Robyn’s favourite festive season finds from 2017

Founder of Faithful to Nature, Robyn Smith, gives us her favourite festive season finds from 2017. From superfood snacks to bamboo products there is definitely a clear sign of good things to come in the world of Faithful to Nature. So, read on below for a few brilliant items to fill your basket.

Top 9 favourites:  

1. These vegan coconut-based ice-creams have been such a treasure this holiday! A perfect treat for big and little people.

2. I cannot recommend the very conscious and tasty Awake Superfoods Snacks enough. It’s so very moreish and healthy I have them within arm’s reach in my car, by my bed and they certainly made the holiday packing list. They’ve been an absolute lifesaver for the breastfeeding induced munchies I’m getting. This is a completely plastic-free snack, and I buy these in bulk to ensure we didn’t run out on our road trips and end up buying food that really doesn’t serve us.

3. The newest kid on the kombucha block is Happy Culture Kombucha, and they come in an amazing assortment of flavours! Take my top choice for example, which is a super refreshing cucumber and mint and even has some added chlorophyll for extra vitality! Will get full marks for me when it comes packaged in glass rather than plastic.

4. Moonbean Unbakery has an incredible decaf option for coffee in the morning. Now this is an addiction I don’t mind fueling! And who would have ever thought cinnamon, turmeric, chaga, cacao, maca and lucuma would taste THIS good in my morning brew?

5. Unfortunately, this remarkable bamboo toothbrush still comes packaged in plastic, but I have made peace with it as this stage as the actual toothbrush lasts so long and finally my whole family, including hubby, love it. I am happy to know that I will never need to buy another plastic toothbrush again. Once we are done with our toothbrushes my son takes great pride in planting them wherever he pleases in the garden.

6. Our favourite new toothpaste – zingy and refreshing options that work!

7. I am loving the whole range from @Back2Nature_SA with super cool pure ingredients and all packaged in glass. I mean how gorgeous is this Witch hazel and Rosehip Toner?

8. Every bit counts, so instead of replacing my plastic hairbrush and comb I’ve gone bamboo… and you know what they say about bamboo? Once you go bamboo, you stay bamboo. The look and feel of the Olivia Garden Bamboo Comb is perfect (plus it’s great for long hair). And the bristles of the Earth Collection Bamboo Brush are oh-so soft, it is the perfect size and it looks gorgeous.

9. Ok, yes, I’m a kombucha nut but this… this Wyld Kombucha is my absolute favourite tasting kombucha yet. Totally blown away! Zooka also stole my heart on many sunny sunset sessions at the beach.

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