Our founder shares her top eco products of all time

In reflecting back on the last 11 years of this amazing journey that has been manifesting and building Faithful to Nature, I gave some thought to the products that have really been, I guess, what you would call pillars for me throughout this time. I have a soft spot for products that provide genuine “green innovation”. These are the really clever inventions. They make the lives easier for those of us who choose to align ourselves with this way of life and simultaneously make our planet healthier. Of course, being deeply fond of this land I get to call home, I also made some room for the local superstars, the proudly South African gems that really are a first in their class.

I hope my top eco products of all time resonate as much with you as they have with me all these years. I must also add, like a true earth goddess who loves all her flowers equally it has been extremely tough narrowing my list down to 11 products. I am deeply grateful to every human (the makers, the suppliers, the supporters and superstar customers) who have joined me on this journey. You’ve made it possible for me to continue uncovering and shedding a brilliant, deserving light on the products that allow me to continue being Robyn on Earth.

1. Goddess Cup

The Goddess Cup has been life-changing, honestly. No more stress about leaks, strings, it’s more hygienic, less fussy and of course, planet changing. Plus, it’s one of Faithful to Nature’s first product projects because we just had to stand behind such an awesome concept that limits single-use sanitary ware.

2. Natraloe Regenerating Aloe Gel

This here is a magic gel. Even though Aloe Vera Gel is an iconically SA product, the Natraloe Gel is the only completely non-toxic Aloe Gel in the country. It’s a beauty and health product all in one and has a million uses. Plus, it’s one of those products that the supplier reformulated to fit our ingredient policy so it’s also a great example of the ripples of change this beautiful business has had.

3. Blue Dot Buzzy Wraps

If all my boxes were ticked by one product, these beeswax wraps would be it. They’re proudly SA, highly innovative, plastic free, discourage single-use plastics and make my life so much easier because I can just seal a container or singular food item like half and avo or loaf or bread without needing yet another container. They’re just the best.

4. The Environmental Toothbrush

biodegradable toothbrush! What’s not to love? The big wows for me are definitely products that can transform a daily task into a moment of intentional mindfulness. This a completely plastic-free product that I can pop into my garden for decomposition after use. Beyond that it gives me a focused reminder-rich moment (actually 2 moments) every single day to acknowledge the way I want to live my life. We need more products like this!

5. Olgani Detoxifying Charcoal Toothpaste

Here’s another of my favourite local superstars. Olgani is a very innovative range of toothpaste and while I love them all I’ve been astounded by how well this Detoxifying Charcoal Toothpaste, a black salty one, can work so well.

6. SunUmbra SPF30 Sunscreen

Almost all really good sunscreens are imported but the Sunumbra range is a local superstar. As a slightly tinted sunscreen, it’s effective, easy to apply (feels super moisturising too) and we’re not polluting our bodies of water or oceans with toxic sun protection creams.

7. Triple Orange Bio Detergent

This is a top-notch, effective, local brand and possibly my favourite product that I would feel lost without. I’ve been using Triple Orange Bio Detergent for years. It’s just so effective and makes it impossible for anyone to come up with a good excuse to be using anything but natural cleaning products!

8. Bamboo straw

It’s the little things, folks. These bamboo straws from WeAreCollective are strong contenders against the wasteful straws washing up on our beaches. What I love about these is how innovative and beautiful they are and to top it off, that they come in at a really great price.

9. Oh-Lief Natural Aqueous Cream

This super duper balm was a first in its category when no one thought you could create a successful, all-natural aqueous cream. I use it for the whole family, from baby’s very first day and it has never let me down.

10. Ecoffee Cup

This is another powerful example of an exemplary product that transforms a potentially highly destructive daily habit (on the go coffee) into a powerful statement for change. By getting your hands on a bamboo fibre Ecoffee cup, instead of on hundreds and hundreds of disposable ones, you’re choosing an ultra cool, practical product made from sustainable material. You’re also joining the Stop The Billion Movement by saying no to single-use plastic or paper cups. Also, the whole range makes for the most awesome gifts!

11. Kuro-Bo Activated Charcoal Water Filter

This activated charcoal water filter is the single best product I have bought anywhere in a very long time. Although I adore my Stefani filter, it does not have the edge on this very simple, extremely innovative, effective and eco-friendly product. It’s so easy to use, the water tastes magnificent (my son calls it loving water) and I love the fact that it’s so versatile. It can pretty much be used in any water containers of my choice. And again, this can be repurposed as a soil fertilizer or air deodoriser after use.

And there you have it, greenies. The stellar eco gems I could not imagine my life without and am super glad I don’t have to.

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