Recently, we decided to take eco-matters into our hands. You know better than anyone that we have been flying the eco-flag with all our might; advocating those who are doing their bit for the planet, and encouraging everyone, every single living soul, to adapt their consumption decisions to take the Earth into account too.

We believe in a system that works holistically; where, in whatever you are taking from the Earth, you need to do your utmost to give back as much as possible. With our very Faithful to Nature range, this is exactly what we are attempting to do; the products have been sourced as responsibly as possible and our packaging as environmentally-aware as possible. Reduce, reuse, recycle. We have made it our promise to you, our Faithful followers, to strictly, meticulously and with unwavering care, ensure that every single product on the site reaches our eco standard – and trust us when we say – this is an incredible standard to reach.


A pooled knowledge of expertise brings you a range of products that are not only sourced from the most sustainable locations around the world, but also wrapped in packaging that is 100% marine biodegradable and compostable:

Our waste-free packaging contains eco-friendly bags made with plant cellulose. This packaging is certified by Vincotte to be 100% home compostable and is also marine degradable. All cardboard is manufactured from recovered fibre, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Labels are 100% recycled, printed with plant-based inks and attached with eco-friendly adhesive.

Keep your eye on this space – as time goes by we plan on adding more products across all our categories; pantry essentials, beauty and body, a certified organic range, waste-free lifestyle additions and so much more, to fill your life and home with only the best in green living.



STEP ONE: Remove your plant cellulose film from the cardboard outer packaging.


STEP TWO: You can recycle your cardboard outer packaging like you would any other cardboard product (only vegetable inks have you been used).

STEP THREE: Take your plant cellulose film and place it into any compost heap, bokashi bin or home-composting unit.

STEP FOUR: Wait. In ideal composting conditions (right heat, temp etc) the matter will decompose in +- 2 weeks, but in your normal home-compost will take approximately a month.

STEP FIVE: Your packaging will have decomposed along with the rest of the organic matter.



Want to find out more? Well, what are you waiting for? Click here to find out more about our Faithful to Nature products.