Robyn’s Gifting Wishlist for the Festive Season

I really and truly get such incredible joy from planning and gifting my family. And to give you a sneak peek on what’s being planned this year, I’ve narrowed down four of my favourite gifts for each of us in my family, yup that includes me too (hoping that the hubby is reading this)!

1. KOJO will be almost 14-months old by Christmas day and is at such a stunning age of exploring. Like his older brother, he is a very busy kid that loves gifts that allow him to be on the move or outside.

  • Beach Blanket Pool – We are going to Bali for Christmas and this is just perfect. I know both him and his brother will love playing in their own splash pool and it means we can relax a little too.
  • Petilou Woodland Tree Puzzle – How sweeeeeet?
  • Green Wing Seaplane – I love this because it can float on water, so is just ideal for a beach holiday too.
  • EverEarth Activity Walker – I Instagrammed about this amazing product a while back and it was sold out within the day. We have since gotten more stock and while Kojo already has one, I would highly recommend it for tots – such a special gift.

2. CASSIAN is 7 going on 17. He is adamant that he has come to Earth to save the Earth by travelling around it as a natural scientist (seriously, his words not mine) and so these gifts are right up his alley. He loves being outdoors and making stuff, and I love that we will need to get involved in helping him set them up.

  • Glow Crystal Growing Kit – What kid wouldn’t get totally excited about growing their own crystals. Cass and all of his friends are obsessed with these earthly treasures.
  • Water Rocket – This rocket can blast off for up to 25 meters! I know it will blow his mind.
  • Growing Paper Origami Recycled Paper Set – This light and sturdy gift is great for travelling with and keeping him busy on any rainy days during the holiday.
  • Wind-Powered Landsailer – Not only fun to make but sure to bring hours of fun playing with on the beach.

3. GREG is not an easy cat to buy gifts for. Firstly, he’s got very good and specific taste in things. Secondly, he takes really good care of everything he owns so seldom needs anything new, but as an entrepreneur with a metro male streak, I’m confident he’s going to love gifts like these.

  • Wren Design 15” Laptop Sleeve – The Wren products are just stunning, and this laptop sleeve is going add a whole lot of confidence and cool to his meetings.
  • Wren Design Notebook Organiser  – Seriously handy and will look and feel stunning as part of a set with the laptop sleeve.
  • Noapop Laptop Stand – Keeping with the stylish office theme, this is a practical and sophisticated addition to his desk.
  • HG for Bros The Ultimate Man Can – Greg always looks good and likes to take care of himself, and this gift will be greatly appreciated I have no doubt.

4. ME. Obsessed with all things ethical, natural and organic, it just can’t get easier on treating me. I am planning on gifting myself with the following this season:

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