Staff Picks: Our Team's Favourite Green Cleaning Goodies

Staff Picks: Our Team’s Favourite Green Cleaning Goodies

We’ve been talking a lot about green cleaning products lately, and about what makes them a safer, healthier and more eco-friendly choice than ordinary cleaners. So which cleaning products does our own green team use when they’re at home?

One of the best parts of working on the Faithful to Nature team is the chance to learn so much about the best natural brands on the market; and abundant opportunities to walk the walk rather than just talking the talk, by choosing natural alternatives to green our daily routines! We asked a few of our green goddesses which earth-friendly cleaners they love best, and here’s what they had to say:


Jolene (Operations Manager) picked: Londa Bio-Bleach

“This bleach is so versatile, but I especially love that it works so well to remove stains from my clothes without damaging them or leaving white bleached-out marks. A little goes a really long way and it’s safe to add to my grey water that is recycled into my garden. Truly green cleaning!”


Robyn (Director) picked: Triple Orange Wonder Spray

“I am all for keeping things simple and this spray is pure magic because it works well for everything from my kitchen to my bathroom! This means less hassle; less cost and less waste.”


Gillian (Customer Services Ninja) picked: Earthsap Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner

“I love this as this is so versatile, I use it from cleaning tiles, to counter tops to my shower. And what’s best about it, it leaves me happy knowing that this product is not harmful to myself or the environment.”


Lexi (Marketing Assistant) picked: Greenman Natural Antibacterial Sanitiser

“The fact that there are no harmful chemicals in this product makes me feel safe. The smell of the product is very natural and not so overpowering.”


Caryn (Office Manager) picked: Greenman Toilet & Bathroom Gel Cleaner

“I love it because it smells so fresh and ‘clean’, it’s really effective and it’s an all-in-one, easy-to-use product for the whole bathroom!”

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