Robyn Smith; “The Greatest Outcome of Pursuing Your Truth is Joy.”

My teacher was recently talking to us about what it meant to call oneself a Warrior. He said that one needed to ask two questions of oneself:

“Have you been brave?”
“Have you found joy?”

…And that in fact these two questions are actually asking the same thing of our choices in life, and of the way we commit ourselves to living our lives.

Being a warrior is about being prepared to fight for your dreams. YOUR dreams. It requires that you are prepared to do whatever it takes to find yourself. And most times this may come down to as simple a thing as honesty. Having the courage to be honest in our relationships, with ourselves and in our work.

And so, you may ask, what does finding yourself have to do with knowing what your dreams are and then being prepared to do everything to fight for them? The answer and the reason is that in this life, this very precious life, it is so easy to be swept up in seeking approval from the outside rather than from within. It is so easy to live our lives as slaves to the actions and opinions of others and we are so reliant on their reactions to make us happy. This very often manifests in a life lived out of focus. A life where try as we might, we just don’t seem to able to get off the hamster wheel and find our flow. Where we continually finding ourselves swept up in the agendas and dreams of others. With the greatest irony being that, the agendas and dreams of others, remain as elusive to the “others” as our dreams do to us.

The first real step into being a Warrior is having the bravery to live your life in honesty, without any masks, so that you can find your joy. And this is why, being brave and finding joy go hand-in-hand.

I have seen firsthand how the universe responds to bravery. It is a metaphysical truth that being honest and being brave will eventually take you to a higher place of living: to joy. And I can guarantee you this, when you look around at the “tallest trees” in your community, those souls who live in more flow than the flock around them, you can be assured that they did not achieve that status in life without the bravery and the willingness to commit themselves wholeheartedly to knowing who they were, and what they wanted from life. The greatest outcome of so doggedly pursuing the truth of who they were and what they wanted, is joy. Not happiness, that is so dependent on the uncontrollable external but joy, that state that comes from knowing Thyself, and living with a powerful self-assurance and trust in the mantle of life.

So, if you to want to live a life of joy, which I know you do, you would do well by measuring your success along the path to finding joy, by the bravery in finding and expressing YOUR truth.

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