Author: Andrea Fedder

How to Decorate Eco Easter Eggs with Zero-Waste

HOW TO DECORATE EASTER EGGS USING NATURAL ONION SKIN DYE  Holidays are just around the bend – a much-needed pocket of time for slowing down and unwinding. If your mind is already whizzing with ways in which you can entertain the kids during this Easter break, here’s a DIY eco-eggs project that will have adults and kids alike transfixed by the magical unfolding of natural plant dying. I’ve experimented with a host of different food dyes, and for me personally, this one embodies everything I look for in craft projects – it’s easy to pull together, it’s effective and...

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Clever Tools That Can Help You Keep Your Resolutions

We’re big fans of products and tools that are not only exceptional at what they bring to your life but also help you align with some of your personal lifestyle goals. So, if you’re feeling a little wobbly off the starting blocks on your 2018 resolutions, take a gander through some of these clever tools and maybe you’ll find your inspiration in an area you didn’t even know you could improve on. CONSOL JAR IN JARS Less snack drawer and more intentional eating at work goals? These nifty Jar-in-Jars not only help you cut plastic from your office lunch...

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J-beauty: The Zen Principles of Japan Making Their Way into our Aesthetic Mindsets

The beauty industry is not immune to the occasional irrational trend. Last year alone, you would have seen your share of the cornucopia of magi-markeresque, feathered, barbed, diamante and what-not-all-else wild eyebrow inclinations followed in the name of beauty trends. But occasionally even the seemingly fickle beauty scene garners some smarter trends from other cultures.  2017 also saw a proliferation of insight drawn from Korea’s beauty norms with hydrating essences and snail mucin serums as well as sheet masks and 10-step skincare regimes shaping the K-beauty landscape. This year it’s Japan’s turn to tip the scales with ‘J-beauty’ principles...

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From miracle wound curing balm to an entire herbal beauty range: The story behind Dr Konopka

We’ve recently added Dr Konopka’s range of incredible skin and beauty products to our shelves and couldn’t wait to share this awesome brand story with you. The good doctor devoted his life to understanding how herbs can be used to heal with much of his research and recipes now preserved in these wonderfully rejuvenating balms. But who was this Dr Konopka? Well, we thought you might ask. So, here’s the background check on your soon to be new favourite body and hair range. Roots and origins Dr Konopka was an Estonian doctor who devoted his entire life to studying herbs...

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Smoothie trends that made blenders churn in 2017

As the reality of work weeks and busy school runs begin to dawn, you might be asking yourself how on earth you’re going to cope with the new pace of life. The answer lies in blitzing breakfasts that take no time at all and are packed to the brim with super boosting nutrition. Once you’re on the smoothie bandwagon, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. And to prove to you this health trend shows no real signs of slowing down, here’s a little look back at the marvellous smoothie trends that gave our blenders a collective spin...

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