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Where would a self-respecting chef be without fresh herbs plucked from the garden? Livingseeds brings you bone fide non-GMO Heirloom seeds for a range of tasty fragrant herbs to enliven your garden and cuisine. Pep up your salads with rocket or cilantro, go Italian with Basil or oregano, or sip on the healing calm of homemade German chamomile tea; herbs hold a range of wonders for all occasions and these Heirloom seeds have been passed down through the generations the old fashioned way to preserve their traditional power and goodness.

  • Natural
  • Proudly South African


  • Are Heirloom Seeds that have not been genetically modified
  • Have a history of being passed down and shared through generations
  • Are open pollinated
  • Are not patented: a precious resource to grow and share
  • Are packaged in biodegradable wormfarm-safe packets with water based inks.

Choose from 11 varieties in the dropdown menu top right:

Rocket (Arugula)

Add that unique spicy flavour so beloved of rocket to your salads. It’s quick growing, tolerant of neglect and if left will re-seed itself ever year. Perfect for the lazy seed saver. Can be sown in all but the two coldest months of the year.

Growing Season: August to May

Seeds: 50


This variety of Cilantro is best used as a herb for leaves only, of which it produces a profuse abundance of lovely flavoured leaves. Great for fresh eating and for just chucking into the pot just before you serve.

Growing Season: August to March

Seeds: 50

Italian Large Leaved Basil

The King of Herbs needs no introduction, firmly entrenched in culinary tradition there is almost no dish that will not be complimented with the addition of a pinch of basil. This Italian Giant or Mammoth Basil produces huge leaves that carry the classic basil flavour. Basil can also be used as the base of a great insect repelling spray for inside your home and on your plants.

Growing Season: August to February

Seeds: 50


Chives add that onion-like bite to pretty much anything and can also be dry-frozen without much impairment to the taste, so you can store large quantities harvested from your own gardens.

Growing Season: August to October and February to April

Seeds: 50

Italian Flat Leaf Parsley

This is traditional flat leaf Italian parsley. Parsley is more than just a garnish, it's one of the world’s most under-rated herbs. Packed with vitamins and minerals, it makes a great "pick-me-up" if blended into a smoothie or fruit juice and is also really good for your kidneys. Add handfuls to soups, salads and your juice machine. Will produce the whole year if picked regularly. Once you stop picking, it tends to run to seed.

Growing Season: August to February


German Chamomile

This herb is considered by many (along with Lavender) to be amongst the safest of herbs to use. Widely known for its calming and relaxing properties German Chamomile is used in lotions, teas and is extracted for essential oil production. Needs to be planted in Autumn.

Growing Season: August to February

Seeds: 50

Sweet Genovese Basil

Sweet Genovese is the traditional basil that we all know and love. Basil can also be used as the base of a great insect repelling spray for inside your home and on your plants. It’s frost sensitive and does not like to be transplanted.

Growing Season: August to February

Seeds: 50

Santo Slow Bolt Coriander

This is a lovely coriander variety for those looking for a regular 'Dhanya' supply. Plant 5-10 cm apart and pick often. Allow the plats to run to seed (bolt) for your next seed supply or for coriander spice for the kitchen.

Growing Season: August to March

Seeds: 50


Oregano is an essential Mediterranean herb and is used in a variety of dishes, but compliments Cheese, egg, pizzas and pastas This very hardy herb will do well almost anywhere. Perfect for bolognaise and other tomato based sauces and most meat dishes.

Growing Season: August to February

Seeds: 50

Garlic Chives

This makes a lovely alternative to normal chives for when you want to add some flavour to a bland dish or to spruce up a salad. The mild garlic flavour is also great mixed with cream cheese slathered over a few crackers.

Growing Season: August to October and February to April

Seeds: 50

Peppermint Stick Celery

With its pink and white stalks and green to deep red leaves, this lovely coloured celery will brighten any dish Used in soups, stews, salads and as a garnish, it has a spicy celery flavour and can be harvested from 85 days.

Growing Season: August, then January to May

Seeds: 50

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