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Bee Natural Liquid Propolis

Bee Natural Liquid Propolis
Bee Natural Liquid Propolis
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Propolis is a golden treasure from the beehive - a substance that acts as an antibiotic, antiseptic, antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory healer.

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What is Propolis? A resinous substance used to fortify & disinfect bee hives; also to embalm intruders.

Where is it made? In only one factory in the world... the bee-hive itself. They make it from beeswax, plant sap & pollen.

Benefits of Propolis

  • Propolis can be taken internally for infections of the chest, throat, mouth, thrush & as an immune booster. Externally for minor cuts & wounds.
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Antibiotic
  • Antiviral
  • Prevents & combats Candida
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Assists tissue repair
  • Antioxidant
  • A rinse for mouth & tooth infections

History of Propolis: Recorded use in Aristotle's time 350BC as a folk medicine, but now proven to fight bacteria, viruses & fungi. Shown to boost the immune system and combat inflammation. Research continues on it, to fight cancer and protect the liver.

What is the active ingredient in propolis? Propolis has a very complex composition and all attempts to use 'active Ingredients' have proved far less effective than using the whole Propolis.

What does the Propolis tincture contain? Pure Propolis in Alcohol. No colorants, preservatives, artificial flavours or other additives.


Take orally with water. Can be sweetened with Honey.


After opening, store capped and below 28 degree Celsius.


  • Must be avoided by people allergic to bees or bee products.
  • No interactions have been reported between Propolis and prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs and other herbal supplements or foods.


Pure Propolis in Alcohol (75% Ethanol extract of pure dewaxed Propolis with >4.5% flavonoids)

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Overall Rating
3.9 out of 5 stars from 30 reviews

26 out of 30 people would recommend this product

07/06/2021, By Rixie
I am using this product because it was recommend to me by a beekeeper. I was on stage 5 kidney failure with no energy and was supposed to be on dialysis. I am not completely 100% sure what is helping because I am using herbs, propolis, CBD and I am on a very strict VeganKD diet with no salt. I moved from Stage 5 to stage 4 now and am looking forward to move to stage 3.
07/04/2021, By Rixie
I am in kidney failure stage 5 and by family's advise that used this before, I bought this product. I was warned that the taste is bad, but when I got it, I was actually surprised because it it not that bad. Must say if you are desperate, like I am, the taste does not matter neither. I can not say yet that it works for my kidneys, but I am going for bloods in May and will definitely know by then. I can say for my family that used this, it definitely did wonders. What I did notice, it that it helps to heal wounds quick. I cannot wait to see my results in May when I go for the bloods.
26/01/2021, By ALEXANDRA
20/10/2020, By FRANCIS
05/10/2020, By Tracey
Cleans wounds and heals wounds very well.
12/04/2020, By Ayesha
not for me
29/10/2019, By Michele
This product may work, but I've found it way to difficult to get paste the vile taste. I just came across it again in my drawer as I have a cold and tried it again, this time in juice (before in water) but I quickly remembered why I have not been able to take this as a daily immune booster. The taste is just so bad and I'm someone who has managed to get a lot of horrid alternative meds down. Sad that I can't really advise on whether or not it works. Would be great if it could be taken in a capsule or tablet form.
09/10/2019, By Austin
Difficult to keep taking this med.
09/10/2019, By Mishka
Needs to be used on consecutive days no a once off cure. Taste is overwhelming though.
09/10/2019, By Ashwin
Could not feel any change after taking this.
30/08/2019, By Lauren
Not sure if it made any difference toy health.
07/08/2019, By Lauren
Not sure if it worked.
30/07/2019, By Bees_knees
Propolis is the elixir to life, just mix with a table spoon of water, to overcome the strong taste
30/05/2019, By Jackie
Great for flu.
20/03/2019, By Sylma
Quite a strong taste. Really need to be motivated to take it orally, but I'll keep trying as I know it is all natural and the taste is what it is.
23/02/2019, By Fiefie
I used it for ulcers. It worked faster and I would definitely be using it for the immune booster! I believe in Natural Remedies! Thanks
23/11/2018, By WBK
The alcohol was so overpowering. I had quite a bad bout of the flu and all this helped in doing was dry out my throat quite badly. A complete waste of my money.
02/11/2018, By Pi
I love this product - it's amazing - my 6 year old even takes it even though its a bit harsh on the taste buds - we get better so quickly and we do not take pharmaceuticals as a rule. I use it for any and all illnesses and in between I use it for its immune system booster benefits.
11/09/2018, By Kirstenbosch
It doesn't give you enough guidelines on how much to administer? i have only taken it once because i wasn't too sure on how much to take at a time and what is the best time of day to take it as well.
08/08/2018, By Cassie
I was excited to try this product until I saw they use alcohol as the base, where as Simply Bee's Propolis Liquid has an oil base. So sad I wasted the money.
23/05/2018, By esma
Do you have any idea for the dosage for 2 year old?
11/05/2018, By Giulia
I love propolis, it's one of the most useful and versatile natural products you can find. Back in Italy my mom used to make me use it all the time when I was a kid, and finding it here made me so glad!
Wonderful quality, too.
05/05/2018, By RED
This product is liquid gold ! I absolutely LOVE It
30/03/2018, By Ann
A great antioxidant. Will definitely recommend this.
17/12/2017, By James
Great immune booster and best sore throat cure
17/12/2017, By James
Great immune booster and best sore throat cure
01/12/2017, By CHRISTINE
Love this propolis. Added it to my face cream!
20/06/2017, By Lea
This is the purest form of Propolis I can find and let me tell you - it's AMAZING! A few drops a day and my skin looks like I've had some sort of cell rejuvenation therapy. It also makes a world of difference to my skincare products when added.
13/06/2017, By Sally
I've been taking this for 3 months now and I think it has definitely helped with my immune system and my overall health.
26/05/2016, By Sheena
AM trying this to boost our immune system for the winter months. Am hopeful having done a ton of research and only found good reports. Had a sore throat earlier this week which was taken care off, perhaps by something else however I did bounce back very quickly....much quicker than normal. So heres hoping.

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