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Faithful to Nature Bamboo Charcoal Soap - Cinnamon & Orange

Faithful to Nature Bamboo Charcoal Soap - Cinnamon & Orange

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Faithful to Nature Bamboo Charcoal Soap - Cinnamon & Orange
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  • 100 g
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Faithful to Nature’s Bamboo Charcoal Soap cleanses, and gently exfoliates naturally without any harsh, artificial ingredients. Each bar is made with luxurious plant-based oils like hemp, olive, and castor to nourish your skin with a rich lather. The cinnamon and orange essential oils are bright with a lingering earthiness. Keep it clean, and go green with Faithful to Nature’s Bamboo Charcoal Soap with Cinnamon & Orange essences.

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  • 100% plant, and mineral based soap
  • Gently exfoliates with bamboo charcoal
  • Biodegradable & grey water system safe
  • Boxed in our signature waste-free packaging
  • Scented naturally with essential oils
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Handmade in South Africa
  • No artificial fragrances
  • No preservatives
  • No parabens
  • No triclosan
  • No palm oil
  • Suitable for vegan

Our Zero Waste Packaging: Faithful to Nature’s natural soap range is boxed in bleach-free, kraft card made from recovered fibre, certified by the FSC. Printed with biodegradable ink. Adhesive free.

Ingredient Spotlight:

  • Hemp seed oil is rich in vitamin A, which helps to nourish the skin and promote cell renewal.
  • Castor oil gives this soap a luxurious lather, and conditioning powers to leave your skin soft, and supple.
  • Bamboo charcoal gives our soap its beautifully rich, dark colour. It gently exfoliates, and removes dead skin cells without over sensitizing.

Care Instructions:

  • Store on a well-drained surface, such as a shower basket or coconut husk soap rest.


  • Nett Weight: 100 g


Country of Origin:

  • Proudly South African.
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Overall Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars from 117 reviews

114 out of 117 people would recommend this product

14/07/2021, By Roux
I really enjoyed the smell and texture, also makes a very wonderful and appreciated gift.
23/06/2021, By Morgan
Gentle on my skin, smells lovely, and leaves me feeling refreshed.
17/05/2021, By ivdv
Great Soap on skin and smell amazing
27/04/2021, By Roo
Pleasantly surprised by how nice it smells.
19/04/2021, By Johanna
Lasts about a month with 3+ people using it daily. Lathers well. I have acne and it has helped a lot for deep clean.
12/04/2021, By vdv
Love this product! Feels so clean
25/03/2021, By Lee
I love this range and this fragrance. Refreshing, gentle but cleans well. The bar is solid and so though it seems small it goes a long way.
12/02/2021, By Stef
I melt it down it's a body wash and add Shea butter. Lovely smell.
12/02/2021, By Stef
I melt it down it's a body wash and add Shea butter. Lovely smell.
09/02/2021, By Rachelle
Cinnamon and orange have such an gorgeous smell together it makes you feel super healthy they both have fabulous properties great for wounds to heal if you have an nick or a cut.
04/02/2021, By Cortney
Lovely product.
03/02/2021, By Shireen
Great product.
24/01/2021, By Elsabe
Smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Beware of the temporary charcoal stains, though.
06/01/2021, By Nikki
Smells incredible and is amazing on my skin!
16/12/2020, By Meredith
Absolutely LOVE the smell of this soap. Buying it in bulk now :)
15/12/2020, By Alison
My husband and son both have oily skin. It helps alot worth blackheads and spots. Really cleans.
15/12/2020, By Nkululeko
Good soap
26/11/2020, By Shell
Beautiful and effective
20/11/2020, By Mel
Smells lovely and lathers like any good soap. Awesome varieties
20/11/2020, By Cortney
My favourite facial soap. Even gave my mom a bar to try.
16/11/2020, By Shells
Love the soap itself, its helped reduce a few breakouts too. Just seems to be used up a little quicker than other soaps I've used.
15/11/2020, By Monique
31/10/2020, By Ari
27/10/2020, By Thasmine
25/10/2020, By Mien
My skin loves it
24/10/2020, By Busi
Highly recommended. I used it for a week and results were amazing for aczema.
The black marks left by constantly itching and scratching are getting lighter and my skin is getting smoother.
07/10/2020, By MK
Even though it is a bit pricey we love it. We use treat ourselves with these. Also a wonderful gift and lovely for a trendy guest room.
06/10/2020, By Pearlene
Really good, smells amazing
21/09/2020, By Abi
Smells great in the box but the scent faded after using the bar a few times. No problems with it cleaning etc. I wouldn't recommend it to others as I have tried other brands that are nicer.
12/09/2020, By Janine
The best soap! Works amazingly and for a long time. I have very sensitive skin so this works so well. Also this is the best smell combo for this range.
05/09/2020, By Bernie
Great soap bar, smells great. Pitty the fragrance doesn't last longer on the body tho.
Overall great soap bar, skin feels great.
Face wasn't happy with it but the body loves it.
31/08/2020, By Elmarie
Great for my skin and love the smell
28/08/2020, By Maranda
This soap has such an awesome smell. Love it!
23/08/2020, By Delani
These soaps are my spoils that I add to my basket after all my necessities. Love it, smells gorgeous!
20/08/2020, By Twaaa
19/08/2020, By Ashley
Good product, smells great. Small pieces in the soap are a bit scratchy on the skin. Shape of the soap, sharp edges, are also a bit rough on the skin.
15/08/2020, By S
06/08/2020, By Naadira
YES, this is a winner. I use it every morning and evening on my face with the Konjac sponge and this combo is magical.
04/08/2020, By Georgi
Love the earthy package and the fact that is oil-based!
03/08/2020, By Cortney
Small and practical and smells amazing!
02/08/2020, By Banner
22/07/2020, By Nikki
Love the smell of this and foams so well, Cinnamon for the win.
22/07/2020, By Nikki
Smells delicious! Lovely to use but it you suffer from combination skin dont forget to moisturize after
09/07/2020, By Brenda
Amazing product! Has the most unbelievable hygienic products
02/07/2020, By Zakiyya
Works well
29/06/2020, By Marius
Can recommend it as given it away as a little gift!
25/06/2020, By Meridith
Fabulously smelling soap!!
15/06/2020, By Marinda
Product smells great. If you really enjoy cinnamon this is a great soap. My only complaint is that it dissappears quickly and lasts only 2-3weeks for me. But it makes my skin feel so soft.
09/06/2020, By Melanie
Smells amazing
04/06/2020, By T
Probably my favourite out of all the bar soaps
03/06/2020, By Junaid
Can't stop buying this. My wife initially bought this to try out and now it's a staple in our house, we buy like 3 at a time. It smells the best out of this range and is really good for face and body
28/05/2020, By ElisabethB
Soothing and gentle with a pleasing aroma, suitable for the whole family
24/05/2020, By Cortney
Mood-lifting scent.
23/05/2020, By Yvonne
Smells gorgeous!! Lovely exfoliator!!
20/05/2020, By Ayesha
Love the gently scent. Cleans well, while making my skin soft. Last a month for me, I bought the coconut soap rest, therefore the bar does not get soggy or lose its shape. Have tried this on my hair to remove build up, worked great too.
15/05/2020, By Charlene
Nice fragrance and really helps with acne on back.
12/05/2020, By Hugo
Bought this for my son, he just loves the cinnamon smell and it leaves his skin soft,does not dry it out.
10/05/2020, By Nondumiso
I love the soap, I have very oily skin and the soap has reduced it and the is slowly clearing.❤
10/05/2020, By evangelique
I loved it and will be ordering another
09/05/2020, By Tiny
Skin feels better
08/05/2020, By Kaamilah
I like the smell
06/05/2020, By Rose
I like this soap, but I didnt like this smell. Smells like fireballs or Stimrol cinnamon.
05/05/2020, By Carla
Love the smell and doesn’t dry my skin but irritated my face a bit.
28/04/2020, By Wangari
Good blend
23/04/2020, By Candy
29/03/2020, By Zakiyyah
Great smell and gentle on my skin
13/03/2020, By Sposh
08/03/2020, By Zamantshinga
If these were not so pricey, I’d buy them often. Love them!
07/03/2020, By Organic
Sweet smell
02/03/2020, By Kim
It has a subtle spicy aroma and it works quite well.
28/02/2020, By Sposh
Splendid soap. Love how it smells and how it makes my skin feel very soft and clean. But I suggest for someone who has dry skin(like me) not to use a lot on the face, because it will dry out your skin even more.
26/02/2020, By Connect
Real natural stuff
20/02/2020, By Martine
It's extremely cleansing, but it might have dried my skin out a little bit. This soap would work better for combination-oily skin types. I Loved the smell and how clean it made me feel, but it burned my eyes a lot and any other internal area if it accidentally got there.
10/02/2020, By Aruna
Great cleansing bar- lathers so well and smells so fresh.Does not leave the skin feeling dry . The essential oils really help in keeping the skin feeling soft and silky.
03/01/2020, By Yumna
Love the smell. My skin feels soft and clean.
03/01/2020, By Helper
18/12/2019, By B
I love how it smells and my skin is smooth.
17/12/2019, By Rowena
They clean so well, skin feels refreshed and revived
15/12/2019, By tanya
Nice smell and cleans well, gentle on the skin.
14/12/2019, By Alice
Great exfoliator that smells lovely and foams well!
14/12/2019, By Lara
This soap is quite small, however, the smell is very clean and fresh. It lathers well and serves as a good cleanser!
14/12/2019, By Lara
My sister loved it
03/12/2019, By Moushumi
Leaves skin very dry after use...
30/11/2019, By Aaliya
good exfoliator, good for eczema
27/11/2019, By Clair
Lovely citrus scent lasts until the very end. A nice gentle exfoliater.
The black gets on everything and leaves grains all over.
27/11/2019, By Chellie
Lovely product
30/10/2019, By Kim
I simply love this soap. It has a light spicy fragrance that's not overpowering. Your skin feels moisturized and clean.
26/10/2019, By Danielle
Works well but scent is too strong
23/10/2019, By Lyddi
Absolutely love this soap, used it for the first time this month and already can see the difference in my skin, will definitely buy this again
04/10/2019, By Nicky
The smell is amazingly fresh, I really this aroma and so does my skin.
02/10/2019, By Adene
Love the combination of orange & cinnamon - it is unique and really lovely.
27/09/2019, By Linda
Loved this soap at first, the smell is so nice and it feels very fresh. But after less than a week in our shower it was diminished to a puddle of black water (granted our soap dish stopped draining due to clogging with charcoal so it was sitting in water a lot)
20/09/2019, By Nadia
Nice soap, would buy again.
11/09/2019, By Sara
I really like it - but definitely for my body if used directly on skin as the charcoal does a great job exfoliating. If lathered up and used on my face I am finding it does a good job of matifying my some what oily skin. its Lovely scent. I just wish the bar was bigger.
27/08/2019, By Getruida
I love the packaging. However, I got a really bad allergic reaction so I couldn't use it.
25/08/2019, By Debbie
Very nice. Unfortunately I seem to be sensitive to charcoal, but my hubby is loving it.
19/08/2019, By Bronwen
I loved it. I can feel the little bits of charcoal rubbing on my skin and the smell is amazing when you open the box.
14/08/2019, By Ennia
By far my favourite charcoal soap, the scent is incredible and the actual soap made my skin feel amazing and nourished without drying it out. Would definitely buy again.
13/08/2019, By Evangelique
Worth every cent and doesn't fall apart when wet
13/08/2019, By Ledile
it feels good on the skin and smells great
12/08/2019, By Jacqueline
I love the aromas and natural granules in the soap. I wish it lasted a little longer. I would def buy again
07/08/2019, By Katie
Such a lovely smell and a good lather
31/07/2019, By Maxine
Exfoliates without drying skin out, lathers well and lasts a decent amount of time (keep it out of the shower on a soap dish so it dries out, found this helps it last longer and not go all gooey). Although my favourite is still the rose geranium version, my husband prefers this more unisex scent. I'm really pleased with the quality of all the FTN soaps and their packaging!
23/07/2019, By Valerie
Nice soap, lathers well. Would probably not go the charcoal option next time as when it dries the dark drips mess the shower but would try another fragrance
20/07/2019, By Lisa
Smells lovely and feels good.
16/07/2019, By Claudine
Delicious smell and a great exfoliator. A FTN product that it too good to not try!
29/06/2019, By KJ
Love this soap! It's smells amazing and the cinnamon bits give it an exfoliation element when using against your skin. Would definitely buy again.
27/06/2019, By Naledi
With my sensitive skin I never use soap but it’s winter and I make fire everyday. Meaning I need a stronger soap and am so pleased to get this soap that is so gentle and it feels it already has lotion inside. Leaves my hands soft and smooth.
25/06/2019, By Alla
Very nice soap, didn't dry my skin, will buy again
24/06/2019, By Di
Love the soap
24/06/2019, By Carla
Smells great and cleanses well.
08/06/2019, By Charlotte
I am in love with this soap! The smell is just wonderful for winter time, and I have a feeling even for summer. It lathers very well and the packaging went straight to the compost bin.
07/06/2019, By Jenna
Awesom fresh smell - my teenage girls are loving this
03/06/2019, By Adele
Good lather, great smell and leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and refreshed.
02/06/2019, By Debbie
This smells really nice and feels good to use.
30/05/2019, By Stace
Incredible smell! Exfoliates nicely, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Soap washes out rather quickly.
16/05/2019, By Blue
Amazing aroma. Leaves skin feeling silky smooth

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