Bloublommetjies Organic Lavender Soap

Bloublommetjies Organic Lavender Soap
Bloublommetjies Organic Lavender Soap
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This is a lovely natural soap made using certified organic ingredients, which are grown and processed locally at Bloublommetjieskloof biodynamic farm in the Western Cape. Coconut oil forms the moisturising base of this chemical-free soap; it’s quickly absorbed and contains antioxidant-rich vitamin E, which strengthens and restores your skin. Lavender oil adds a soothing element, reducing inflammation and relieving stress. You can use this natural soap bar to wash your whole body and even your hair. Plus it’s so pure, you can even recycle your bathwater to water your garden.

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Price From: R46.00

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This mild natural soap is made with ingredients that are kind to your skin and your environment.

  • Now with added olive oil for even more nutrient-rich hydration
  • Coconut oil moisturisers and restores your skin.
  • Vitamin E protects against free radical damage.
  • Lavender reduces redness and skin inflammation; it also eases stress and tension.
  • Soda ash lye is a mineral made from salt and water – no nasty synthetics or harsh chemicals.
  • No animals were harmed to make this product.

Bloublommetjieskloof is a biodynamic farm in the Western Cape. They cultivate a variety of organic herbs, which they have used to create this lovely range of naturally nourishing body care products.


Coconut oil, olive oil, soda ash lye, lavender flowers*, lavender essential oil, spring water
*Certified organic

Overall Rating
3 out of 5 stars from 20 reviews

12 out of 20 people would recommend this product

16/06/2017, By KA
Nice soap, very enjoyable - just: the price increased quite a bit.
01/04/2016, By Estelle
I have used bloublommetjies soap in the past, without any problems. In fact, it was a very hard soap in the past and I like to use it for hand wash only because of the plant material inside, to scrub hands thoroughly and because I find it a bit harsh on the body. It is standing out in the open air on a little spikey holder so no water collects around it yet the bloublommetjies soap is very gooey, not good to use at all. I haven bought it for a long time because I have been using another brand which was cheaper (Hemporium). But the consistency of Bloublommetjies (or some of the ingredients) has definitely changed since.
14/05/2015, By Louise
I just love this soap. Have a sensitive skin but this soap doesn burn or dry my skin out. Love the pieces of lavender, and the soap makes me feel relaxed. The colour and shape is so natural and down to earth! Thats what I like!!
31/03/2015, By Lelanie
This is a great natural soap. It foams well just like any other, and I like the bits of lavender in the soap - makes it feel so much more natural.
23/03/2015, By Vanessa
The bloublommetjies soap is great and doesn’t dry out my skin.
04/12/2014, By Esme
I love this soap and found it to be effective, yet gentle. The natural smell is also great. There are a lot of (what I think are) lavender flower bits in, but it doesn bother me, since I was with a cloth. This soap lasts about 20 washes, depending on how much you want it to lather. It lathers very well by the way. In a dry climate, I think post-wash moisturising might be necessary, though (I live in very hot and humid conditions and do not find it necessary to moisturise after using this soap).
20/11/2014, By Terri
I love this soap... its natural, works well and very reasonably priced! Ive bought the bulk pack a few times now.
14/10/2014, By Maria
I am not happy about the body soaps, there is not even one soap that weighs the same weight. Some is small and thin, other is thick and then I used the soap and am now very unhappy because the soap burned my skin so intense.
09/09/2014, By Kariena
I don like the smell at all.
26/08/2014, By Jonathan
Smells so great and makes your skin feel super clean! The bar is a little small though.
15/05/2014, By Helena
I love this soap, its well-priced, soft and lathers well. It doesn last that long but that doesn really matter as one can buy 3 for the price of one other soap
20/02/2014, By Patricia
The soap bars were pretty small, had a little bit of a caustic feel to them and were full of sticky bits which was a pain.
19/02/2014, By Beulah
Smells good and does its job. May not lather like traditional soaps but it does clean.
26/12/2013, By Elsa
I love this soap! Love the smell .
09/12/2011, By Tracy
Smell is not great and my husband complained that it burnt his skin. He didn't like the 'sticks' in it either.
13/10/2011, By Margarita
If the soap burns your skin this means that the soap hasn't been cured properly due to the lye. Bloublommetjies, do you really need people suing you for burns because you can't cure a soap properly?
24/08/2011, By Nadine
I am very happy with this soap as I have been struggling for years to get my husband on a natural soap or body wash. He always complained nothing works rushing back to his commercial soaps again. This soap is great value for money. It makes a thick lather with just a stroke or two over the soap. I disagree with the above comments that it washes away to quickly. It lasts just as long as commercial soaps and the price is right. My husband and myself like the smell.
02/07/2011, By WENDY
The Bloublommetjies soaps do not last - they wash away too quickly
29/05/2011, By Santie
This soap is a great improvement to the previous old car oil one, but it is still not great. It tends to burn sensitive skin and doesn't smell like anything I would have hanging around the house. Not a fan. ;-(
13/04/2011, By Nicolene
I don't like the smell of the Bloublommetieskloof soaps and in my opinion the other soaps are a lot better quality and last longer

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