my skin so I’m still using jojoba oil as a base. Does absorb very well though! Might try a richer option from Skoon when this has finished.
12/08/2020, By Kayley
I have been using it for about a week now with my Skin Functional products and it is so lovely and light and it smells amazing! I have combo skin so it can take a while to absorb but it does not feel thick or sticky.
01/08/2020, By Ninette
Obsessed! The Skoon range is absolutely worth the investment and has exceeded my expectations! Products absorb easily while still providing excellent coverage and lasting moisture. My beauty therapist recently commented that my skin is in its best condition ever! All thanks to Skoon!
21/07/2020, By nici
This is my favorite skoon product. Does not leave your skin oily and always leaves it soft and glowing! Beautiful product!
14/07/2020, By BELINDA
Definitely does what it promises, but eish so expensive....15ml is so small for the price
25/06/2020, By Rachel
Lovely light, hydrating day moisturiser that absorbs quickly into your skin.
01/06/2020, By Suraya
24/05/2020, By First born
Awesome moisturizing
05/05/2020, By D's thoughts
Love this product. Smells amazing and leave my skin feeling dewy and fresh.
16/04/2020, By Nix
What a lovely local product! It's given me a confidence boost to not wear a drop of foundation.
13/04/2020, By Monica
Expensive, but wonderfully deeply moisturizing without being oily or sticky.
22/02/2020, By K
Very competent moisturiser. Easily absorbed and feels good but my mature skin still prefers Skoon's richer Beautifuel.
21/02/2020, By Bianca
A bit pricey, but it matches the quality of the product. My skin already feels more hydrated and supple, by applying once every second day (trying to make the bottle last)
30/10/2019, By Dom
I absolutely love this product. I am almost 50 years old and this is all that I need to keep my skin feeling hydrated all day, absolutely fantastic! And it goes a long way - I use about 3 blobs each morning.
24/10/2019, By Lisa
This is my favorite moisturizer of all time. I can’t afford to buy all the Skoon products but I budget for this moisturizer because it makes my skin feel fantastic! I have noticed a dramatic improvement in the appearance of my skin including decreased pimples, less redness and dewy, plumper skin. I also love the fact that it ticks all the boxes of cruelty free, biodegradable, organic and that it’s made locally.
24/10/2019, By Lisa
This is my favorite moisturizer of all time. I can’t afford to buy all the Skoon products but I budget for this moisturizer because it makes my skin feel fantastic! I have noticed a dramatic improvement in the appearance of my skin including decreased pimples, less redness and dewy, plumper skin. I also love the fact that it ticks all the boxes of cruelty free, biodegradable, organic and that it’s made locally.
07/10/2019, By Marg
Stunning product, not cheap, but will definitely try and keep on using it. only downside is, the pump container. when it was finished i was rather annoyed and pulled the pump off, only to find about another weeks worth of product inside, which it could not pump out. perhaps consider a pot-style container?
23/09/2019, By Rebecca
This stuff is phenomenal. It certainly isn't cheap, but I have seen an astronomical change in my skin (increased brightness, less acne, more moisture) since I started using it. I have no plans to stop
09/09/2019, By Gabriele
This is by far the best day moisturiser I have ever tried. I have sensitive acne-prone skin (that is now turning mature I guess? I am 30 :) which is extremely capricious when it comes to putting something on it. Be it two drops too much oil and it turns into an oil slick disaster, be it too little and it is so dry it hurts. This moisturiser manages to somehow get the balance just right - it is both moisturising and nourishing enough to sink into the skin leaving it supple and soft. I actually need to rush to distribute it on my face before it gets absorbed completely! And one pump is plenty. If I feel like my skin is extra thirsty I add a few drops of hyaluronic acid and voila - beautiful skin.
29/07/2019, By Arline
I dont use this very often- (once a month at most - as it can be quite drying on dry skin) but every time I use this my skin feels clear and fresh
08/07/2019, By Mandy
Great moisturiser - easily absorbed and doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy/oily, but does the job of hydrating your skin well. I add a few drops of SKIN SIPS or SQUALENE when I want some extra hydration. Smells lovely!
04/06/2019, By Imogen Searra
I use this with the whitewash purifying clay cleanser. My skin feels so smooth and soft after. This product in particular makes my whole face feel refreshed and nourished.
02/06/2019, By Joanne
This is working beautifully for me. My skin was complete dry and this has put new life into my dehydrated skin. The best part is it is not greasy and it’s very very lightweight but packs a punch when it comes to moisture. Will definitely buy again
24/04/2019, By Danica
I use this product along with 2 drops of SKOON. Glow Drops Concentrate. It's such an amazing combo and I'm very happy to buy this again and again. Smells lovely, my skin is feeling and looking so good! Love it!
12/04/2019, By Lara
Love this product, my skin feels amazing after using it
29/09/2018, By Lauren
Adore this product! I have very dry and sensitive skin and my skin just drinks this in! If it needs some extra moisture or love I just add a drop of the Glowdrops serum. It also smells so good!
17/07/2018, By Hez
Absolutely love this product. I have a mature skin and I find it moisurises perfectly ... and it has a really nice fresh aroma. I also love the pump action dispenser. I will definitely buy this again.
13/03/2018, By Liu
Great product! Awesome on oily skin without drying. Skin feels soft, light and well-moisturized after application.
13/03/2018, By Liu
Great product! Awesome on oily skin without drying. Skin feels soft, light and well-moisturized after application.
11/03/2018, By Eloise
Yeah! Absolutely loved this potent moisturiser. It contains all the goodies and I could actually feel a difference in my skin. It was suitable for my normal and sometimes dry skin.
29/09/2017, By Anya
The moisturiser is perfect! I could be more happy with it. I don't love the smell but as thats not my main concern I'll stick to this one! Especially if you mix it with a concentrate.
04/04/2017, By Jenna
While the packaging is beautiful and this local product is worth trying for yourself, I didn find it nearly hydrating enough for my skin and found my face to be quite bumpy after extended use.
20/01/2017, By Robs
I was not too sure if this cream was really making a difference to my skin until I stopped using it - it really helps my skin look plumper and more vibrant.
29/12/2016, By Nell
This saved my skin after my pregnancy, repairing skin barrier. I love the consistency, not to rich for my dehydrated combo skin and a little goes a long way. I used it with the squalane concentrate, real game changer. Thank F2N for stocking this wonderfull range!!
27/10/2016, By Natalie
Im not mad about the smell of this product and although it feels lovely when it first goes on I find it never sinks in. It sits as a sort of film on top of my skin and makes me sweat like no tomorrow! I bought this as a daily moisturiser and I find I am not able to use it, especially coming into spring in Durban. I really expected more from this product especially considering the price! I don even layer foundation or anything on top as I know I would just be dripping sweat all day with it. Sad face!

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