Robyn shares some simple but life-changing New Years solutions

Woah, 2017 was a humdinger of a year for me. It asked me to let go of SO much of my “stuff”. I thought 2016 was about surrender, but this last rotation around the sun has really supported me in continuing my Earth walk to be that much lighter.

Most of us crave a massive exhale and sense of closure before we start a new year. However, my journey over the last two years has taught me not to presume ‘the exhale’ is truly on the cards for 2018.

But I do know this. I am learning, like most of us, that happiness comes from within, that any hang-ups or judgements I project onto others are actually my own and that the universe is my friend. There is a gift in every experience I have, especially the most uncomfortable ones. My personal treasures lie on the biggest mountains I am being asked to climb and, most importantly, the only way to really live this life is to be present to it. “That” holiday, or “this” house renovation, or “that” new hobby is not going to make me happier, less stressed, or more stimulated if I am not present to the experiences.

With this in mind, I wanted to challenge myself to create and share 10 resolutions that could really be life-changing in creating the space for more presence.

1. Turn off your phone at night

This is often when most of us get “our time” and I think it’s a dangerous habit to fill it with hours of comparison that happens from scrolling through social media. Furthermore, studies reveal again and again, that the use of a light-emitting device instead of reading a book before bed, takes us longer to fall asleep, to slip into deep REM sleep, and then it also takes us longer to wake up. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to cleanse yourself of any radiation from your phone for a few hours every day.

2. Make peace with doing nothing, and then do more of, nothing

We live in a fast-paced world where we’re conditioned to believe that moving, working, and thinking quickly is considered the way to success. In reality, that mindset is the surest way to burnout. True luxury in this life is being able to sit and literally smell the flowers. Or feel the sun on your back. Or watch your children play (whilst NOT scrolling through your phone.)

3. Find ways to value laughter more

Spontaneity and silliness must surely be the elixirs of longevity. Whether it’s watching Trevor Noah on Youtube, calling up an old friend for a giggle, double bouncing your kids or friends on a trampoline or watching videos of kittens doing tricks, figure out what activities make you laugh—and do them often. Laughter is our richest currency and will honestly create abundance and success in your life like no other. It also releases feel-good endorphins in your brain, decreases stress hormones, reduces inflammation in the arteries, and boosts your “good” cholesterol.

4. Do what you love instead of what will make you the most money

Joy is a powerful currency and true passion creates success. You’ll find it a lot easier to manifest the money if you find yourself in your particular slip-stream of purpose. The way to find your purpose is to follow your joy. So, this year make your career goals about satisfaction, excitement and purpose rather than money. Then watch the money come in.

5. Look for the beauty in your life

Beauty really does lie in the eyes of he or she who can behold it. The more beauty you train yourself to search for and contain in the moment, the more beautiful your life will be. Start a journal to keep track of the beautiful things you take for granted in your own life—you might be surprised by how much there is to be grateful for.

6. Start saying ‘No’ to others in favour of ‘Yes’ to you

Often, the consequences of saying ‘no’ to invites from others are much worse in our heads than they would be in reality. Valuing ourselves enough to just be alone will put us in a much better place anyway when we connect with others. I think it’s near impossible to fully be present and connect with others if you are not giving yourself the time to connect with yourself.

7. Make some space for healing

As much as we wouldn’t like to admit it, we all have “stuff”. And if you think you don’t, then I say it with kindness that you probably need this resolution more than ever. We all need support in one way or another to create the space in our lives to heal, and of course, this will come in different varieties for all of us. But whether it’s seeing a therapist, doing bodywork, or spending more time praying or in mindfulness, allow yourself the humility to find support.

8. Find your physical strength

Being healthy and feeling fit (to your particular level) feels amazing. It’s the crux of vitality and what each of us deserves and are destined to experience. Find your balance. For some, it may require proper endurance training and for others, it may just be a 20-minute walk 3 times a week, but it matters. Probably more than anything else. So make space for movement in your daily routines, and find clever ways to increase your intake of fruit and veggies. This is the foundation to living a happier, more present life.

9. Open your mind

Curiosity cultivates the ability to be present. It creates solutions and it lessons judgement. Make it a goal to open your mind to new ideas, or to even look at the world through more curious and less judgemental eyes. Because let’s face it, judgement of others gives us wrinkles, dampens our glow and keeps us small.

10. Do something every day to nourish your soul

Soul nourishment comes in the form of a particular scent, some music, a certain environment. It’s a key element in the art of self-healing. And we each require a minimum dose of 1 experience of soul nourishment each day. It goes a long way in helping us settle into our bodies and to be present throughout our lives.

I can’t wait to begin implementing these with intention and I genuinely hope you find inspiration in it.

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  • Eileen
    Posted at 06:30h, 03 December Reply

    2018???? New year 2019 is just a few weeks away! You need to change your year headings.

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