Five Fab Ways to Cut Down on Christmas Waste


Don’t let mess and waste stress you out this festive season – these five simple tips will help you keep things sustainable and fun. Let’s take a look at the five biggest “Christmas clutter culprits”, and some easy ways to make them so much greener.

1. Cards

Cut up and re-use last year’s cards to create some funky, unique designs for this year, or send a family snapshot in place of a greetings card.

If you want to add a perfectly green personalised touch to your gifts, choose from our gorgeous Growing Paper gift card and tag selection. The seeded paper in these biodegradable cards and tags can be planted in the garden, where it will sprout flowers and herbs. This is a really beautiful and innovative concept with zero waste.

2. Wrapping Paper

There are so many cool and creative ways to make your own gift wrap. Get your kids to create gorgeous, unique artwork on some recyclable brown paper or newspaper – the result will be something truly special and personal. If you need something ready-made in a hurry, check out this lovely handcrafted recycled gift wrap, or make use of our green gift hamper service.

3. Food

Be a “localvore” this Christmas – support South Africa’s beautiful organic markets and stock up on lovely fresh produce and festive treats. Buying local means less expense and a lower carbon footprint.

Don’t forget to compost your kitchen scraps – with a Bokashi composter, you’ll have a lovely rich supply of nourishment for your plants by the end of the festive season.

4. Trees

Choose a live Christmas tree that’s been locally grown; unlike plastic trees, they’re completely natural and free of petroleum products. Better yet, you can plant your live tree afterwards, doing your part to green the planet.

If you’d prefer an artificial Christmas tree, be sure to choose a sustainable option – think reusable plywood or recyclable cardboard, instead of chemical-laden plastic.

5. Lights

We all love lighting up our homes over the festive season, and this sends electricity use soaring. Deck your halls with solar lights and lanterns, for an option that’s kinder to the planet and your wallet.

Wishing you and your dear ones a very merry earth-friendly celebration!


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