What 2016’s festive season has taught me and my personal gift guide

When we look back on the festive season, what are the memories that will really stand out as adding richness to our lives? Speaking from experience, I get such joy in selecting, finding and naturally beautifying gifts to my family.

Receiving gifts – that half an hour or so when we give out gifts on Christmas morning, is strangely not a highlight. I enjoy it and am so grateful we can spoil each other like that, but it’s not one of the things that stands out when I look back over the season.

But choosing the gifts – that stands out. Really good connected conversations and moments with my extended family stand out. I feel like I spend less time with my external family over the years and this makes me sad, and so when there is that meal, or beach trip, or even a cup of tea enjoyed with a sibling or parent where we really get a chance to just “be” together, it is seldom forgotten.

And of course, moments with my immediate family – my husband, my son and my dog, when we can just relax and be silly together without phones or lists hanging over us, are the memories that hold the most joy for me. I always feel low when I see so much waste and while a little indulgence is fun, too much does not actually leave me feeling good.

If anything, it takes me out of the present moment to one where I am already looking forward to the festivities being over so that I can feel in balance again. It’s interesting when we stop and objectively consider what truly brings us joy rather than what we are made to believe matters at this time of year with all the media frenzy happening around us.

I believe it’s worth setting intentions consciously for the season by looking back over the years at what worked and what didn’t work for you. There is no doubt in my heart that money spent on experiences rather than things enriches us way more, and one day when we pass, unlike the material things we have collected, we are actually able to take our most precious memories with us. They are our most durable possessions.

I’m wishing you all joy beyond what you anticipate. Keep it real this year. Stay grounded as much as possible and hold on tight to what really matters – time spent in the present moment with those precious people who are right in front of you.

My top gifts choices this year, are items that I feel have the potential to give the my friends and family some positive experiences and I’d like to share my special gift choice selecion, to inspire you.

For my Husband

My hubby deserves an ideal beer gift set to spoil him and give him a way to wind down and quench his thirst post surf.

The Essential Beer Lover’s Gift Set

For my son

I want to find the perfect gift for my son that will stimulate his wonderful imagination and allow him the freedom to play for hours with the same toy without limitations. This gift is perfect.

For my step daughter

I’d like to gift her this incredible body and beauty product so she can maintain her vibrancy and feel a little spoiled.

For my nephews & nieces


I would like to give them gifts that will keep them playing in the outdoors and most importantly playing and learning together.

For my mom


I know this gift will inspire my mom in the kitchen and help her embrace more of the low-carb cooking she is getting so into these days.

Gift idea for dad


This is the perfect gift to allow my dad to drink his delicious home brewed coffee all day at work and on the go.

For my sister


For the sister who loves to play in the kitchen and always produces the most amazing results when she does, these kitchen accessories will delight her culinary joy.

For my sister in law

My sister-in-law is moving to the Cape and I would love her gift to inspire thoughts of her new home and lifestyle. These storage cubes are just stunning.

For the brother

This way my coffee obsessed teacher and coach can have good coffee wherever he goes.

For the brother in law


The Govino Beer Glasses will allow him to take his light-hearted socialising anywhere in the outdoors without cramping his beer loving style.

My best girlfriends

They know exactly who they are. All have so much to share and journal and these beautiful one of a kind journals are perfect for each of their beautiful unique souls.

I hope my personal gifting journey inspires you to find ethical, meaningful gifts to your lvoes ones, that will add purpose and intention long after the unwrapping has passed.

Season’s Greenings everyone.



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