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Gift Guide For Littles

It’s nearing christmas and your bright little bundles of joy will be daydreaming about what enchantment awaits them under the tree. We’ve put together some inspiration for eco-friendly, non-toxic gifts to give them hours of imaginative fun that will be a learning experience too without them even realising it.

1. Hape Push and Pull Elephant, R149

sku8016-hape-push-and-pull-elephant[add-to-bag productid=”8016″]

This cute ellie wooden push pull toy will be an instant hit with your child as it zooms everywhere with them on its sturdy wheels, stimulating their never-ending imagination and sense of adventure, as well as developing their motor skills. All Hape toys are produced from quality sustainable resources and are 100% eco-friendly.

2. Hape Vertigo Maze, R1 899

sku8097-hape-vertigo-large[add-to-bag productid=”8097″]

Keep tots entertained for hours with a maze of colourful blocks, tracks and spirals ready to propel marbles down a twisty, curving marble run They’ll learn about gravity, levers, speed and propulsion. This fast paced toy will while playing with this fun and safe Hape educational toy. The Hape Vertigo is part of the Quadrilla range, great marble run fun for the whole family with each set fitting together.

3. Hape Alphabet Abacus, R299

sku8019-hape-alphabet-abacus[add-to-bag productid=”8019″]

Colourful spinning blocks with letters and numbers on one side and whimsical pictures on the other, the Hape Alphabet Abacus will teach you toddler about the alphabet, colours, and develop picture and word recognition while improving their motor skills. Tell your little one stories about the pictures on the abacus, or have them find the letters in their name to help them develop early literacy skills. All Hape toys are made from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials.

4. Kids Yoga & Relaxation Set, R420



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Little ones will enjoy big fun and big benefits, with this magical yoga and relaxation kit created especially for kids aged 5-12. The Magic Mat is a non-toxic, non-slip yoga and activity mat, where your child can create a safe relaxing space that belongs just to him or her. It’s also great for kids who want to join mom and dad in yoga or meditation practice. The Magic Mat comes with a beautiful book and complementary DVD, packed with fun exercises and activities designed to build confidence and encourage feelings of gratitude and peace.

5. Hape Gourmet Kitchen Starter Set, R399

sku8045-hape-gourmet-kitchen-start-set-large[add-to-bag productid=”8045″]

Your little chef’s kitchen will be enhanced with this gourmet cookware set. Complete with everything your child needs to make a healthy meal, the set includes salt and pepper shakers, a serving spoon and spatula, durable utensils, plates, a pot and skillet – all made from beautiful solid and sustainable wood. Your Hape kitchen set is responsibly produce from 100% eco-friendly and child-safe materials and is recommended for ages 3 up.

6. Clever Little Monkey Bamboo Clock, R409


sku7729-bamboo-clock-lego-man-large[add-to-bag productid=”7729″]

This cool and funky Lego character clock will appeal to tots and teens alike. Clever Little Monkey’s Lego Man clock is laser cut from solid, sustainable bamboo wood, engraved with clock-face numbers and ready to hang in your home. The bamboo clock can be used as simple yet stylish bedroom décor, or as an educational tool to teach little ones the basics of telling time. Another gorgeous gift item for the young ones in your life, from the much-loved Clever Little Monkey range.

7. Pirate Ship Floor Puzzle, R340


sku7646-janod-pirate-ship-floor-puzzle-large[add-to-bag productid=”7646″]

Shiver me timbers! The Pirate Ship Floor Puzzle is a cool new kids’ puzzle created by the world-renowned French toymaker Janod. This giant floor puzzle is made using natural and recycled materials, which makes it safe for young children and kind to the planet. The 39-piece pirate-themed puzzle comes packed in a handy carry-case, ready for a high sea adventure on the floor of your little buccaneer’s bedroom or playroom.

8. Sophie the Giraffe Teething Ring, R229

sku6947-sopure-sophie-the-giraffe-teething-ring-large[add-to-bag productid=”6947″]

An ultra-soft version of the original Sophie the Giraffe teether, this beautiful baby teething ring is just what your baby needs to cope with the trials and troubles of teething. Sophie teethers are made from 100% natural rubber from the Hevea tree, and painted with food-grade paint to ensure your little one’s absolute safety.

9. Green Start Play Draw Create Ocean, R265

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sku5924-green-start-play-draw-create-ocean-large[add-to-bag productid=”5924″]

 Little ones can dive into playtime and create an underwater wonder world that will inspire endless fanta-seas. This Green Start activity set comes with more than 45 magnetic ocean-inspired play pieces and 5 colourful magic markers, giving your mermaid or mer-master all the tools they need to create games and stories. There are write-andwipe pages that will help them learn to draw undersea creatures from sharks to seahorses. Plus they can even create their own “aquariums” using the cute and colourful magnets. Recommended for ages 3 to 5.

10. Green Start Giant Puzzle Princess Fairyland,

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sku5928-green-start-princess-fairyland-giant-floor-puzzle-large[add-to-bag productid=”5928″]

This Green Start puzzle consists of 60 pieces that come together in a beautifully depicted enchanted forest inhabited by princesses, fairies and mermaids. Suitable for princesses aged 5 years and up, this beautiful game is made of recycled materials and printed with eco-friendly inks. It comes in a reusable carry-along box, making it easy for your little one to take her fairy tale land with her wherever she goes.

11. Brainbox Dinosaur Memory Game, R199

sku7638-brainbox-dinosaurs-large[add-to-bag productid=”7638″]

The Brainbox Dinosaurs eco-friendly card game is designed to engage the imaginations of children aged five and up. This memory game features 55 colourful dinosaur-themed playing cards, with simple little ones can remember, aiding in the development of quick recall skills. This BrainBox memory game is made with recycled and sustainable materials, so making it a greener kids’ gift choice.

12. Green Start ‘Circle Garden’ Wooden Puzzle, R175

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sku5943-green-start-wooden-puzzle-circle-garden-large[add-to-bag productid=”5943″]

The Circle Garden puzzle from Green Start features a picture of a cute and colourful flower garden; with eight circle-shaped puzzle pieces of the same size, so little ones can match each circle to the flower that they think suits it best. This clever little Green Start goodie is made from 100% safe, eco-friendly materials and is a great way to introduce growing tots to the basic concept of puzzle-building, shapes and colours. For little ones aged 12 months and up.

13. Green Start ‘Love Bus’ Wooden Puzzle, R175

sku5940-green-start-wooden-puzzle-love-bus-large[add-to-bag productid=”5940″]

This is the perfect jigsaw puzzle for your children to enjoy together with siblings and friends, suitable for ages 3 and up. Encouraging collaborative and independent play, the 14-piece Green Start puzzle features clever black outlines beneath, to guide young children as they put the “Love Bus” picture together. It’s made with sustainably sourced wood, so moms and dads can rest assured there are no nasty toxins or plastics in the playroom.

14. The Mushroom Factory Oyster Mushroom Kit, R175

sku3587-Mushroom-Factory-Large-jpg[add-to-bag productid=”3587″]

A fun and unusual project for your little one to teach them about these tasty treats and how they grow. Growing your own mushrooms is a truly extraordinary and satisfying experience and the fruits of your fun are delicious and nutritious. To maintain their mushroom factory all they’ll have to do is add water, a bit of light, and love.

15. Janod-Confetti-Flute, R179



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The Janod Confetti Flute is a child-friendly, sweet-sounding toy flute that is made with safe, non-toxic materials and is easy to play, for hours of melodious entertainment. This wooden flute is  and easy for little ones to play, plus it has no small parts so it doesn’t pose a choking hazard. It features Janod’s cute and colourful “confetti” polka-dot pattern and comes packaged in its own stylish storage pouch. Recommended for children ages 3-8 years

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