With your kids are on holiday you have precious moments with them that can pass all too quickly. It’s so easy these days to let your children absorb themselves in electronic gadgets and diversions, encouraging them to use their hands and create something tangible has benefits for the development of their dexterity and imagination. Here are a few eco-friendly crafts to inspire you.

1. Upcycled Cd’s

This kitchen owl was made from old kitchen supplies and a CD which is reflective and can help keep away hawks or other birds from your veggie patch.

 2. Corks


Use toothpicks, twigs and upcycled corks to create these funky reindeer that would look great gracing your Christmas dinner table. Your kiddie’s fertile imagination is sure to come up with a few other creatures (or monsters) that can morph out of a bottle cork.

Cork Sailboat in a Jar

A boat in a bottle that actually floats on water! This DIY project is great for the imagination and give a new use for all those wine bottle corks you may have left over this festive season.

 3. Bottle Tops, Odds & Ends

Plunder youtr kitchen for left overs – whether its lentils and seeds that have passed their use-by date, crushed eggshells or recycled bottle tops, you can find an array of interesting textures and colours to create mosaics with. For more variety you can colour eggshells with food colouring or bottle tops with paint.

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For more delightful creative crafts from Hape take a look here.

4. DIY Beeswax Modelling Clay

Make some natural non-toxic beeswax modelling clay that your kids can spend hours moulding and playing with. When they’re done they can let the wax harden and keep it away from heat. Kneeding and moulding can be so therapeutic and calming. You can even add a few drops of calming essential oils.

Modeling Beeswax Recipe

• 1 cup beeswax
• 3 teaspoons of coconut or olive oil
• 2 teaspoons of lanolin (this can be found in the baby section, most nursing creams contain mostly lanolin)
• Non-toxic food coloring, non-toxic old crayon pieces, old non-toxic organic eye shadow even (if you have some lying around)
• Silicone mould

How to
• Put all the ingredients in a double boiler (or fill a large pot with water and a place a smaller one inside it)
• Remember that beeswax is flammable and don’t heat directly in a pot on the stove or leave unattended
• Stir over the heat until all the ingredients are melted and blended
• Pour into your mould
• You can make different batches with different colours
• Once hard you will be able to soften it with your hands – it will become more malleable as you manipulate and squish it
• You can prepare the clay for you kids by softening it first as their little hands may struggle at first until its soft
• You can re-use this wax often, it will just harden if left unused and need to be softened with squishing again
• You little artists can sculpt to their hearts content

(via parentsavvy)


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