Robyn’s Top Picks for April

I look back on my choices for April and quite a few of them are about pampering and decadence. Almost a decade ago when I started Faithful to Nature, I was often quoted as saying, “I don’t want the decision to go organic to be about taking a step back in terms of choice and luxury.”

It’s great to see how much choice we have these days – big Kudos to the amazing suppliers in our industry who are working so hard, often on shoe-string budgets, to bring us the amazing array of ethical choice we have.

1. Mies Bath & Body Oil

Ok I admit – I bought this because I knew it would look so pretty in my bathroom. So I was super impressed to discover that it smells just as stunning as it looks. The oil is not too thick and mixes well with the bath water and on my skin.

2. Universal Vision Himalayan Crystal Salt Flakes

These are a staple in my home – the whole family baths in them almost every night. Apart from all the minerals, the salt water has the electrical charge of the salt to help detox, cleanse the skin and assist the body energetically.

3. Breathe Make Up Therapy Lip Gloss (Cherry)

My inner goddess is doing a happy dance. I honestly hardly ever wear make-up. Like almost never. But then every now and then I stumble across a jewel like this. The very pure pigments used offer a long-lasting but natural coverage. The product has some great certification behind it too, so I know my little beauty treat is not causing cruelty to some other precious being somewhere else along the supply chain.

4. Earthshine Kale Cheesy Chips

This snack is as delicious as it is nutritious. I like the fact that it is so alkalising and the added turmeric is a bonus.

5. BioLife pH Testing Strips 

These strips have actually proved to be very useful to check our pH levels when any of us starts to get symptons of any kind of stress or low immunity in our bodies. I, like so many of us, lost someone very special and close to me in the past year to cancer, and have become quite paranoid about acidity in our bodies. As a result, I find it comforting to test my levels every now and then so that I do not have to imagine how alkaline I do or don’t feel.

6. Smooze Coconut Ice-Creams

Look these do have sugar, but very low levels compared to most treats available. I bought them for my son, but have to be honest that I enjoy them as much as he and his friends do. They are almost half fruit juice (48%) and just under half coconut milk (40%) and so a very innocent alternative to ice-cream. Our favourite flavour is the mango.

7. Superfoods Wildcrafted Chaga Mushrooms

This is a very appealing, earthy tea. It is a total over-achiever in terms of its long list of health benefits from immune boosting, anti-oxidant, antiviral and antiseptc properties, but what really caught my attention is that it is anti-parasitic and is great for maintenance against these microscopic creepies that cause so much damage. My fiancé and I drink a cup before bed most nights.

8. Pure Herbal Kiddies Range

I have recently added these wonderful sprays to our medicine kit and cannot praise them enough for their efficacy and ease of use.  I used a combination of the Snotty Totty and Super Strong when my son got pink eye recently and they worked like a charm. They taste fine and the spray makes them very easy to administer. I’ve decided to keep my son on the Super Strong with winter just around the corner.

9. ProNature Mould Stop

I bought this for our shower and it has really worked to reduce the mould growing in the corners. Need I say more?


What are your new favourite Faithful to Nature finds? Share them with us in the comments section!

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