Anti-Radiation & Battery Salvage Sticker

Anti-Radiation & Battery Salvage Sticker
Anti-Radiation & Battery Salvage Sticker
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This double-function cell phone anti-radiation sticker helps to reduce your exposure to radiation, while also working to improve your phone’s performance. Your mobile phone connects you to your world and the people you love; but as we rely more and more on these high-tech devices, the more the concern about harmful radiation exposure grows. With the nifty anti-radiation sticker, you can reduce the electromagnetic radiation wave emitted by your phone, by more than 97%! Not only that, the sticker works to reduce your phone’s charge time and prolong its battery life. A must-have for all regular cell phone users.

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The anti-radiation and battery salvage sticker can also be applied to; digital cameras, video recorders and laptops.

Did You Know? A portion of the electromagnetic waves emitted by your mobile phone handset is absorbed by your body. In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified mobile phone radiation into Group 2B; possibly carcinogenic.  

With today’s increasingly frequent cell phone usage on a daily basis, it pays to protect yourself from potentially harmful radiation.

Health benefits of using an anti-radiation sticker:

  • Absorbs & transfers electromagnetic radiation waves emitted by your mobile phone or other electronic devices
  • Reduces mobile phone radiation on the human brain by 97.17%

This handy patch also offers numerous benefits for your phone:

  • Extends the service life of your battery by 2-3 times
  • Supports quicker charging; saves you up to 50% of charging time
  • Improves battery capacity & extends standby time by 0.5-2 times

In short, the anti-radiation patch helps you to stay connected for longer, while still reducing the potentially damaging effects of your mobile device.


  • Twist or crack open the plastic case.
  • Stick the golden-coloured sticker directly onto the battery of your phone or electronic device.
  • If your battery is small, you can use scissors to cut the sticker to a smaller size before applying it.
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3 out of 3 people would recommend this product

13/05/2017, By Leela
I bought 2 to test them out. Put one on my cell phone. It's new but used to get hot and my hand would ache when I used it too long. I've noticed it doesn't get hit any more and my hand no longer hurts. I used the other on my iMac and can feel the difference
20/10/2016, By Keran Fynn
Interested in purchasing this product but how would you use it in the case of a non-removable battery?
22/03/2016, By Marieta
Felt effect immediately-my head does not feel like toast anymore -using it on cell phone and laptop

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