My reflections on turning 10 and my top 10 products of all time

It’s been 10 years already since I commitment to creating an ethical shopping platform. My personal experience in trying to find genuinely natural and organic products for myself, led to me noticing and believing the following:

  • Consumers were evolving, and I believed above all, were looking for a retailer that they could rely on being honest and transparent with them
  • Organic and natural was often the dusty and dark shelf at the back of the shop and I believed it was time to put the sexy back into ethical products. Customers should be rewarded with amazing choice and service when they choose to buy products that are better for them and the world we live in, rather than having to take a step back in terms of luxury and choice.
  • Consumers are stressed out. Labels are not consistent. They are not complete. The same ingredients can be listed in 100 different ways. It is overwhelming even with all the best of intentions to buy the safest products.

I believed we could add tremendous value by creating a “worry-free” zone for our customers by doing thorough ingredient research for them.

It’s been an amazing adventure to traverse the rocky, dusty, magical, sometimes lonely, empowering and inspired path of surviving and thriving through our first 10 years. We’ve made so many friends, by way of customers, suppliers and even in the products themselves. As the founder and director of this awesome business, you may or may not be surprised to learn that I am our highest spending customer most months. I adore the products that we sell and I wanted to challenge myself to choose my top 10 staples from Faithful to Nature of all time. While I’ve actually got a 100, these are the products that I am the most attached to being able to buy.

Robyn’s top 10 faithful products of all time

1. Moonbeam Superfood Coffee
For the first time in my life, I can enjoy a cup of real coffee without getting the shakes!

2. Happy Earth People Red Lentil Pasta
For a family that consumes very few animal products, a carbohydrate pasta is an unfortunate staple, so I am beyond delighted to be able to serve this 100% lentil dish that looks and tastes like pasta to my tribe.

3. Essential Green Toilet Paper 2Ply
It’s not a sexy product but comes with an enormous benefit.

4. Triple Orange Bio Detergent
This 2 in one detergent and fabric softener works wonders on keeping our clothes clean, soft and free of nasty toxins. It’s powerful but gentle and a little goes a very long way. An excellent product!

5. The Environmental Toothbrush
I love this little number. Works well, looks fab and it’s one more way to reduce our dependency on plastic.

6. Mineralife Daily Multiple Liquid Wholefood
An amazing all-in-one formula that is easily absorbed by our bodies and is everything a supplement should be.

7. Nakd Bars
The perfect sugar-free treat for lunch boxes and madly busy days. These bars “save” me all the time. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

8. Hey Gorgeous Rebellious Mane Tamer 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner
This is the first 2 in1 formula I’ve ever found that works and it really helps with the tedium of having to wash my hair every second day 🙂

9. La Mandorle Almond Milk
I really appreciate that it’s sugar-free, organic and is not artificially flavour-enhanced.

10. The Herbal Pet Joint Formula
The improvement in the quality of my dog’s life has been priceless since we started giving her this. It’s something I am immensely grateful for.

Sjoe! That was tough. I’d love to share what’s on the rest of my shopping list (so watch this space for my monthly guide) It feels so appropriate to once again give a massive shout-out to the amazing, innovative and caring suppliers of ethical products that make this all so worth-while.

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