Author: Amy van der Merwe

Korean Miso and Kimchi Soup

This Korean Miso and Kimchi Soup was made by Amy van der Merwe of   QUICK KIMCHI INGREDIENTS: 1/2 Chinese cabbage 1 Tsp Kimchi salt 2 Tsp Korean chilli pepper paste QUICK KIMCHI METHOD: Chop the cabbage into chunks and massage salt into cabbage. Let it stand for 20 – 60 minutes – the longer you leave it the better it gets. You can leave it for a few days and it will start to ferment. This is really where you start to get the best nutrition from the kimchi. SOUP INGREDIENTS: Serves 2 Half a brown onion, finely chopped...

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Passion Fruit and Gooseberry Cashew ‘Cheese’ Cake

Passion Fruit and Gooseberry Cashew Nut Cheese Cake recipe was made by Amy van der Merwe of “Whatever your occasion may be; Mother’s Day, Sunday lunch, a birthday celebration or even a baby shower everyone loves a piece of cake with their coffee or tea as a special treat. I thought I’d make a fresh goose berry and passion fruit cashew ‘cheese’ cake and decorate it with dried naartjie, which tastes so much like marmalade (one of my moms favourites). Don’t be put off by how decorative this cake is. The cake itself is super simple, I have always thought...

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Grounding Superfood Smoothie Bowl

This Grounding Smoothie Bowl was made by Amy van der Merwe of   ‘Maca is the ground, a nugget of gold, A marriage elements awesome behold Radiant sunlight, earth steady and stable A body tuned in, strong, responsive and stable’ The Magic of Superfoods – Peter and Beryn Daniel   Maca is an incredible Superfood that is beautifully grounding for our Root Chakra. It is specifically great for women, as a hormonal support, a natural aphrodisiac and it enhances fertility. Paired with beetroots rich red antioxidants and hibiscus mood improving qualities this is a great one for us women.  ...

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Kale and Hemp Pesto Pasta

This Kale and Hemp Pesto Pasta was made by Amy van der Merwe of For this recipe I decided to use the Happy Earth People Chickpea Pasta, and Superfoods’ Hemp Oil and Hemp Seeds.   Serves 4 generous portions INGREDIENTS Small handful shelled hemp seeds Happy Earth People Chickpea Pasta Cook in boiling water with some oil and salt until al dente. PESTO: 3 cups kale leaves – take off the big stems 1 cup basil 1/3 cup raw cashew nuts (you can also use sunflower seeds or pine nuts) 60ml hemp oil 1/14 olive oil 2 tables spoons shelled hemp seeds 1/4...

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Root Chakra Roast Sweet Potatoes

Root Chakra Roast Sweet Potatoes filled with kidney beans, pomegranate and Amaranth Beautiful, delicious and powerful recipe done by Amy van der Merwe of   “April is Earth Month so I thought it appropriate to talk about foods that are good for grounding and I am in need of this in my life and aligning my root chakra. “the Root Chakra deals with feelings of security, trust and survival as well as with the connection we experience with our physical body and its nourishment. When this chakra is in balance we feel grounded, strong and secure and have a...

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