20 Green Treats for Your Travel Bag

So you’re about to embark on another Christmas holiday with your family – but this year something can be different and that is that you can pack guilt free and conveniently with our healthy padkos options; ultimate festive treats and organic body care. Here are some of our top holiday-must-have’s.
Badger Anti-Bug Shake & Spray

With over 3 hours protection, this convenient and all natural spray on mossie repellent promises to bug bugs only!
Honest Raw Chocolate Slab

When holidays arrive and every afternoon is a Sunday afternoon, there is nothing better than to cap it with some organic delicacy such as this.
Organic Dried Mixed Fruit

Sweet, healthy and sulphite free, this is perfect for the whole family.
Ayurvedic Mosquito Coil

8 herbal coils with 12 hour protection will ensure that neither the bugs nor toxins bug you.
Organic Mango Strips

Organic goodness just waiting to be enjoyed.

Such a clever idea and so handy for when you’re on the move and still want the luxury of honey in your tea. Fantastic to keep on hand for sore throats too.
Organic Paprika Corn Chips

The use of corn flour
makes the chips extra thin and crispy and they are also baked in sustainable and organic palm oil which keeps the chips tasty for
a long time. No synthetic MSG here Folks. The other flavours are Nacho Corn Chips and Chilli Corn Chips
Organic Liquorice

This is one of those cool treats where one tastes all the fun and none the fat – Perfect for long idle road trips…
Milk Chocolate & Strawberry Chocaloes

all the attention that our choaloes have been getting lately is totally deserved. Don’t forget about the slightly more decadent Dark Chocolate and Orange Chocaloes
Edamame Beans Trail Mix

225g of tasty healthscrumptios snacks, begging to be top of your ultimate padkos list. We also sell the Apple & Ginger Trail Mix
African Organics Travel Pack

Complete with 4 x 40ml tubes of shampoo; conditioner; body lotion and a body wash you can keep it neat and simple during your special weekend away.
Kalamata Olives

The sun is setting; your favourite drink is in hand, and yes, the olives are within reach…
Cape Aloe Mango Juice

Delicious and oh so good for you, this is the latest 6 pack on the block to travel with. You can also try our our other flavours
Wheat Free Mixed Berry Oat Biscuits

Recommeded by Patrick Holford & Great Taste Award Winner, these tasty little numbers will be appreciated by all. They come in Dark Choc Chip and Fruit Spice too.
Sunumbra Sunscreen for Kids SPF40

With synthetic sunscreens containing a list as long as the wall of china of harmful ingredients, using this highly effective alternative is a no brainer.
Orgran Corn Crispbread

This wheat free snack is light, crunchy and full of the wholesome natural goodness of sun ripened corn. It is easier to digest and an ideal alternative to bread with less than 0.3g fat per serving. What a fabulous way to justify that extra glass of organic vino. Also comes in Essential Fibre and Quinoa

These convenient little numbers contain none of the nasties – just full of goodness and the pouches are strong enough to be tossed into a handbag and compact enough to fit inside a pocket or lunchbox. Just twist off the cap and squeeze, and put the cap back on if it’s not finished!
Gluten Free Amaretti Biscotti

The specially selected ingredients combine to provide the most exquisite baked gluten free whole biscotti without the addition of dairy, eggs or animal fats. Total guilt free goodness. Comes in a Chocolate Flavour too.
Wild Basil & Mosquito Repellent

Only friends and family are invited to this party – no mosquitos or toxins in sight!
Reusable Swim Cozzy

You can use this swim nappy at the beach or public pools to prevent ‘little accidents’ from escaping out, an absolute must for stress free bathing.
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