Robyn’s Organic Home Revealed – Part 1

So folks, the little man and the big man behind the business have divulged their most loved products, but now it’s time for me to share some insight into which products are making it onto my own home. People often ask when I recommend products – “But, what do you use…” It goes to figure that I’d be using the crème ala crème of the lot, but please do remember that my needs may be different to yours. To be honest I love to test the products we sell and because of that and the fact that I am constantly trying out samples and testers from existing and new suppliers, you are probably going to be surprised to see that I am not brand specific with my cosmetic routines. That’s not a problem though because natural and organic products are so much gentler than their synthetic counterparts, that one can mix and match without concern that products from different manufacturers will cause a reaction.

The Environmental Toothbrush – Soft

I’ll admit that the wooden feel of the brush in my mouth was a surprise at first but now I am hooked. Having one other way I can make my footprint on the Earth lighter makes for happy brushing morning and night, and I personally think it’s the funkiest looking toothbrush around too. I would love to have more opportunities to show it off.
A Vogel Dentaforce Toothpaste

Natural toothpaste that is free from the heavy foaming agents like SLS is never going to quite have the kick of the Aquafresh’s of the world, but this one sure comes close. It has a powerful minty flavour and one only needs to the use the smallest amount to get a good lather. Look, it costs more than what you could pick up at your local grocer, but one cannot actually compare the costs of natural and organic products to synthetic ones, as they are not the same products. Both clean, but one cleans whilst harming your body and our planet, and the other just cleans. To read more about this, check out our article Organic Products are not Expensive, Synthetic Products Cost the World
Ayurvedic Tongue Cleaner

It makes total sense to me to detoxify and clean at the same time!
Meadowsweet Ylang-Ylang Soap on a Rope

Meadowsweet are never shy with the amount of essentials oils used in their products and the smell of this soap creates the aroma therapeutic shower experience that everyone deserves to enjoy. With ‘me’ time being so short these days in the chaotic joyful juggle that life has become as a working mom, I am all for getting the most out of my shower. And the fact that the soap is on a rope makes life that much easier, something I really appreciate at the moment!
Just Pure Essential Face Wash

I genuinely look forward to lathering this beautiful oil based wash all over my face. The range is formulated with such clean ingredients that I am a BIG fan of all the Just Pure products
Natraloe Facial Scrub

I really don’t believe in harsh scrubs that use alpha hydroxyl acids as my philosophy is to boost the skin’s ability to heal itself rather than strip that function. And so, I have been using this scrub joyfully for years now – it has a lovely paste; fine granules that do polish without scraping my skin and the fact that it comes in a tube means that I can keep the bottle in the shower without creating any wastage.
Ruby Grapefruit & Rosemary Shower Gel

The refreshing uplifting scent of ruby grapefruit makes every shower feel like a session at the spa – well almost!
Rosemary & Vanilla Hair Shampoo

I cannot get enough of the silky fragrant feel of this shampoo; love the fact that it foams and rinses so well and leaves my hair feeling soft and clean.
Giovanni Root 66 Max Shampoo

The salon quality of the Giovanni range really epitomise that organic is not only clean and natural but also glamorous. Like most new moms my hair is falling out faster than it can grow, and this is a fantastic pick me up for my fine locks. I mix usage between this and the Rosemary & Vanilla shampoo
Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner

This self-regulating light conditioning rinse is perfect for my long hair, and works great as a detangler too.
Just Pure Rose Hand Wash

Never knew I could get so nutty about hand wash – but Just Pure’s soft creamy organic formula has me talking about hand wash way too often at the dinner table. Plus it looks so pretty too.
Eco Toilet Smell Killer

This nifty little gadget really works and I am proud to display one in every toilet in our home. We were really struggling with poor plumbing in our guest bathroom and the constant odour is now a thing of the past. We still have an air freshener available in our bathrooms as it does not work immediately, but it certainly removes any lingering smells.
Essential Green Toilet Paper 2Ply

The paper is naturally bleached and the COc certification ensures that indigenous forest is protected. Plus it’s cost effective. Need to know anything else? Don’t think so.
Just Pure Luxury Rose Room Mist

There’s nothing subtle about in this room mist (think roses) and that’s exactly the way I like it.

Meadowsweet Nourishing Vitamin E Body Butter

This is a fluffy easily absorbed body butter that I cannot recommend enough. I am using very lightly scented products at the moment because of my son, so you would otherwise find the Rose Body Butter on my dressing table.
Taryna Preventative Stretchmark Oil

I used this throughout my pregnancy with great success – not a stretchmark in sight, and it has left my skin feeling so noteably stronger that I am still using it on my bust.
ePore Deodorant Spray – Neutral

I can really feel the homeopathic benefits of using such a clean deodorant and I personally love that it has such a neutral smell, so I can use it as often as I want around my precious four month old son.
Sanctum Hand & Nail Repair

Easily absorbed with a nice fresh scent. Love the fact that it comes in a tube.
Soy Candles

The long toxin-free burn time is amazing, but what really has me hooked about the soylites candles are the scents… heavenly. The Harmony candle was made for me! I also love the scented tea light candles – perfect for placing around the house on special occasionas.
Taryna Rejuvenating Face Oil

Ah the Taryna Face O… this product has been with us since the beginning and my love for it only grows. It truly is a magic potion that leaves the skin feeling noticeably softer. Again, I just love that it is entirely based of natural oils and absolutely nothing else – and your skin feels the difference for it! I use this at night, or when it is very dry in the mornings.
Trevarno Overnight Replenishing Cream

This is a very rich cream that does not feel too heavy on the skin, and it has been part of my routine, like the Taryna face oil from the start. I use it interchangeably with the oil – mostly because I can’t decide which I love best between the two.
Bearberry Pigmentation Cream

I had estrogen scarring around my eyes from being on the pill when I was younger and this has successfully cleared it up 100%! I am now using it on the ‘pregnancy’ line on my tummy, aka the linea nigra.
Just Pure Frankincense Hydrating Facial Mist

For those that are still unsure of why one should use a toner, it’s to prepare the skin for the moisturiser and seal it in. Think of how poorly a dry sponge absorbs dishwashing liquid – the concept is the same here. Plus it’s an added bonus if you are using a natural non-alcoholic toner whose ingredients act as an added boon. This is a pure frankincense hydrosol, and knowing about the skin evening and anti-aging properties of this amazing essential oil makes me one happy customer.
Bema Bio Face Cream for Sensitive Skin

Although I don’t have sensitive skin, the supplier gave me a bottle of this to test for myself, and I have been buying it ever since. I love that it leaves my slightly oily skin matt and that it has a lovely velvety feel to it. As it promises, you really can feel the Liquid Crystal Emulsions, allowing the skin a slow and constant absorption of the product over 18-24hrs, and the natural UV filters give me peace of mind.
Bema Bio Toning Fluid Eye & Lip Contour

I have been an avid fan of the Trevarno Eye Cream (and still am, so this will also be found on my dressing table) but I was also given this by the supplier to try, and am now hooked, and on my third bottle… It feels truly superior – I would go as far as to say that I can almost feel the buzz of the all the organic technology in it – light; non greasy and uplifting, and my eyes are looking great, especially considering the fact that my night time sleep has become more like a long constantly interrupted nap!
Organic Cotton Duvet Cover Queen & 2 Pillowcases Oxford

I sleep better knowing my family are lying in pesticide-free comfort. A luxury I will make a plan for us to afford.

African Scented Mints – Rose Geranium & Cocoa

You will always find these in my handbag. A lovely sugar-free oral pick me up.
Badger Tinted Shimmer Lip Balm

I hardly ever wear make-up but love the dual function of the lip balm and tint in one!
Mushroom Biltong

Since being sent a sample of this amazing treat, I have not been able to part with it, and so I keep a bag close. I have to confess that even though I have been a vegetarian for most of my life, I have always missed the coriander flavoured biltong from my earlier days. The only problem with this treat is that it never lasts very long…
Jane Iredale Sugar & Butter Lip Duo

This is one of life’s little luxuries for me and it is basically the only other thing you will find in my tiny tiny make-up kit.
Crystal Essence Perfume Oil Amber Rose

I am totally in love with this beautiful clean scent and I am constantly asked what it is that I am wearing. The small bottle makes for the best perfume-on-the-go too!
Sunumbra SPF30 Sunscreen

Just love this range of suncare – locally manufactured; easy to apply and no whitening effect that usually comes hand-in-hand with organic sunscreen.
If you have enjoyed these product reviews from the lady behind the business, then be sure to follow my board called Robyn’s Top Picks on pinterest where I will continue to post comments as I try more products. Please note that none of these selections are sponsored in any way – they are an honest reflection of products that I choose to use personally. And that’s not all folks – next month we are going to take you into our laundry room; smoothie machine and medicine chest to see how our family stays sparkly clean and healthy the natural way!
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