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Heavenly sleep with organic mulberry silk duvet and pillow

Enjoy a heavenly sleep all night long with organic mulberry silk duvet and pillows. Just like organic food, it is healthy to make a switch to bedding made with organic fibers. Most bedding is manufactured with chemicals that for example promise to make your bedding “wrinkle free.” This means that while you sleep, those chemicals reach your skin.

Organic bedding is a good choice for your health. Besides being completely natural and chemical free, organic duvet and pillows are much softer against the skin, do not irritate those with asthma, rheumatism or skin allergies like eczema, and the most important of all – give you a better sleep. They are also more durable than their non-organic counterparts.

Buy your organic mulberry silk duvet and pillows directly from our online store. Our bedding is made with pure mulberry silk. Besides having a luxurious feel, mulberry silk is very breathable and naturally thermal regulating, preventing night sweats and overheating in summer, but keeping you comfortable and cool in summer. The amino acids contained in silk have astructure that helps keep your hair and skin in good condition during the night. Since it is so breathable and does not absorb moisture, the mulberry silk fibers inside your bedding also act as a deterrent to dust mites and other bugs which are dependent upon moisture for their survival.

Experience good health and perfect comfort while you sleep. Sweet dreams!

-Our bedding is eco-friendly
-Completely organic
-Lightweight and breathable
-Quilted with organic mulberry silk floss

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