Robyn's top picks

Robyn’s Top Picks for January

Faithful to Nature’s director Robyn shares her favourite new finds with us.

“Life is busy. And the thing I am probably challenged by the most is staying grounded and organised as the Earth spins faster and faster every day. At the moment, I’m particularly on the look-out for products that offer me convenience in some form or another without scrimping on quality and good health.”

 1. Mila’s Meals, R479

MilasMealsCover105gsm500pFINAL“This is a delightful and well-informed feast of a book that is especially written for children that suffer with food intolerances. Although my son Cassian is able to eat everything, I absolutely devour recipes that are free of the usual culprits like dairy, sugar and gluten. Catherine, the author, is especially mindful of gut health, too. The book comes with some great advice on eating for the soul!”

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 2. Sam Mills Quinoa Fusilli, R35

sku7920-sam-mills-quinoa-fusilli-largeSam Mills pastas are in our opinion the best tasting gluten-free pastas on the market and the affordable price is fantastic.”

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3. Wazoogles Superfood Chocolate Moondust, R475

sku8592-wazoogles-organic-superfood-protein-blend-chocolate-moondust-large“This high quality smoothie blend tastes delicious and delivers a punch. It mixes well with a variety of fruit and vegetables.”

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4. Bellabaci Genie – Stress No More, R240

Bellabaci Stress_no_more_geni“Bliss in bottle. I decided to treat myself and I will never be without this again. The essential oil blends are so sophisticated and divine that you won’t need to wear perfume on your Bellabacci days. The oil absorbs beautifully and I always feel so serene after applying this.”

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5. Earthbound Organic Cabernet Sauvignon, R63

Earthbound_Cabernet_SauvignonEarthbound Wines were one of my favourite finds of the festive season. They are so well priced that I wasn’t expecting them to taste as good as they do. Highly recommended!”

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6. Traditional Drinks Jar, R55

2“These glass jars from Kitchen Craft look amazing and always score me a few compliments. Perfect to drink smoothies and cocktails out of – they were an absolute hit over the holidays and enjoyed by all.”

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7. Veggie Protein Bar, R29

sku8932-veggie-protein-bar-sesame-large“This delicious and savoury snack has saved me from self-digesting when I am busy and need to snack throughout the day. I love that it is so high in protein and only contains complex carbs.”

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 8. Pakmed Zinc Castor Cream 25g, R18

sku8158-pakmed-zinc-castor-cream-25g-large“I’m delighted to be able to add this Pakmed remedy to our natural medicine chest – a great soother to have on hand for burns cuts and irritated skin.”

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9.Silicone Heart Moulds, R89

sku8778-sweetly-does-it-silicone-chocolate-moulds-hearts-large“These sweet heart-shaped moulds from Kitchen Craft have inspired me to start making yummy superfood chocolates for my family again. A jar of homemade chocolate hearts makes for a delightful gift – Valentine’s Day tick!”


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 10. ‘I Live Smart’ by Marguerite Venter, R51

“My son, like all children, responds so well to conscious parenting about how to live in better harmony with the world around him. He loves talking about what keeps his heart open and what does not. Every time we read this book together we end up having the most delightful conversations about how the world works – and how it could!”

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