Mellerware Ice Cream Maker 1.5L ‘Crema Deluxe’

Mellerware Ice Cream Maker 1.5L ‘Crema Deluxe’

1.5L Capacity
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The Mellerware ‘Crema Deluxe’ is a little ice cream power house, enabling you to make delicious home-made ice cream with complete control over the ingredients. With its 1.5L capacity, you can treat the whole family to a new flavour every day. The Crema Deluxe has a high quality plastic outer case, detachable aluminium isolated cooling bowl, non-slip rubber feet and a built in reversible thermostat. Bring on the summer flavours with delicious home-made ice cream, and revel in the fact that you know exactly what you are eating – organic ice cream at home has never been easier.

  • Proudly South African

  • A compact home ice cream maker from trusted Mellerware, made from high quality materials
  • Has a 1.5l capacity
  • With a detachable aluminium isolated cooling bowl
  • High quality plastic outer case
  • Transparent lid with hole for filling ingredients
  • Motor has both left and right rotation
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Reversible thermostat built into the machine
  • 600ml ice cream capacity
  • 12 watt

What is really in the ordinary store-bought ice cream?

Not all manufacturers list their additives, and even if they do we might not know exactly what those tongue twisting scientific names mean… here is a little insight into what is really used to flavour “conventional” ice cream:

Diethylglycol — a chemical used instead of egg yolks. It’s also used in antifreeze and paint removers.

Piperonal — it’s used in place of vanilla. It’s actually also used to kill lice.

Aldehydec-17 — a cherry flavouring. It’s inflammable and also used in aniline dye (aniline: a colorless, oily, poisonous benzene derivative, used in the manufacture of rubber, dyes, resins, pharmaceuticals, and varnishes), plastic and rubber.

Ethyl Acetate — a pineapple flavouring. It’s used as a cleaner for leather and textiles. Ethyl Acetate vapours are known to cause chronic lung, liver and heart damage when inhaled .

Butyraldehyde — a nut flavouring. It’s one of the ingredients in rubber cement.

Amylacetate — a banana flavouring. It’s also used as an oil paint solvent.

Benzyl Acetate — a strawberry flavour. It’s actually also a nitrate solvent.


Now you really want to make your own, don’t you?

Here is a great, easy recipe that is extremely versatile…

Organic Vanilla Homemade Ice Cream


2 cups of organic cream or colostrum

1 cup of organic milk

To taste- organic agave (sweetener) or sweetener of your choice (optional)

To taste- organic vanilla

2 organic egg yolks (optional)


Put ingredients in a bowl, whisk to mix, pour into ice cream maker, turn on for 25 minutes (to taste), and you’re done!

To add fruit flavours, simply juice the desired fruit and add in the last few minutes of the ice cream maker’s cycle.


Please Note:

Faithful to Nature is an online retail store, specialising in a wide selection of natural supplements, vitamins, superfoods and health-related products. Our green team is all about helping you unlock your full potential to live a healthy life; however we are not medical professionals. Please do consult your health care practitioner when seeking medical advice.

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  • Yummy ice-cream!
    07 Nov, 2015, By Marie We are enjoying our machine a lot. We have experimented with quite a few flavours and have been happy every time! I double the recipes which allows our family to have ice-cream 2-3 times. I keep the bowl in the freezer all the time as it needs 12 hours freezer time, so I can quickly make ice-cream for evening dessert. I find we like it most if I churn for 30-40 minutes and then pour the soft ice-cream into a container in the freezer. Lovely!

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