The low down on Matcha

The Lowdown On Matcha

Matcha has been stirring up a lot of interest in the wellness circuit recently as a new, yet ancient take on the firm favourite, green tea. Matcha is green tea taken to the next level. This traditional brew is a luscious traditional Japanese beverage, with a zen-like ceremonial appeal and amazing health benefits for mind, body and spirit.

What Is Matcha?

The word Matcha means powdered tea and is green tea that has been grown and processed with extra special care. The plants are covered with shade cloth before they are harvested to encourage fresh green growth with a renewed depth of flavor, then are handpicked, steamed and dried in cold storage. Next it is ground into the fine green powder known as Matcha. This delicate treatment makes for a green tea deluxe that has been the subject of sacred Japanese Zen ceremonies for centuries.

When you drink a cup of matcha you drink it powdered leaves and all – this means that you are getting in all the possible nutrients available, and that includes some pretty potent antioxidants. In fact, one cup of matcha matches the nutritional content of 10 cups of green tea!

Helps with Weight loss and More….

09 Jun, 2015, By Anonomous I bought the tea to assist with weight loss and it did definitely help lessen my appetite but I have noticed that it have also helped improve my libido. This is a ready great product.

 What Can Your Cuppa Of Matcha Do For You?


Matcha is s packed with antioxidants including a special antioxidant called EGCg (epigallocatechin gallate) which is known as a catechin. Catechins counteract the effects of free radicals present in our polluted environment and foods which lead to DNA damage, cancer and vulnerability to viruses. Matcha has three times more of this potent catechin than green tea.

Boosts Metabolism

Matcha can boost your body’s ability to burn calories by over 5% for those of you with a few kilos to burn.

Detoxifies & Nourishes

Matcha is super green because of the special way it’s grown, and that means one good thing –chlorophyll. This green wonder is a premium detoxifier that helps you get rid of heavy metals and chemicals. It’s rich in all sorts of vitamins, such as Vitamin C, selenium and magnesium, as well as fiber as you are drinking a ‘wholefood’ in your matcha cuppa.


Matcha is an adaptogen, this means it calms down your adrenals and reduces your production of stress hormones such as cortisol, which makes it a fantastic anti-aging tonic. It’s rich in l-theanine, an amino acid that encourages your brain to produce alpha waves. These babies help your brain stay alert and yet calm and improves concentration. This is why monks a thousand years ago used it to aid their mediation.

You get this in all tea, which is why they say a cup of tea solves everything! The thing with Matcha is that it has 5 times morel-theanine than any other tea. Matcha does contain some caffeine, but its effect is of the calm, alert variety because of the combination with l-theanine.

Cholesterol & Blood Sugar

When your body struggles to use insulin properly it’s a sign you could be on your way to developing diabetes. Matcha has been found to increases insulin sensitivity and reduce your risk of diabetes, a disease that is becoming more prevalent these days. It also lowers your bad cholesterol without affecting your good cholesterol.


Special compounds in Matcha have been found to help prevent the plaque that forms in the brain with Alzheimer’s. That combined with its concentration boosting properties make it a great anti-aging tonic for your brain.


Matcha has a distinctive grassy spinach-like taste that is quite strong. It’s a wholesome pleasant taste, but you can sweeten it with some honey or healthy sweeteners such as erythritol if you prefer.

                                     The Zen of Matcha preparation

Matcha has traditionally been used in beautiful Japanese tea ceremonies. The tea is measured into a warmed bowl called a chawan with a bamboo spoon called a chashaku. Hot water, not boiling, is added, as this preserves the full healing value of the tea. It is then whisked with a bamboo whisk called a chasen to create a lovely smooth silk-like texture.

In keeping with the Zen history of Matcha, preparing your cuppa with a touch of mindfulness won’t go amiss and can add some simple beauty and meditative sacredness to your day.

Cooking With Matcha

Yes you saw right – Matcha has been taking the culinary world by storm as the superfood of choice to cook with, from brownies, to cakes to smoothies, the emerald tinge of Matcha is adding some super anti-aging properties to dishes of all descriptions.

Here’s a yummy example to whet your appetite:

Matcha Dark Chocolate Bars

Makes approximately 12 bars or 24 squares


• 9 oz pitted dates (about 1 2/3 C)
• 1/3 Cup cocoa powder
• 4 oz Almonds (about 2/3 C)
• 2 Tbsp matcha powder
• 2 Tbsp coconut butter
• 1/3 C coconut flakes
• 2 Tbsp maple syrup

How to

• Pulse the almonds into little pieces in a food processor
• Combine all ingredients in food processor and blend until they’re well blended
• Empty onto some baking paper and form one lump
• Then press into a rectangle shape
• Wrap in the baking paper and pop in the fridge to cool for 2 hours
• Cut into squares and dust with more matcha powder
• Place paper between the bars to prevent sticking and store in the fridge

(Adapted from:

Tap into the power of green and down a cup of Matcha for some super anti-aging and de-stressing TLC!

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