Keep your Kids’ School Lunches Healthy in 2015

Keep your Kids’ School Lunches Healthy in 2015

While summer holidays are in full swing and the kids are enjoying those long lazy mornings with no school-time rush, smart moms and dads will already be planning ahead to make sure the back-to-school process goes smoothly when January rolls around. Luckily, Faithful to Nature has got your back when it comes to school lunches – giving you a huge range of healthy, nutritious choices with all the flavour and none of the nasties. Check out our healthy school lunch tips and start the new year with smiles all round!

Smart Packing, Healthy Snacking

Before you think about what you’re putting into your child’s lunch box, why not consider the lunch box itself? Ordinary plastic lunch boxes are typically loaded with chemicals, among them BPA, PVC and phthalates. As the plastics break down, these “nasties” start to leach out into their contents. That means the food in your child’s lunchbox contains trace amount of hormone-disrupting chemicals, and even known carcinogens.

The good news is, there are plenty of healthier, safer school lunch box alternatives available. Our BPA-free Bento lunch box sets and reusable Stephen Joseph snack bags look so cute and funky; plus they’re made without any of those harsh chemicals found in ordinary lunch boxes and bags.

So now you’ve found the perfect BPA-free lunch box, let’s take a look at what goes into them:

Ingredients to Avoid

The occasional indulgence won’t do your little ones any harm – but there are a few nasties in popular kids’ foods and snacks that should be definite “no-no’s” and shouldn’t make it anywhere near the lunch box.

  • MSG: Monosodium glutamate is a processed chemical flavour-enhancing agent that can interfere with brain chemistry, and has been linked to hyperactivity in children. Typically found in savoury and salty snacks like crisps.
  • Synthetic colours: Yellow 6, Red 3, Green 3, Blue 1 and Blue 2 are dyes typically found in multi-coloured candies, as well as some medications. These colourings have been linked to allergic reactions and even tumours, and may also have carcinogenic effects.
  • Sodium nitrates & sodium nitrites: These preservatives are found in processed meats like hot dogs and polony. Regular consumption of these nasties has been linked to metabolic syndrome, which can lead to diabetes.
  • Tartrazine: Also called E102. This synthetic azo dye has been banned in several countries, and has been linked to various allergic reactions, rashes, mood swings, hyperactivity and even ADHD. Found in orange or yellow-coloured chips, as well as some sodas, jello mixes and flavoured milks.


Goodies to Include in your Kids’ School Lunches

The ingredients we mentioned above are pretty bad news – but as always, our green team has good news to go with it. There is a wealth of healthy goodies out there that kids will love, while moms and dads can rest assured they are made without any of these nasty chemicals. Check out some of our top picks here:









  • Nakd Food Bars: Fruit and nuts smushed together into delicious energy-rich snack bars. No sugary syrups, chemical additives or mysterious preservatives.
  • KiddieKix Monkey Trail Mix: A yummy mix of dried banana, mango, coconut, seeds and jumbo peanuts. The perfect treat for your little monkeys.
  • Earthshine Kale Chips: Delicious light and crispy kale chips seasoned with natural and organic ingredients; available in a choice of tasty savoury flavours.
  • Sparx Sugar-Free Candies: A sweet snack made with xylitol and natural fruity flavours.
  • Orgran Outback Animals Chocolate Cookies: Gluten-free and dairy-free, with added fibre for digestive health.
  • Seitenbacher Fruit Snacks: These gummy sweets are gelatine-free and gluten-free, flavoured with fruit juices and available in a choice of adorable shapes.

Put it All Together…

To get your kids’ school year off to a happy, healthy start, we’ve put together an awesome Back to School Magic Pack – complete with BPA-free lunch box, a range of healthy snacks and some fun colourful pencils.





These gorgeous eco-friendly goodie bags are sure to put a smile on those little faces when the holidays are over and it’s time to face those early mornings again!

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