Raw Food

  • Certified Organic Vegan 250g, 500g or 1kg
  • Natural Vegan 150g or 500g
  • Natural Vegan 150g & 500g
  • Certified Organic Vegan 500ml or 1l
  • Certified Organic Vegan 400ml, 500ml or 1l
  • Organic Ingredients Vegan sold individually
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  • Organic Ingredients Vegan BUY BULK & SAVE!!! 40g
  • Natural Vegan 250g
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  • Natural Vegetarian 500g & 1kg raw & unfiltered
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  • Natural Vegan 200g or 1kg
  • Natural Vegan 200g or 1kg
  • Natural Vegan 200g & 500g
  • Natural Vegan 200g, 500g & 1kg
  • Natural Vegan 200g, 500g & 1kg
  • Certified Organic Vegan 320g
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  • Certified Organic Vegan 320g
  • Organic Ingredients Vegan 330ml & 500ml
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Raw food – that is, uncooked, unprocessed, “living” food – is packed full of health-giving nutrients. When food is heated over 118°F (48°C), it starts to lose its nutritional value, as all those precious minerals, vitamins and electrolytes break down. Raw foods on the other hand are rich in natural nutrients, making them essential to your health and wellbeing. A diet high in raw food helps to maintain high energy levels and mental focus, and even promotes healthy weight loss.

A raw food diet is the key to natural detoxing; fresh, unprocessed foods help to cleanse the digestive system and fight free radical damage, because they’re so rich in fibre and antioxidants. Raw foods also balance your pH levels, boost the immune system and help your body to resist disease. By following a balanced, predominantly raw vegan diet, you’ll also enjoy healthier skin, stronger nails and shiny, healthy hair.

The health and beauty benefits of a raw food diet are amazing, and if you thought eating raw would require too much effort and expense, think again; Faithful to Nature has a wide variety of healthy raw cereals, snacks, superfoods, dried fruits and nuts to help make your raw food diet plan simple and affordable. You can also find some excellent raw food recipes on our blog, to get you feeling inspired and creative. 

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