Robyn Smith

Fighting Fear through finding joy

There is the Coronavirus. And then there is the escalating fear that has come with this pandemic. We all know what the rules are the game and how to play when it comes to preparing ourselves for the virus – sanitise, isolate and stay healthy. But unfortunately, when we are stressed out and worried, we automatically challenge one of these key principles – to stay healthy. Stress affects our immune system. It also plays havoc with our aura, which is an energetic structure made up of seven layers connected to our body. When we are in fear and stress we also start to make poor decisions. And never has it been more important to make decisions from our highest, for our highest. Fear becomes a form of control from our lower selves and forms from a negative state of mind – this is definitely not what we want to be drawing from right now. 

But how does one practically and usefully digest all I am saying? As a friend cried out to me in desperation recently; “Telling me not to be scared is like telling someone to relax – it doesn’t work.” 

But this is what will help you calm your fear: JOY. Yes, Joy. Now, folks, this is not some “hippie-dippy” or “let’s stick our heads in the sand” advice. To survive these challenging times we need to fight back with joy because joy and love are the most powerful tools for thwarting fear and staying healthy and strong.

Remember that FEAR is:



  • Choose your news wisely. I recommend finding one valuable news channel you support and reading it only once a day – for no more than 30 minutes. Shut everything else off. It is not helping you but it is only draining valuable energy.
  • Minimise your time on social media. Create time limits for Facebook too. Social media is taking you out of the present moment. Joy and love do not live in the future or in the past, but in the present moment. Facebook is a hothouse for a negative ego to thrive in. Everyone seems to be doing more than we are on social media. For instance, as a mom, I noticed how all the posts of how this was a great time to relax, and read, and meditate and get our homes in order was stressing me out. Without school or a nanny, I’ve never been busier. So I turned it off. 
  • Give. Share. Serve. There is no better way to keep our hearts open (fear closes our hearts) than to serve. And there are so many that need it right now. Isolating does not mean shutting down. The only way we are going to get through this is together. There are countless food schemes that have sprung up to help those less fortunate – donate what you can. Reach out to neighbours. Sew masks for the hospitals or distribute sanitisers for the masses still having to take public transport. It could even be as small as taking a puzzle (in a socially acceptable distance) across the road or swapping books with friends’ kids so that we can support each other in keeping our kids stimulated.
  • Get outside and enjoy your freedom. Go for a walk. Breathe.
  • Practice surrender and acceptance. Whether a house that is now messier, the fact that you have less time for yourself, the concern our dwindling finances, just start to practise surrender. Don’t give energy to those things you cannot change.
  • Get creative! Whether it’s cooking, knitting, drawing, singing, gardening – we all have our thing. Do your thing as much as you can. To repeat – this is a smart way to spend your time. When our creative juices flow, we raise our vibration, destress our body and build our immune systems.
  • Watch your words. Our words have power. Think of each word like a little spell being cast. So just watch your words – how much are you complaining right now? How much of what you are saying is true and correct and how much is just mongering?
  • Meditate. This is a loaded suggestion as some of us love it, some of us hate it and some of us have no idea where to start. The thing is that meditation is a sure-fire way to create homeostasis in the body. To create balance. And not all meditation involves sitting in a void. There is walking meditation, Chi-Do, dancing. 

Never, ever has it been more important to shine our light in the world to fight the evading fear and darkness folks. We have an opportunity to redirect this pandemic so that when it is over, we are stronger than ever before as a society, but we are not going to do this in fear and stress. 

Find your joy, overdose on it and share it!


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  • Toni Arderne
    Posted at 16:32h, 23 March Reply

    Great, uplifting words in this time of crisis.

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