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Over the past 18 months I have been asked with increased frequency about the products that I would recommend based on personal experience – and it makes sense too as I am constantly trying and testing the products that we sell. So over the next few months I am going to single out products based on personal experience and feedback from customers. With the recommendations I am also going to point out some basic facts on why one should use that category of product and some tips on choosing the right products for you.


The choice between a foaming and non-foaming cleanser usually comes down to preference. However I usually recommend non-foaming cleansers to my customers, especially for normal, combination or dry skins because, the non-foaming facial cleansers tend to be the mildest type of facial cleanser due to the very small amount of surfactant used. Since these don’t come in contact with water, they can deposit more of the cleanser’s helpful ingredients (moisturizers, anti-oxidants) on the skin. Foam does not soak very well into your facial skin because the pores are so tight.

Non-foaming cleansers:

The Victorian Garden Cleansing Milks
are fantastic value for money and I also like the fact that one can chose them based on skin type. The milk cleansers can be easily washed off with water or wiped off with an organic cotton pad
The Trevarno Rose & Jojoba Cleanser
is a gentle non-foaming cleanser that is packed with super ingredients and leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished. In fact I really like the fact that I did not feel I needed to rush for my toner and moisturiser straight after using this product as one does with most cleansers.

Foaming Cleansers:

The GRO Tea Tree and Lavender Cleanser
is the first foaming cleanser that I have used that genuinely does not leave my skin feeling tight after use, and I have extreme combination skin that is very dry the one day and super oily the next. This cleanser is packed with great anti-bacterial and balancing ingredients but it is also very gentle on the skin.


I often get asked about whether a toner is really necessary. There are two good reasons to include a toner in your skincare routine. The first is if you have oily skin and would like to use a gentle toner as an astringent to help clear away bacteria. (An astringent toner that is too harsh will dry out your skin, causing it to produce more oil which will ultimately result in oilier skin.) The second and most common reason to use a toner is to help prepare your skin for your moisturiser by stimulating it to absorb more of the nutrients in your moisturiser. Consider that a wet sponge will absorb more dishwashing liquid than a dry sponge. Your skin is no different.

The Garden Route Organic Kigelia, Lemon & Witch Hazel Toner
will help balance sebum production, clear bacterial infection but it will also help prepare your skin for your moisturiser. My personal favourite.


Another frequently asked question is why it is necessary to use a different cream during the day than the one you would use during the night. There are again two basic reasons. The first is that your day cream might contain an SPF which is only necessary for use when the sun it out. But, for all intense purposes it is actually because ones skin is often in two different states during the night and the day, and the ingredients used in the products should be catering specifically towards these two states. During the day, you are more active and so might need a light cream that absorbs very well. You are also exposing your skin more to the environment than you are at night and so would need extra protection again say the wind, the sun and pollution. At night your skin is in a rejuvenative state and thus it is more helpful to use richer and more nourishing ingredients.

Please note that of all of the products in your beauty routine that your moisturisers should be specifically chosen according to skin type, and our solutions page is very useful in helping you chose products by skin type.

Day Creams:

I personally love the Trevarno Day Cream SPF because of the fact that it contains an SPF that really does work and because it leaves my skin feeling so supple. The product is manufactured in Cornwall in England which like South Africa has harsh weather conditions and so contains very nourishing essential oils. Furthermore, pure essentials oils are used rather than just the distillates. Furthermore, the cream smells great. I also get so much positive feedback from our customers and the resale on the product is high which speaks for itself.
I feel very confident recommending the Esse Light Moisturiser because I know from personal experience and from customer feedback that it really does help balance oily skin. Although it is still nourishing the moisturiser matifies the skin and so is a great product for those who suffer from acne or from a skin that constantly has an oily sheen.

Night Creams:

I am all for using rich facial products as night which act as a boon to the skin during ones sleeping hours. The Trevarno Overnight Replenishing Cream is very nourishing but is also absorbed very easily and does not leave the skin feeling greasy.
The Taryna Rejuvenating Face Oil
really does leave your skin feeling visibly rejuvenated and I’ll be surprised if you do not notice a difference in your skin the following morning. It does leave your skin feeling a little oily and so is best suited for evening use.

Eye Creams:

The Victorian Garden Carrot & Elderflower Eye Gel
is fantastic value for money and leaves the skin around your eyes looking refreshed whilst visibly reducing any puffiness.
The Trevarno Eye Cream
is a great quality product packed with a luxurious blend of oils to help strengthen and nourish the delicate skin around the eyes. A personal favourite, the cream also goes a long way. This again is a product that produced a visible difference for me personally.

Next month, I’ll share some thoughts, experiences, facts and recommendations on facial and body treatments like scrubs and masks.

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