Robyn’s Top Product Picks for Waste Free Living

Life is busy and messy and if you are anything like me the thing that brings you the most pain about yourself is where you are, in contrast to where you would like to be. So while I am working very hard at loving and accepting myself as I am, let me just say that I am a soldier and not necessarily a leader when it comes to living with zero waste. We recycle every single week, but it bothers me (tremendously), and I am on a mission to reduce, how much my family and I waste.

Our beautiful home, the Earth, is suffocating under mountains and fields of waste. It is estimated that unless we seriously clean up our act there will be a greater mass of plastic debris in the ocean than actual marine life by 2050. Most of us are still going to be alive in 2050 and if not, our kids certainly will be… It’s hectic. When it is my time to pass (or go back to the stars as my son refers to it) I know it will be me and my soul (for a while) and I am determined to at least rest in peace knowing that I did the best I could with my time here on Earth.

And what does “best” look like to me? Positive, joyful impact. Mountains of waste is nowhere near this picture.

Here are some of my top finds on living a waste-free life. If you are keen to follow me on my adventures, you can find me on instagram @robyn_on_earth.

Stream Straws



Greg (hubby) and Cassie (son) slurping up some serious smoothie goodness without any waste. I bought the straws with the intention of taking them when we are eating out, but we’ve ended up using them every morning at home. We love them! Straws are one of the most common components of plastic litter found in the ocean and it’s such an unnecessary waste!

Spaza Covers


Forget cling wrap, these awesome reusable covers fitted with elastic will not only mean less food needs to be wasted, but that plastic wrapping becomes a thing of the past.

The Goddess Cup


The reusable cup has been an absolute game changer. Not only do tampons and pads produce an awful amount of waste, but the non-organic versions are toxic to the human body.

Bokashi Composting



Composting creates value out of food scraps, and the indoor Bokashi bin takes away all the mess and odour that comes with composting.

The Environmental Toothbrush



It’s 100% biodegradable and can be thrown directly into your compost heap or garden when finished. It brushes well and looks so fabulous in our bathroom.

Vintage Affair Chalkboard Stickers



They had me at vintage affair, but these funky little numbers give an instant promotion to any old glass jars. In the picture is my smoothie bar with glass jars I have collected mainly from honey purchased at Faithful to Nature.




Consol Jars



These plain janes are perfect if you need a head-start in collecting glass jars. Plus the glass water bottles are handbag size so perfect to keep water a hand away at any time.

Goodness Me


Healthy food should be healthy for the planet too and Goodness Me feels that packaging health foods in plastic just doesn’t make any sense. So they have come up with some really cute, fun packaging that’s completely biodegradable and compostable, using sustainable plant fibre that’s 70% recycled, and non-GMO plant cellulose. Just as nature intended. The goodies inside the packaging are non- GMO too of course.

Reusable Nappies



Although I am not currently dealing with nappies, this is a big one and needs some attention. From birth to toilet training each child will use approximately 5,300 disposable diapers. That’s a mountain of waste. I absolutely loved my pack of Mother Nature nappies that I used years ago with Cassian – I honestly did not feel any strain using reusable nappies – they are so easy to manage.

Govino Glasses



Disposable a

nything is just so backward. The Govino range in particular is so stylish, will last a lifetime and are perfectly crafted to accommodate all types of drinks (from Champagne to beer to water).


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