Fruit & Vegetable Washes

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Before you tuck into those crisp, juicy, nutrient-loaded fruits and vegetables, cleaning them properly is an absolute must. Faithful to Nature brings you a range of ultra-mild but highly effective fruit and veggie washes to remove all traces of dirt and contaminants from your fresh produce.

Ordinary produce is often sprayed with harsh chemical pesticides you should avoid ingesting; and even organically grown produce needs a wash after all the handling it goes through during picking and sorting. Our fruit and veggie washes are made with natural cleansing ingredients like citrus oils, to help you get rid of these impurities without adding even more chemicals to the mix.

Simply spray your fruit and veg with one of these washes and rinse off with clean water. This simple step can really max your family’s health by ensuring the produce you’re eating is truly clean and chemical-free. These natural solutions are also great for cleaning your kitchen surfaces before you prepare your food.

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