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Pregnancy: Month 7: What Our Dietitian Has To Say

Welcome to the 3rd trimester! This is usually a time of nerves and excitement as you prepare for your babies’ arrival. By the third trimester, your baby is a fully formed little human and will use the remaining months of pregnancy to develop his or her lungs, reflexes and most importantly, to grow and gain weight. This means that you will need to keep paying attention to your nutrition so that your baby continues to gain weight as much as possible before birth. Especially important is ensuring that you get sufficient energy, protein and iron. In fact, the largest...

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Pregnancy: Month 1: What Our Dietitian Has To Say

Many women don’t realize that they are pregnant until week 4-6 of their pregnancy so the first month of pregnancy can be pretty uneventful and can even go completely unnoticed. In the first month of pregnancy you may experience tender breasts, fatigue and some appetite changes such as nausea or food aversions but will generally not experience any major changes until the second month of pregnancy. Since your appetite will be mostly intact this is a great time to optimize your nutrient intake. This is also a time of critical development for the foetus and getting in enough of...

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Green Potato Salad with Tofu Pesto Dressing

This Green Potato Salad with Tofu Pesto Dressing was made by, Jess Kotlowitz, The Green Dietician. I love salads that double as complete meals and not just as sides. Not only is this an easy way to get in all your nutrients, but it is also a great convenient way to eat and prepare meals, especially when you are time limited. This salad keeps for a good 5 days in the fridge (dressing separate) and is brilliant for work lunches during the week or to take with to a braai or family gathering on the weekend (especially in those cases where...

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Chocolate Coconut Date Balls

This Chocolate Coconut Date Balls recipe was made by Jess Kotlowitz, The Green Dietitian. What better way to satisfy your sweet tooth than with some homemade healthy Chocolate Coconut Date Balls? This is one of my favourite recipes as not only is it super healthy, high energy and nutrient dense but it is also quick and easy to make, keeps (almost) forever in the freezer and doesn’t require any complicated ingredients. Make a large batch and place them in a sealed bag in the freezer, when you feel the need for a sweet treat, just pop one or two out the...

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Month 7: Time for all the Fun

We are just shy of 30 weeks and I can’t believe how time has flown by. We are all set for our babymoon in Mauritius and we’ve also started on the nursery. Actually, it’s not a nursery but rather a baby nook in the corner of our room. Two other babies have taught us that the best place for our new little one is right there, next to us. Newborns feed a lot and need loads of love and cuddles. We are also expecting a winter babe so being in one room will help keep everyone warm. Not knowing...

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