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Educational Documentaries available at Faithful to Nature


Enlighten the time that your family spends in front of the television set with a collection of thoughtful and relevant documentaries. These films will help you to explore the many challenges that we face as a species and learn about people who are working on solutions.

We offer films with many diverse themes from warnings of a dystopian future to tongue-in-cheek takes on modern life. Every documentary, from the wacky to the just plain weird, has a powerful message based on facts and a deep understanding of the world.


Faithful to Nature searches for the most important productions so that we can help you stay in touch with current trends and world events. These films represent many interesting perspectives, showing the earth how it is, as it may become or how it exists in one person's mind. They may educate and inspire their audience or just give us something to contemplate.


We offer consumers in South Africa a choice. Through our online catalogue, you can shop in the comfort of your own home and buy products that promote a natural and organic lifestyle. We work with our suppliers to make that the products we offer support responsible consumerism, and we offer fair trade, organic, and all natural products. When you purchase an item from us, you can be sure that you are supporting values such as local artisans and social change, not just a multinational conglomeration.


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