Earthsap Tea Tree, Mint & Herbs Toothpaste

Earthsap Tea Tree, Mint & Herbs Toothpaste

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This is a really fresh natural toothpaste, free from harmful stuff like fluoride, lauryl sulphate and other artificial preservatives and fragrances. It’s made with only natural ingredients, selected because they will care for your teeth and gums. This means it’s not only effective in getting rid of plaque build-up and bacteria, but also keeps your whole mouth healthy. This Earthsap toothpaste is made with a blend of healing tea tree, refreshing mint and herb oils.

  • Natural
  • Vegan
  • Proudly South African

Care for your family’s teeth with a little help from mother nature:

  • Tea tree oil is antibacterial and will keep your gums healthy.
  • Mint oil gives this toothpaste a fresh flavour and cooling, soothing properties.
  • Research shows that xylitol kills cavity-causing bacteria.
  • No synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives, phosphates, petrochemicals, chlorine or bleaches used. Contains no lauryl sulphate.
  • No animals were harmed to make this product.
  • 100% biodegradable and non-toxic.
  • No fluoride added.


Earthsap’s entire range of products has been developed by microbiologists using the very best natural ingredients. This fluoride-free natural toothpaste is safe for your whole family and kind to the planet as well.


  • Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day, before you go to bed and after you wake in the morning, for at least 3 minutes to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.
  • When brushing, use gentle back and forth strokes, brushing all sides of the teeth. Always brush your tongue to remove any bacteria and keep your breath fresh.


Natural gum, vegetable glycerine, calcium carbonate, xylitol, baking soda, tea tree oil, mint oil & herb oils.

Please Note:

Faithful to Nature is an online retail store, specialising in a wide selection of natural supplements, vitamins, superfoods and health-related products. Our green team is all about helping you unlock your full potential to live a healthy life; however we are not medical professionals. Please do consult your health care practitioner when seeking medical advice.

Overall Rating
3.5 out of 5 stars from 25 reviews Write a review
12 out of 18 people would recommend this product

  • Not that great
    29 Sep, 2016, By Sara I bought this product to replace the commercial brands and try something a little more eco friendly, knowing that it wold be a different experience. I sadly won be buying again as I just didn feel like my teeth and mouth were really clean. It may be more of a psychological thing, than a product thing... but I was very conscious of my breath not being as minty fresh as I would like.

  • Nice
    01 Sep, 2016, By Sarah I like the texture and taste. I think it cleans alright for a natural product.

  • Great product
    09 Jun, 2016, By Rene I love this product but I also agree that it needs a more intense minty taste.

  • it needs a kick in the pants
    02 May, 2016, By Tanya convincing my husband to use natural products is difficult as it is.. its really hard if it doesn work too.. I told him lots of stories, like your taste buds are over stimulated with the mint in regular toothpaste, that is why this one feels like its not doing the job.. but the truth is, we both had like a badish breath week.. and he works with the public... If I could recommend a change it would be that they pump up the mint flavor.. and make the opening smaller, its to big for such a runny tooth paste.. and we regularly had toothpaste splats on the floor...

  • Let it grow on you
    10 Feb, 2016, By Sunae Our objective for choosing toothpaste: a product that cleans our teeth properly that does not contain any harmful ingredients that may be harmful to us or the rest of nature. Earthsap aced it, with some added bonuses like a lot of foam and doesn burn your mouth so that even my 3year old boy uses it every day, evn their packaging is eco friendly!

  • Great but needs more mintiness
    28 Jan, 2016, By Alex I like this toothpaste a lot, especially because of the tea tree. But it needs to pack a minty punch which is missing. Recommend further product improvment

  • Eathsap Tea tree
    24 Jan, 2016, By Linda Im sure this is very good for me and that it works perfectly fine but it doesn feel like my teeth are clean. You have to go a long way to beat that minty aquafresh feeling...

  • Natural toothpaste
    17 Dec, 2015, By Johanna After making my own tooth paste, I was delighted to find the Earthsap peppermint and baking soda one. The baking soda is a natural whitener, the taste is fresh, the consistency just a little runny. It perfectly fits my desire for something simple and effective and natural. My husband prefers the Pure Beginnings Fresh Mint toothpaste which tastes and feels more like standard toothpaste.

  • Not Bad, But...
    28 Aug, 2015, By Carien I honestly do prefer the Peppermint one...

  • Peppermint one is better
    21 Aug, 2015, By Roxane It doesn taste bad, but this one doesn have that nice minty freshness that one comes to expect from a toothpaste. The peppermint one is much better.

  • Its okay
    15 Jul, 2015, By Tina It took my husband and I a few days to get use to the product and then it was okay for 2 months. but a while back I forgot to purchase so had to buy from my local grocer. Ive missed the minty freshness and Im NOT keen to go back to this product. But, its not terrible, it just misses that freshness.

  • Good
    19 Mar, 2015, By Rensche I like the soft mint taste and the tea tree smell. It smell clean and my teeth feel clean and my mouth fresh.

  • Taste not good and not refreshing
    11 Mar, 2015, By Nicola The taste is rather off-putting; your mouth does not feel fresh at all after using it.

  • Awesome toothpaste
    25 Feb, 2015, By Agnes This product is awesome! It leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean without harmful parabens and SLS. I strongly recommend it to anyone who has sensitive teeth as it helps relieve any pains, and to anyone who wants to use healthier cosmetic products.

  • bleh taste
    11 Nov, 2014, By Mia Not too happy with this toothpaste..Could be a lot more minty and would be nice to have the foam last :(

  • best toothpaste for gum problems
    09 Sep, 2014, By sasha I have receding gums from scrubbing my teeth too hard for many years, but even when I improved my brushing technique, my gums continued to worsen using conventional toothpaste. I tried many natural toothpastes, and tooth powders, and most of them were quite abrasive, and did not help my problem at all. Then I tried this, and my gums stopped getting worse. You have to be really thorough, but this toothpaste is really gentle, and effective. Also, I have been using this for about a year, and during that time, Ive had no new cavities, no tooth sensitivity, no problems of any kind. If you have receding gums- try this- it won make them any better, but it will stop them from getting worse.

  • Nice
    26 Aug, 2014, By Jonathan Works super well and doesnt make food taste funny after you brushed. Nice and minty.

  • Addicted
    12 Feb, 2014, By Gillian I love this toothpaste :) its not overpowering and doesn foam to much. When ever I walk into my bathroom and see the toothpaste I want to brush my teeth.

  • Im really enjoying this product although find you have to use a lot in order to really do a good clean
    24 Oct, 2013, By candace Im really enjoying this product although find you have to use a lot in order to really do a good clean

  • Its a pity that the flavour of this toothpaste doesn last through the brushing, and it doesn foam for long either.
    By Roane Its a pity that the flavour of this toothpaste doesn last through the brushing, and it doesn foam for long either.

  • I received this flavor by mistake (which FTN quickly made up for) but i decided to keep it anyway and give it a try.
    By nkululeko I received this flavor by mistake (which FTN quickly made up for) but i decided to keep it anyway and give it a try. for me the taste is a very mild minty taste. maybe the recipe has been changed or its simply a case of taste being subjective but there is nothing wrong with this toothpaste. this is as good as the peppermint and baking soda flavor

  • Sodium Flouride is the toxic substance to avoid, since it is a waste product of the aluminium industry and the controversial addition to water supplies.
    By Cheryl Sodium Flouride is the toxic substance to avoid, since it is a waste product of the aluminium industry and the controversial addition to water supplies.
    On November 27, 2008, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) gave the green light to the use of calcium fluroide as a food supplement in Europe. So, you can see that the two are very different! :-)

  • I DETEST this product!
    By Sands I DETEST this product! It tastes like a dog had a bath in my mouth and it contains calcium fluoride!? What's up!?

  • this toothpaste takes some getting used to.
    By debi this toothpaste takes some getting used to. and to be honest, after 2 weeks of trying, i'm going to have to admit defeat and reach for the aquafresh tonight. i'm certain it's good for me and does the cleaning job well, but it doesn't leave me with that "just brushed freshness". rather, it leaves me just on the edge of nausea (perhaps the tea tree?) sorry earthsap. i gave it my best shot.

  • One ingredient is missing Calcium fuoride.
    By Petro One ingredient is missing Calcium fuoride....I think it should be fluoride. This is on the label of my Tea tree, mint & herbs. Not impress with this ingredient.

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